99 TikTok Statistics for 2024

TikTok has had a phenomenal year, so we’ve decided to create a list of the best, most interesting statistics and facts about the platform.

Key Takeaways:

  • TikTok is preferred by females
  • Over 1.2 billion monthly active users worldwide
  • The average user is spending more time on TikTok than ever before 

TikTok User Statistics

Over 1 billion users already actively use TikTok and another 840 million are expected to join this year. 

TikTok Users by Age

41.7% of Users Are 18-24 Years Old

Close to half of all TikTok users are aged 18–24 years old, with second place going to the 25–34-year-old group who makes up 31% of users.

Approximately 25% of Users Are 35 or Older

TikTok’s popularity with younger generations can be most clearly seen in the fact that only a quarter of users are aged 35 and older. Older users tend to prefer other social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

TikTok Users by Gender

57% of All Users Are Female

TikTok seems to be preferred by females more than males, with 57% of all users reporting as female.

53.79% of TikTok Creators Are Female

This is almost an even split; however, the majority of TikTok content is created by females, which makes sense when considering they make up the majority of users.

24% of Users Are Females Aged Between 18- and 24-Years Old

By far the largest demographic is females aged between 18 and 24. Males of the same age account for 18% of users. 

Female Users Outnumber Male Users Across All Age Categories.

As users get older, the gender difference decreases. In the 25-34 age category, the gender gap falls to 3% and by the time we get to the over 55s, the gap has fallen to 0.6%. However, the statistics show that worldwide females of all age groups use TikTok more than males. 

TikTok Users by Income

18% of US TikTok Users Make Less than $25,000 a Year

Almost one-fifth of American TikTok users reported earning less than $25,000 a year. $100,000 was the largest income bracket represented in these stats with 40.2% of US users.

20% of Users with A Household Income of $75,000+ Have Used TikTok

TikTok use is fairly evenly represented across income brackets with between 20% and 30% of households within different income brackets saying that they have used TikTok. 20% of users that have a household income of $75,000 or more have used TikTok at least once.

TikTok User Behavior

90% of Users Open the App Several Times a Day

The vast majority of users are actively engaging with the platform multiple times daily, with 9 out of 10 users opening the app more than once every day. 

Most Users Prefer to Consume Rather Than Create Content

Although users often cite TikTok’s creative options as a reason for its popularity, only 55% of users have uploaded one or more videos.

70% of US Teens Use TikTok at Least Once a Month

Showing just how widely TikTok has been adopted by the younger US demographics, 70% of all US teens report that they use the service at least one time a month.

Active Monthly Users

120.5 Million Monthly Active iOS Users in the US

The United States’ market has the largest TikTok user base globally and in January 2022 contained approximately 120.5 million monthly active users.

30 Million Monthly Active Users via Android in the US

Unlike most other countries’ consumers, US consumers overwhelmingly prefer iOS over Android devices, and this is most clearly seen in the monthly active user statistics. Approximately 30 million American Android users actively use TikTok on a monthly basis. That’s around a quarter of the monthly active iOS users.

1.2 Billion Monthly Active Users Around the World

The number of users actively engaging with the platform on a monthly basis has now grown to 1.2 billion. That’s the same number as the total number of users the platform had in 2018.

TikTok Engagement Statistics

Average Time Spent on TikTok

The Average American User Spends 47 Minutes per Day on the Platform

This statistic has been steadily climbing ever since TikTok was first released and is forecasted to increase further.

19.6 Hours Is the Average Amount of Time Spent on TikTok per Month

The average user worldwide spends almost 20 hours a month using TikTok. That’s over 6 hours more than the previous year.

Users Spent 48% More Hours per Month on TikTok

The average user is spending more time on TikTok year after year. The latest figures show the global average has increased by 48% over the previous year’s data.

Users from Singapore Spent 74% More Time on TikTok

Singapore users had the largest year-on-year increase of time spent on TikTok of any country with a 74% increase. Indonesia followed closely behind with a 67% increase.

