SamCart Upsells & Order Bumps: A Complete Guide

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SamCart, the digital product e-commerce platform, provides users with the ability to create upsells and order bumps to increase sales and average order value.

All of the platform’s subscription plans come with these features. To set them up, you use its drag-and-drop editor.

Key Takeaways:

  • Upsells and order bumps are available on SamCart’s Growth and Scale plans
  • To create one, you can use its drag-and-drop editor
  • You can use them to sell both digital and physical products or services

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What Are SamCart Upsells and Order Bumps?

A SamCart upsell is a post-purchase offer to a customer that can buy without having to check out again.

The most common types of products that are sold include ‘upgraded’ versions of what’s already been offered, or a multi-product discount.

For example, a customer may have just bought a coat for $100, in the upsell, they can be offered a more expensive coat but at a discounted price.

SamCart Upsells

In contrast, a SamCart order bump is when you offer the customers a chance to purchase another item before they checkout. 

The platform allows you to offer multiple products that can appear in the footer, in grids, or even as a pop-up that may appeal to the customer in addition to their original selection.

Typically, order bumps will be products that interest a customer and complement their existing purchase. An example may be offering your customer a coaching call if they’re about to purchase a training course.


What’s the Difference between an Upsell and Order Bump?

To help you understand them better, we’ve listed three key differences below:

  1. Pre vs Post-Purchase – Order bumps come prior to checkout, whereas upsells come afterwards.
  2. Complementary vs Upgraded products – Typically, upsells are enhanced or premium versions of the product already purchased, whereas an order bump is a complementary product.
  3. One-Click vs Standard Checkout – Upsells are one click, meaning that the customer’s payment method is already stored and can be charged without any further information being required. Order bumps are part of the normal checkout process.
  4. Funnels vs No-Funnels – Order bumps are single offerings for customers to add to cart, whereas upsells are added to a funnel that contains up to five products, an example funnel is below.
Upsell and Order Bump

Why Do People Use Upsells and Order Bumps?

The bottom line is that when done well, upsells and order bumps can increase sales, making them incredibly popular features.

Moreover, as you’re selling existing products, no more work is required to make these extra sales, you just have to link them up.

In a study conducted by SamCart, it was found that upsells increased average sales by almost 70%, which is a staggering increase.

On the other hand, order bumps were found to convert 30-40% of the time. Meaning that for every ten customers that saw the products, between 3-4 would purchase another item.

People Use Upsells

4 Products and Services You Can Sell Using Upsells and Order Bumps

Let’s dive into five popular products that you can sell and when to offer them.

  1. E-books – If you’ve already sold a customer a physical book, you can offer them the digital version for instant download for them to start reading before the physical copy arrives.
  2. Coaching – It can complement courses well, as the customer may be looking for extra help or accountability to implement the material.
  3. Video Courses – If you’re selling a physical product, the customer may want to purchase training or course material to help them get the most out of their product.
  4. Physical Products – Often, the customer also wants the physical version of their digital purchase or another product to complement it. Think about how you can physically deliver the product or other items that they may want.

What SamCart Plan Is Required for Order Bumps and Upsells?

SamCart offers upsells and order bumps for subscribers to its Grow plan and its Scale plan.

  • The Grow plan costs $159 per month when paid monthly, reduced to $119 per month when paid annually. 
  • The Scale plan costs $319 per month, or $239 when paid annually.

Currently, the platform’s entry-level plan, Launch, does not offer upsells and order bumps.

SamCart UpSell Pricing

How to Add an Order Bump or Upsell in SamCart

How to Add an Upsell

  1. First, you need to create the product you’d like to sell. This can be a duplicate of a product at a different price point or a new one
  2. This can be done by going to Products > + New Product 
Add an Upsell
  1. Once you’ve completed your product creation, navigate to the Upsells tab, then select Upsells on the drop-down menu
  2. Select the template you’d like to use and add your product to it
  3. You’ll then need to attach a SamCart product to this product
  4. Customize the page’s features following its editor. The things you can change include:
    • Adding a video
    • Adding images
    • Adding text
    • Customizing the button’s text
Bump or Upsell
Now, to implement the upsell, you’ll need to create a funnel.
  1. Navigate to the Upsells tab, then select Funnels
  2. Following the funnel creation, you can add:
    • Upsells or downsells in the order you wish
    • Up to five offers for the customer to navigate through
  1. Once complete, select Save Changes in the top right-hand corner

