Does Thinkific Support SCORM?

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Thinkific does not currently support SCORM files and reporting. 

However, it does allow you to upload SCROM courses that have been converted to web/HTML5 files and then use its reporting tools and features.

Key Takeaways:

  • Thinkific is not SCORM compliant
  • You can upload SCORM-based content
  • If you need a SCORM compliant platform, consider using LearnWorlds

What Is SCORM?

SCORM stands for ‘sharable content object reference model’ and is the industry standard for eLearning software products to be created and launched. 

It ensures that a product can be used across LMS platforms.

Is Thinkific SCORM Compliant?

Thinkific is not SCORM compliant, so a SCORM course cannot be directly loaded to the platform. 

According to Thinkific, there are costs associated with setting up a SCORM-specific server. Many platforms that use SCORM have to charge start-up and per-user fees. 

However, if you have a course built using the SCORM standards, you can export it as a web/HTML5 file to upload to the Thinkific platform

Once uploaded, you’ll have full access to the course, and you will have access to Thinkific’s tools and features.

Even though you have uploaded your SCORM course, it is still not compliant; it will not report, meaning that the common SCORM data points, such as test scores, time spent, lesson location, etc., will not be reported. You need to use Thinkific’s alternative reporting features to track this information.

Thinkific SCORM

What Types of SCORM Courses Can You Upload?

Essentially, as long as you have converted your SCORM file to a web HTML5 file, you can upload it.

Here are a few examples of platforms you may use to build your course or modules:

Is a Paid Thinkific Plan Required?

It depends on how you plan to upload the course to the Thinkific platform.

SCORM Upload

There are two ways to add a SCORM course to Thinkific. You can upload the content directly to the platform as web/HTML5 files, or you can upload it to an external host provider and then add the URL to a Multimedia Lesson. 

For a direct upload, you need a paid subscription. Any paid subscription plan will work. The Start plan is the lowest-priced paid subscription, costing $99 per month or $74 per month when paid annually.

To upload to an external host provider and add the URL to a Multimedia Lesson, any plan, including the Free plan, will work.

Plan NameDirect File UploadMultimedia Lessons

SCORM Alternative Features

The main features required to use Thinkific as a SCORM alternative will be course compliance tools, progress reports, scheduled content, and assignments. 

These features are included in the Start plan. 

The higher-priced Grow and Expand plans include access to the Randomized Quiz Question Bank and Brillium Exams Integrations and allow you to remove Thinkific branding.

Thinkific SCORM

How to Upload a SCORM Course

There are two methods to upload your course to Thinkific. One is by uploading the file from your computer. The other is by externally linking to a URL. 

To Upload a SCORM Course to Thinkific: 

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to Manage Learning Products and select Courses
  2. Select the course that you’d like to link your content to
  3. On the left-hand side, click + Add Lesson
  4. Type the title of your lesson in the box
  5. Select Upload content
  6. Select the file you’d like to upload and click Upload File
  7. Choose the desired lesson settings
  8. Then click Save
Thinkific SCORM

To host your content externally, you will need to create a Multimedia Lesson and externally link the URL.

To Link the Course URL Externally:

  1. From the dashboard, navigate to Manage Learning Products and select Courses
  2. Select the course that you’d like to link your content to
  3. On the left-hand side, click + Add Lesson
  4. Type the title of your lesson in the box
  5. Then link the URL of your externally hosted content
  6. Choose the desired lesson settings
  7. Click Save
Thinkific SCORM

Thinkific’s SCORM Alternative Features

Thinkific has many features that will replace the reporting and tracking features that SCORM provides. 

We’ve compiled a list of Thinkific’s alternative features. 

  • Progress Reports – This feature allows you to keep tabs on specific students, groups, or cohorts to track their progress through the tasks.
  • Course Compliance Tools – To ensure your students have completed the lessons in order and not skipped around, this feature allows you to block them from moving on before completing the previous task.
  • Assignments – You can give specific students, groups, or cohorts assignments to complete, including watching a lesson or taking a quiz.
  • Completion Certificates – As a course provider, you can reward them with certification as proof of completion once a student has completed their training. 

You should remember that with the web/HTML5 file, you won’t receive in-lesson activity tracking. Instead, you’ll only be able to access it on a lesson or course level.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Thinkific does not support Tin Can or AICC reporting. Instead, you’ll be able to use the platform’s features, such as Progress Reports, Course Compliance Tools, and Assignments.

No, Thinkific does not support SCORM reporting. However, many popular reports, such as progress tracking, lesson completion, and course completion, can be reported using Thinkific’s features.

No, you can not upload a SCORM course directly to Thinkific. To access your SCORM course on Thinkific, you must first convert it to a web (HTML5) file or host it externally; then, you’ll be able to create lessons or courses using it.

No, Thinkific doesn’t accept SCORM files. Instead, you’ll have to convert them to web HTML5 format to upload.

You can’t upload a SCORM file to Thinkific. However, if you convert the file to a web HTML5 file, you can upload the content. To upload a course to the platform, you must have a paid subscription.

Some of the platform’s reporting features include Progress Reports, Course Compliance Tools, and Assignments. A paid plan is required to use these features.

Bottom Line

Thinkific does not support SCORM. However, you may upload SCORM courses saved as  HTML5 files to the platform. With a paid plan, Thinkific offers reporting features similar to SCORM.


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