US Users Spent 19% More Time on TikTok

Users everywhere spent more time on TikTok than in previous years, and the US is no different. However, the US time increase falls significantly below the global average.

70% of Users Use TikTok for an Hour or More a Week

Only 30% of users report using TikTok for less than 1 hour a week. Of the users that report using it more than that, 17% use it for 5 or more hours a week.

TikTok User Interaction Statistics

10.85 Minutes Is the Average Session Length

This makes TikTok the most engaging social media app by far, with its nearest rival in this area being Pinterest with an average session length of 5.06 minutes. By comparison, Facebook has an average session length of just 4.82 minutes.

Among Young Users, TikTok Is the Most Used Video Platform

Kids and teens watch an average of 91 minutes of TikTok content per day. That’s almost double the amount of time (56 minutes) they spend consuming YouTube content.

User Profiles with 100,000+ Followers Have an Engagement Rate of 5.30%

By comparison, user profiles with the same number of followers on Instagram have an engagement rate of only 1.1% and Twitter is even lower at only 0.3%.

Engagement Rate

TikTok’s Engagement Rate Is Four Times Higher than Instagram Reels

TikTok easily outperforms Instagram Reels when it comes to engagement, with an average engagement rate of 7.11% vs 1.65%.

TikTok Has Almost Double the Comment Rate of Instagram

TikTok users are generally more engaged with the platform than other social network users are, and this shows with a comment rate of 0.09%. That’s 44% higher than rival platform, Instagram Reels.

TikTok Download Statistics

Number of Downloads

Over 3 Billion Downloads Globally

TikTok managed to hit 3 billion total downloads in 2022 and shows no signs of slowing down. Quickly surpassing most other social networks in the process, it’s the first app to reach this benchmark outside the Meta universe.

672 Million Downloads in a Year.

The short video-sharing app was the most downloaded app of 2022 with 672 million downloads. This means it was downloaded over 100 million times more than the second most downloaded app of 2022, Instagram.

173 Million First-Time Installs

This is how many times the app was installed for the first time globally. What’s even more impressive is that this was just during the 4th quarter.

Global First-Time Installs Are Down By 24.5%

First-time installs worldwide have seen a decrease over previous years but still saw the popular social network installed on 740 million more devices.

The #1 Downloaded App in over 40 Countries

The app is still growing and finding new users every day, and that’s why the TikTok app was the #1 download in more than 40 countries around the world.

The US Has the Largest TikTok Audience

A report from October 2022 placed the United States TikTok user count at 109.54 million. That’s over 30 million more than second-placed Brazil and that figure has since increased if we compare it with more recent active user data.

Brazil and Indonesia Have a Combined 146.14 Million Users

With large populations, it shouldn’t be a surprise that these two countries have large user bases. Brazil places second on the list of countries with the most users, with 76.56 million users; Indonesia comes third with 69.58 million users.

TikTok Was the Most Downloaded App of 2022 in the US

TikTok was downloaded a total of 99 million times across the whole US market, considering both iOS and Android. That easily beats second-placed Instagram, which was downloaded approximately 70 million times.

US Android Downloads Slowed Quarter over Quarter

The second quarter of 2022 saw the number of Google Play downloads decrease by 16.5%. This is in line with global trends, which saw the number of downloads decrease by 37% overall.

Global Android Downloads Are 37% Lower Quarter over Quarter

The second quarter of 2022 received 37% fewer TikTok downloads than the previous quarter. The number of new downloads is decreasing quarter over quarter, but this is to be expected as the app approaches market saturation. 

90% of TikTok Downloads Are on Android

Globally, Android accounts for 90% of all TikTok downloads. The only market that’s different is the United States, where iOS is the dominant mobile operating system. 

TikTok Video Statistics

Daily Video Views

Over 1 Billion Daily Video Views

With so many people using the social network, the number of videos consumed daily has now surpassed an astounding 1 billion. In 2018, users were watching a combined 1 million videos a day.

TikTok’s Most Popular Video

308 Million Views

The most popular video of the year shows pastry chef Amaury Guichon making a large chocolate giraffe.