How to Add an Order Bump

  1. Once you’re on the platform’s dashboard, select the Products tab
  2. Choose which product you’d like to add
  3. On the product edit page, click on the Upsells tab
Order Bump
  1. Scroll to the Order Bump section
  2. Choose the products you’d like to add and click Add
  1. Once you’ve added the products, scroll to start the customization

Now you’ll be able to customize the following features:

  • Single or multi-product widgets
  • Layout
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical
    • Horizontal Compact
    • Grid Layout
  • Colors
  • Border
  • Text Alignment
  • Checkout Button Text
  • Product Details
Order Bump

Pros and Cons of SamCart Order Bumps

  • Saves the Customer Time – SamCart allows you to offer complementary products that the customer may have already wanted, as such, order bumps make those products easier to add to the cart.
  • Help the Customer – By showing complementary products, the customer may find a better solution to their problem. For example, they may find that a training course is a better solution than purchasing an e-book.
  • Too Pushy – If your company is trying to push unrelated products as order bumps, it can make the customer think that you’re too ‘salesy’, which can damage your brand perception and even put them off using your site altogether.
  • Abandon the Checkout – As the platform offers many placements, if you aggressively use multiple order bumps, some customers may become frustrated with the process and not purchase anything.
SamCart Order Bumps

Pros and Cons of SamCart Upsells

  • Seamless Checkout – As SamCart offers one-click checkout, the customer never has to re-enter their card details, meaning that the process is quick and easy.
  • Test Multiple Offers and Placements – As the SamCart platform allows you to offer up to five upsells, you can try out variations and offers to find the most successful.
  • Erode Trust – If you suggest products that are not relevant or a poor choice for their needs, it could lead to a poor customer experience and erode trust in your business.
  • Frustration – If you’re offering a product at a discount that they’ve just seen on your website at full price, customers may become frustrated that you didn’t provide a discount to them in the first place. 
SamCart Upsells

SamCart Order Bumps and Upsells vs the Competition

For you to compare SamCart’s order bumps and upsells features to other platforms, we have created the short list below for you.

  • ClickFunnels – Like SamCart, ClickFunnels also offers order bumps and upsells and the features are very similar.
  • LeadPages – This platform allows you to create pre- and post-checkout upsells, as well as separate one-click upsell pages. They also offer two types of order bumps, Drag and Drop and Standard. However, they have fewer customization features for you to choose from than SamCart.
  • Kajabi – The company allows you to create both upsells and downsells for the customer to purchase after they’ve completed their checkout. Kajabi also allows you to create order bumps to accompany your main offer. Its features are similar to SamCart’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Upsells Work in SamCart?

After checkout, the customer will be redirected to a page where they can choose to purchase an additional product, typically at a discount. You can add up to five products to the upsell funnel for the customer to navigate through before exiting.

What Is an Order Bump in SamCart?

An order bump is a term used to describe additional products that are offered to a customer when they’re on the product page or pre-checkout. Typically, customers are offered complementary products such as e-books, courses, services, and coaching.

What’s the Difference between an Order Bump and Upsell in SamCart?

An order bump occurs pre-checkout and is on a product page. A customer selects the product and then checks out. An upsell happens post-purchase, and is a similar but more expensive purchase.

How Do I Price My Order Bump in SamCart?

Order bumps can be priced lower than normal, for example, purchase them together and receive a discount, or they can be priced the same. As they’re complementary products, the customer is likely to be interested in them even without a discount.

What is a SamCart One-Click Upsell?

A one-click upsell is a post-purchase offer to customers that have already checked out. One-Click refers to the seamless checkout, as the customer doesn’t have to add any additional payment information to purchase the item.

Bottom Line

SamCart offers powerful features and tools for you to maximize the sales of your products.

The platform allows you to funnel customers through offers using the customizable features. This is done through the use of either upsells or order bumps and is an effective way to increase the revenue of your online business. 


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