LearnWorlds Demo: A Quick Overview + How to Register

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For those new to LearnWorlds or who require a quick brush-up of how to create webinars and live classes, the platform has your back with demos. Users can expect this resource to touch on online seminars, live classes, and even interactive training. Let’s take a closer look at what LearnWorlds demos are and what they can do.

demo learnworlds

LearnWorlds Live Demo

LearnWorlds provides free demos and webinars that users can register for free of charge. You can start the registration process by heading over to the LearnWorlds Academy site to sign up.

Covered topics include how to promote your brand and create the most attractive pages with the page builder. You can also learn how to make your courses more fun and interactive with the addition of e-books and videos.

LearnWorlds also touches on how to manage your page most efficiently by offering knowledge on affiliate tool integrations and marketing tools. The best part is that the registration is free!

Depending on how in-depth you want to go, new users should allocate around an hour a day to get acquainted with LearnWorlds’ features.

LearnWorlds Demo Overview

LearnWorlds has included a detailed demo video for the platform, covering user management and how to handle enrollment and commissions. We have included the video and will discuss each section in more detail.

Dashboard Settings

The dashboard is a consolidation of controls. Users can monitor new sign-ups to their online school, conversions, blog posts, and assignments. LearnWorlds has conveniently sorted everything into individual tabs and categories. You will find options such as:

  • New users
  • Assignments
  • Latest posts
  • LearnWorlds blog
  • Events log
  • Online users
LearnWorlds Dashboard

Student & User Management

You can access the student and user management settings under the User category on the right menu. Once inside, you can see statistics for each user, including when they logged in, when they registered, and the courses they are taking.

There is a User Management menu you can click on on the very right, which will trigger a drop-down menu for more options. For example, you can select to suspend or delete the account, update the password, and make them an admin. 

LearnWorlds User Management

Student Enrollment

On the same page as the User Management, you will see a few categories at the top of the page. The labels are Add User, Bulk Actions, and Export Users Report. From the Bulk Actions section, you can choose to enroll, unenroll, suspend, tag, and delete students of your choice.

You can also select the individual users on the User Management page by clicking the box and choosing from actions at the bottom of the page.

Enrolment User Leanrworlds

Setting Course Pricing & Commissions

You can set the commission rates and pricing in the Setup option under Affiliate Management. Affiliate programs are optional, so feel free to toggle off if it’s not necessary.

You can edit the terms and conditions by clicking the Edit Page button, and right below that, you can set the commission rate of your choice.

For course pricing, head over to your main dashboard and click Courses, then the Access tab.

Next, choose Paid on the page to click the Pricing button to head to the pricing tab. From here you can set regular and discount prices for appropriate courses.

LearnWorlds Course Pricing

Course Insights

You can fully view the course insights under the User Analytics option on the right menu. You will be able to see how well your courses are doing.

The platform will give you a quick overview of the top four courses in your school. Information on the charts includes average study time and the average score of the users.

You can select All Courses at the top of the page and get the same information for all of the courses your platform hosts. 

Course Insights Dashboard LearnWorlds
Course Insights Dashboard View

GDPR Regulations & Privacy

Under the School Settings tab on the right-hand side, you will see the Privacy/GDPR selection. Click on it, and you will then see a few options. GDPR is important for those in (or with customers in) the EU, and LearnWorlds offers a one-click compliance option. Your school will then automatically display cookie settings and ask visitors about sending marketing materials.

There are other options available such as the No Data Privacy management and Custom Data Privacy Management. LearnWorlds gives a brief description of each option. 

LearnWorlds Demo: A Quick Overview + How to Register

Private Courses

You can enable Private Courses under the Course Management section. When you create a new course, you will eventually come across a window that asks you to set the course name, URL, and course access.

During the Course Access selection, you will see an option titled Private at the very bottom of that window. 

Private courses are what the name suggests and are only viewable by someone who is manually enrolled. 1-on-1 sessions are a great example of private courses.

private course

Themes & Templates

You can access themes and templates under the Site Design option. Next, pick Theme Explorer to view various designs that will impact not only your page but the site itself.

The Theme Explorer splits into two halves, with the first one displaying colors, fonts, and layouts, which you will see implemented on the right half of the screen.

You will also find tabs above the first section that allows for more in-depth customization, such as typography, buttons, and inputs. Feel free to play around with the design options.

LearnWorlds Demo: A Quick Overview + How to Register

Page & Site Properties

On the very top of your dashboard, you will see a drop-down menu option labeled Page. Click on it and select Page Properties. In this section, you can set the page name, URL, and whether you want to display the top bar and footer.

You can also adjust the SEO settings from here. For example, click on the tab labeled SEO at the top. The site will take you to a settings page to implement the SEO keywords, image, description, and title for better optimization.

LearnWorlds Demo: A Quick Overview + How to Register

Bottom Line

LearnWorlds provides its users with an abundance of support and resources, including live demos. It also includes a comprehensive video that details essential settings. As a result, new users should prepare to dedicate at least an hour a day to get accustomed to the features. 

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