The Most Liked Video

60.4 Million Likes

TikTok star Bella Poarch’s lip-syncing video has amassed a staggering 60.4 million likes since it was first released and remains the most-liked video on the platform.

Average Length of Best-Performing Videos

21-34 Seconds Is Best

One-quarter of all the best performing TikTok videos were between 21 and 34 seconds long. However, this “optimal length” is not always appropriate and is very dependent on the type of content created.

Community Guideline Enforcement

Videos Removed

327.07 Million Videos Removed

The first three quarters of 2022 saw over 325 million videos removed from the platform. This is higher than in previous years but in line with the platform’s growth in users.

Minor Safety Is the #1 Reason Content Is Removed

43% of all content that is removed because the platform deemed the content to break minor safety guidelines. The second most common reason for content removal is containment of illegal activities and/or regulated goods.

The United States Had 18.37 Million Video Removed in Q3, 2022

The United States might be TikTok’s largest market, but it’s also the market with the highest number of TikTok videos removed. Pakistan was second, with 14.12 million removed videos, and Indonesia was third with 8.24 million.

Automated Guideline Enforcement

Automated Community Guidelines Enforcement Removed over 40% of Video Content

With online safety an ever-present concern for individuals and businesses alike, TikTok’s automated community enforcement tools accounted for 43% of video content removed in Q3, 2022. That’s approximately 53.3 million videos removed automatically.

User Data & Content Removal Requests

72% of Law Enforcement Requests for User Data Are from Three Countries

The US made 1,306 requests for user data in the second half of 2021. Germany and the United Kingdom were second and third, with 580 and 550 requests, respectively.

Government Bodies Made 1,722 Content Removal Requests 

The second half of 2021 saw government bodies worldwide make 1,722 requests for content to be removed. The Russian government accounted for approximately 48% of them with 824 requests.

TikTok Business Statistics

Revenue Generation

80% of Revenue Is from China

When both TikTok and its Chinese market equivalent Douyin are combined, the total revenue generated is dominated by China. But, with a market more than 4 times larger than the US, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

$1.56 Billion Global Revenue in Q3 2022

Quarterly revenues have grown steadily since the app’s release and are not showing any signs of slowing down.

Highest Grossing Non-Gaming App Worldwide

User spending was over $110 million worldwide. That’s 1.9x more than in 2020 and makes it the highest-grossing non-gaming app.

TikTok and Douyin Combined User Spending Reached $824 Million.

TikTok and its Chinese equivalent, Douyin (both owned by parent company ByteDance), reached a combined user spend of $824 million in 2021. With another 650 million plus installs made this year, user spending is expected to increase further.


$50 Billion Valuation

As of November 2022, TikTok is valued at $50 billion and its parent company ByteDance is valued at $300 billion. This valuation is down on the previous year when ByteDance was valued at anything between $325 million and $500 million.

Highest Spenders

American Users Love TikTok Coins

Used to reward creators, American TikTok users are amongst the highest spenders of the in-app currency.

In-App Purchases

$2.5 Billion Spent Worldwide

Consumers aren’t scared of spending money through TikTok, and this year surpassed $2.5 billion globally.

TikTok Creator Statistics

Top TikTok Creators

Most Popular TikTok Star Has over 150 Million Followers

Khaby Lame overtook the previous TikTok queen, Charlie D’Amelio, as the most-followed TikTok star with 153.7 million followers compared to Charlie’s 149.4 million.

The Top 5 TikTok Creators Have over Half a Billion Combined Followers

Top 5 TikTok CreatorsNumber of Followers
Khaby Lame153.7 Million
Charlie D’Amelio149.4 Million
Bella Poarch92.6 Million
Addison Rae88.8 Million
Will Smith72.9 Million

$17.5 Million to the Highest Paid TikTok Star

Charlie D’Amelio earned an impressive $17.5 million, making her the highest-earning TikTok star. Her sister Dixie D’Amelio was the second-highest earner with $10 million, coming out just ahead of third-placed Addison Rae with $8.5 million.

