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We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Mighty Networks has a powerful suite of tools and features to grow online communities, sell courses, and create branded websites and apps.

Several additional features include unlimited members, creating paid memberships, live streaming, and Zoom integrations.

Key Takeaways:

Mighty Networks Community Plan Features

Unlimited Growth

The lowest-priced plan, the Community plan, gives users access to a range of unlimited growth features. 

These are core features designed to help accelerate new subscribers’ business growth; they include:

  • Members
  • Spaces in your network
  • Hosts
  • Moderators

Paid Memberships

If you’re looking to set up a paid community, being able to charge for access is essential.

Mighty Networks lets you do this in the following ways:

  • Charge for network membership.
  • Charge for access to a space.
  • Charge for access to a bundle of spaces.
  • Set subscriptions or one-time payments.
  • Charge in over 135 currencies.
  • Initiate native token-gating.

Native Live Streaming and Video

If you’re running a course and community, one of the benefits of using Mighty Networks is the ability to connect with your audience using its native live stream feature. 

Many subscribers host Q & A and group coaching sessions to help their students.

Community plan subscribers have access to the following features:

  • Go live from any space
  • 5 streaming hours per month
  • 1 speaker per stream (multi-speaker to be released soon)
  • 50 viewers per stream

Chat and Messaging

All chat and messaging tools are core features of the platform. Mighty Networks not only lets course and community owners connect with their members, but they also let members chat together.

They do this by providing the following features:

  • Chat per space
  • Small group chats
  • Direct messaging
  • Notify all members
Chat and Messaging

Events and Zoom Integration

The key Mighty Networks offering for subscribers with this plan is its community features.

As part of this, the platform offers events and Zoom integration; here’s a breakdown of the tools:

  • Online events
  • In-person events
  • Recurring events
  • Seamless Zoom integration

Other additional features that allow you to create an interactive and engaged community include:

  • Optional global feed
  • Optional global member list
  • Feed in any space
  • Member list in any space
  • Highlight members near you
  • Member categories
  • Member profiles
  • Ambassador program for member referrals


Another powerful feature the platform offers is the ability for your members to access their community via iOS, Android, and desktop apps.

To do this, they download the Mighty Networks app from either the Google Play store or iOS App Store.

After downloading it, they can navigate to your community to join. Once inside, they can access all the features available via the web browser.



The platform lets subscribers upload and create a range of content for their members to access. 

You can improve their experience and increase retention by providing high-quality content to your members.

Content features:

  • Native video upload
  • Long-form articles and quick posts
  • Native polls and questions
  • Highlight featured content in any space
  • Highlight feature content across the network
  • Photo posts
  • File uploads
  • 250GB of storage (more available to purchase)

Even though it’s a community, you can upload long-form videos, worksheets, detailed guides, and more to your members. 


Admin, Services, and Support

Other additional tools available for Community plan subscribers to help them grow include:

  • Basic analytics with Mighty Insights
  • Priority Customer Support
  • VIP Access to Mighty Community

The Mighty Community is a community built using the platform for its subscribers – it’s recommended that all new members join to get the following benefits:

  • Network with other community builders.
  • Stay up to date with the latest features.
  • Post a question if you get stuck.
  • Find inspiration from seeing the features they use.
Admin, Services, and Support

Mighty Networks Business Plan Features

Online Courses

The Mighty Network’s Business plan is the minimum subscription required to sell courses on the platform.

To help users create the best courses possible, they provide them with these key features:

  • Add structured course material into any space
  • Instructors and course moderators
  • Native video upload in courses
  • Drip course content
  • Live cohort course creation

One key feature is drip course content; this allows creators to stagger the release of a course to a new member. For example, if you didn’t want someone to binge-watch everything in one day, you could break the course up and release it to customers over time.

Another tool for creators to utilize is the live cohort course creation. This feature lets you release a course to a group of people at one time and have them complete it during the same period – this can increase students’ success and completion rates.

Online Courses

Features Pages and Events

Two features that Business customers will receive when they upgrade from the Community plan are in the content and event categories:

  • Page feature in any space
  • Sell access to one-time events (coming soon)

Users will soon be able to charge for the events that they make, which could dramatically increase their earnings.

Analytics and Member Data

The Business plan gives you access to many analytics and member data features that allow you to optimize marketing campaigns, gain customer insights, and own your member data.

Here’s what you’ll have access to:

  • Premium analytics with Mighty Insights
  • Ownership and exporting your member data
  • Google Analytics pixel
  • Facebook Ads pixel

Zapier APIs and Workflows

Other features that customers get with this plan include Zapier API integration and workflow tools.

You’ll need this feature if you’re running a business with many moving parts and multiple software tools.

It allows you to use ‘actions’ and ‘triggers’ to create advanced marketing automation, freeing up your time.

Zapier APIs and Workflows

Additional Features

There are several additional features and upgrades that you must be aware of.

FeatureCommunity PlanBusiness Plan
Total Storage250 GB1 TB
Streaming Hours per Month520
Viewers per Stream50200

Mighty Networks Mighty Pro Plan Features

iOS and Android Apps

Th Mighty Networks Pro plan gives users the ability to set up their own branded app that is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In the previously mentioned Business plan, customers had to download the Mighty Networks app before accessing the app community.

However, once you’ve upgraded to the Mighty Pro plan, community members can download your very own app.

It’s a complete white-label solution.

Customers will search for your brand name and download your brand’s very own app – they won’t even know you built it on Mighty Networks.

All your content, including courses and memberships, will be available via your app.

iOS and Android Apps

Branded App Notifications

Another benefit of the Pro plan is that you can send branded app notifications to all your users.

These are the pop-up notifications that will vibrate or ring to alter your members to your message.

By using branded app notifications, you can increase customer engagement and bring them back to your app.

Say they’re involved in a discussion in the community; when someone responds to them, they’ll be notified and drawn back to engage.

Strategy and Migration Services and Support

If you’re an existing business that is moving over to Mighty Networks, then it’s likely you already have built systems to support your business, which could include marketing automation, CRM, and paying members.

Therefore, to make the transition as smooth as possible, you’ll be given a migration expert to onboard you and get set up – when creating your community, you’ll also have access to one-on-one Community Design coaching.

Strategy and Migration Services and Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Mighty Networks has a range of features that includes paid communities, online courses, iOS and Android apps, live streaming, and API integration.

Mighty Networks is for building online communities and courses. They provide users a range of features that support this, which include payments, cohort creation, chat, and live streaming.

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