Most Watched Creator Receives Almost 47 Million Plays

The South Korean K-Pop boy band Bangtan Boys (BTS) had 46.95 million plays of video content hosted on their TikTok account. 

16 TikTok Stars Have More Than 50 Million Followers

As of October 2022, 16 creators now command a follower count of 50 million or more. Of the 16 accounts, 11 of them belong to users from the United States.

19.3 Million Views for Most Followed TikTok Star

Khaby Lame might be the most followed TikTok star, but followers don’t always translate into views. All TikTok content on the Khaby Lame channel received 19.3 million views. By comparison, all but one of the top 5 most followed TikTok stars received more.

Most Followed TikTok CreatorsNumber of Views
Khaby Lame19.3 Million
Charlie D’Amelio35 Million
Bella Poarch28.6 Million
Addison Rae25.1 Million
Will Smith18.3 Million

TikTok Creator Demographics

50% of Creators Are Aged 18-24 Years Old

TikTok’s appeal to younger demographics is shown in the 49.1% of all content being created by 18–24-year-olds. 13–17-year-olds are the second most prolific creators, with 20.7% of all posted content.

Less Than 5% of Content Is Created By Users Over 35 Years Old

Older users are less likely to engage with social media overall, and this is especially evident with TikTok. Just 4.6% of all content created on TikTok comes from users aged 35 or older.

55.3% Of Content Is Created by Women

A small majority of content on the platform is created by women, which is understandable as they also make up the majority of users.

Influencer Engagement Rate

Micro-Influencers Had an Average Engagement Rate of 17.96%

Micro-influencers have much higher engagement rates than mega-influencers. Smaller audience numbers make it easier for creators to release content that appeals to more of their audience.

Influencers Increase Ad Recall by up to 27%

Consumers are over a quarter more likely to remember brands and products they see on TikTok when those brands and products are partnered with a TikTok creator. This shows that brands are more likely to succeed if they advertise through other creators rather than creating advertisement content of their own.

Brand/Creator Partnership Increases View-Through Rates by 193%

TikTok’s own analysis shows that brands that partner with a creator or influencer can boost view-through rates by as much as 193%.

Top TikTok Categories

The Most Popular TikTok Categories and Hashtags

Entertainment Content Is the Most Popular Content Category

The most viewed content category on the app, entertainment, accounted for 535 billion hashtag views. It is one of the broadest hashtag terms and includes a variety of content that may have contributed to its success.

181 Billion Hashtag Views for Dance

Dance was the second most popular TikTok category, easily beating out number 3 (pranks) on the list.

18.71 Trillion Views for Most Popular Hashtag

“FYP”, which stands for “For You Page,” was easily the most-used hashtag on TikTok with almost 20 trillion views. “Viral” came in a distant second with 6.3 trillion views attached to it. 

Hashtag “Duet” Received 2.4 Trillion Views

TikTok shot to prominence by promoting dances and duets that appeal to younger age groups’ creativity. Today, it is the 4th most used hashtag in terms of post views.

Most Viewed Artists & Songs

1 Billion Views for 430 Songs

Music is an important part of TikTok, especially with its dance video origins. Approximately 430 songs received 1 billion views or more, with 175 of those songs also featuring in the Billboard Hot 100.

Nicky Youre & Dazy – “Sunroof” Is the Most Viewed Song in America

This song came to prominence through its popularity on TikTok and helped the song rise to number 4 on the Hot 100 Billboard charts.

Yung Lean – “Ginseng Strip 2002” Is the Most Watched Song Worldwide

Swedish Performer Yung Lean enjoyed huge global success within the TikTok app as “Ginseng Strip 2002” became the most viewed song on TikTok in several countries. Unfortunately, this didn’t translate into commercial success, as the song didn’t feature prominently on any music industry charts.

Lizzo Was the Most Viewed Artist in America

American singer Lizzo became the most viewed artist in America thanks to the success of the lead single “About Damn Time” off her newest album Special. Bella Poarch and Bad Bunny were the second and third most-viewed artists of 2022.

Kim Loaiza Received the Most Views Worldwide

A name that might be unfamiliar to many, Kim Loaiza is a Mexican singer and internet personality that began using YouTube in 2016. She’s now the 7th most-followed user on TikTok and was the most-viewed artist in the world in 2022.

TikTok Video Categories That Grew the Most

Finance Videos Grew 225%

Finance-related topics about investing, crypto, and saving are showing great growth, and with financial conditions predicted to get more difficult in the year ahead, are expected to continue to grow.

TikTok Geographical Statistics

Availability & Penetration 

155 Countries & 75 Languages

TikTok continues to increase its global reach and can now be accessed from 155 countries and in 75 languages. 

Saudi Arabia Has the Highest TikTok Reach

A huge 87.9% of the Saudi population aged 18 and older use or have previously used TikTok.

Asia & the Middle East Dominate Market Penetration Lists

Of the ten markets with the highest penetration rates, eight of them are in Asia or the Middle East. The remaining two are in South America.

TikTok Has Usage Reach of 9% in Canada

Canada still hasn’t yet fully embraced TikTok, with it placing as the 10th most popular social media platform and some distance behind Facebook’s 70% usage reach.

TikTok Country Restrictions

Three Countries Currently Have TikTok Restrictions

India was one of TikTok’s largest markets, but that ended in 2020 when the Indian government permanently banned the app in response to data privacy and national security concerns. In Afghanistan, the governing Taliban group ordered the video-sharing app be banned in 2021 due to concerns it “misleads the younger generation.” As of January 2023 the ban is still not in place. Russia is the third country to have TikTok restrictions. The restrictions were implemented by TikTok in response to censorship laws regarding the invasion of Ukraine.

TikTok Was Previously Banned in Three Other Countries

Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan all previously banned TikTok because of concerns about the type of content available on the platform. These included gambling, pornography, blasphemy, and other offensive and inappropriate content. TikTok is now available in all three countries after TikTok took the necessary steps to remove the content in question. 

TikTok Is Unavailable in China

Although the app is owned by Chinese parent company ByteDance, TikTok is unavailable in China. The Chinese audience has a similar but separate app called Douyin. It has a similar interface to TikTok and was also developed by ByteDance, but the two apps do not have access to each other’s content.

US Government Bans TikTok from Government Employee Devices

The US government has been concerned about TikTok’s potential connections with China’s national government for some time. The app was ordered to be banned by the Trump administration, but this was challenged and later revoked. The app has now been banned from all government employee devices, and can only be installed on personal devices.

TikTok Marketing and Sales Statistics

Marketer Views

12% of Marketers Say TikTok Has the Largest Return on Investment

A survey of business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketers from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, and Japan found that 12% of respondents thought TikTok provided the largest return on investment. This placed it fourth, behind LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook at #1. 21% of respondents thought Facebook offered the greatest return on investment.

Business-to-Consumer Marketers Prefer Organic over Paid Content Distribution

A survey of business-to-consumer marketers found that 27% of respondents prefer organic content distribution, compared with just 12% for paid content distribution.


1,787.5% Growth for Adult Swim

The American television network named Cartoon Network saw its programming block, Adult Swim, increase TikTok mentions by 1,787.5% month over month. Other notable brands that saw significant gains on TikTok were L’Oréal Paris (370%), Amazon and Spotify (300%), and Disney (206.25%).

Netflix Was the Most Talked-about Leading Brand by Influencers

Netflix was the #1 leading brand based on the number (4560) of TikTok influencers who mentioned it in 2021. McDonald’s was the second most mentioned leading brand worldwide with 3570 influencers mentioning it. 

Effective Messaging 

Impressions Increase By 55.7% with Captions

Many people watch TikTok without the sound on, so captions are a simple and effective way to make videos more accessible. In fact, according to TikTok’s own research, captions can improve impressions by more than 50%.

Emotions Are Key to the Best Performing Ads

50% of the best performing TikTok adverts use their audiences’ emotions to get the best results. Content that is made to target specific emotions connects with audiences better and evokes greater engagement rates.

Product Research

30% of Gen Z Use TikTok for Product Research

Gen Z users are increasingly turning to TikTok as their primary means of completing product research. Companies that want to appeal to younger audiences will benefit from showcasing their products through TikTok.

43% of Users Try Something After Seeing It on the Platform

Almost half of all users say that they are more willing to try something new after first seeing it on TikTok. The new thing could be a dance, product, or trend. Brands could take advantage of this by creating novel and interesting content that inspires unique actions from their audience.

49% of Users Use the Platform to Make Purchasing Decisions

Approximately 50% of users say that if they see a creator use a product or see a product advertised on TikTok they are more likely to make a purchase.

56% of Users Feel Closer to Brands They See on TikTok

A 2021 TikTok study found that 56% of users and 67% of creators felt closer to brands that publish more unfiltered, human content. The same study revealed that approximately 45% of users feel more connected to brands when the brand delivers help, and advice to its audience.

Watch-Through & Click-Through Rates

Speaking to Your Audience Improves View-Through Rates

Of the TikTok videos with the highest view-through rates, approximately one-third have creators or influencers speaking directly to their audience. 

Make Key Points Within 3 Seconds for High CTR

Almost two-thirds (63%) of the TikTok videos with the highest click-through rates got the most important information across to viewers within the first 3 seconds.

25% Higher Watch-Through Rate with Vertical Videos

TikTok’s focus on mobile content means that videos shot using 100% of screen space in the 9:16 aspect ratio have higher watch-through rates. 

Ad Recall & Reach

Branded Hashtags Generate 4X Higher Ad Recall

More than other social network users, TikTok users rely on hashtags to search for most content. Several studies show that brands can improve their ad recall and brand awareness by up to 450% by using branded hashtags. 

CTA Cards Increase Impressions by 47.3%

Ending your TikTok videos with an end-card that summarizes key information will improve impressions by almost 50%.

45% of Marketers Use TikTok for Influencer Marketing

With brands trying to appeal to younger markets, 45% of marketers say they see TikTok influencers as the best way to reach that younger audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

TikTok has been downloaded more than 3 billion times. This includes multiple downloads to the same device and the same user accounts on different devices.

Current statistics show that there are over 1.2 billion monthly active users globally. This includes TikTok and its Chinese equivalent Douyin. TikTok alone has over 689 million monthly active users.

The latest survey shows that there are 131 million user accounts in the US. Be aware that user accounts don’t necessarily mean that 131 million people are using TikTok as there may be users who have more than one account.

India has permanently banned TikTok from the country. Afghanistan has stated they wish to ban it, but it still remains available at this time. Russia has restricted access caused by the conflict in Ukraine.

Generation Z, or users aged 24 and under, are the age group that uses TikTok the most and they prefer it to other social network platforms.

Recent TikTok statistics show that there are a little over 50,000 user accounts with 1,000 or more followers. 1000 followers is the minimum number of followers needed to be considered an influencer.

The US has the largest audience globally with more than 130 million users. However, Saudi Arabia has the greatest population reach, with 80% of the population using TikTok.

61 billion views. The video is by @auut and features a black screen. This was achieved through the purchase of fake views.

The best performing TikTok videos are on average under 34 seconds long.

The most recent study places TikTok’s valuation at $50 billion.

The average user spends 19.6 hours a month on TikTok. The global daily average has increased to 52 minutes per day.

No. TikTok is freely available across all of the United States. However, a number of government agencies have barred it from use on government devices.

TikTok adds a “state-controlled media” label to accounts that are considered to be run or influenced by a government.

The main TikTok trend that remains as popular today as when the platform launched is dance videos. Creators put their own spin on whatever dance is trending that day, week, or month. Some other trends have been glow-up videos, transition videos, day-in-the-life videos, and replying to comments on older TikToks.

TikTok is ranked seventh amongst the most popular social networks, but with strong growth expected to continue that rank should change this year.


In addition to our own analysis, we’ve also used parts of data from Statista, TikTok, Datareportal.


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