ClickFunnels Certification Program: My Brutally Honest Review

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Created by ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson, the ClickFunnels Certification Program awards you digital badges that (according to Russell) will get you an endless stream of clients.

I’m always skeptical of such claims, so I took a deep dive into the program to see if it’s worth the exorbitant cost.

Key Takeaways:

  • Costs $9,997 or 4 installments of $2,997
  • Get certified in 15 different funnel types
  • After two years, you must pay $500/year to maintain certifications

What Exactly Is the ClickFunnels Certification Program?

ClickFunnels Certification Program

Russell Brunson is the self-proclaimed “Funnel Guy” and guru of all things funnel. The certification program takes everything he has learned about successful funnel building and condenses it down into a paid learning program.

Going through the program allows you to become certified in building 15 different types of funnels. Upon completion, you get a digital badge for each one that you can proudly display on your online profiles, plus you get a dedicated profile on the ClickFunnels Marketplace.

There’s a catch, though. Their certifications aren’t permanent and only last for two years. That is, unless you continue to pay to maintain them.

Throughout the program, you can expect plenty of Russell’s signature enthusiasm. It’s an acquired taste, but getting caught up in the hype is easy.

Who Is It Aimed At?

Who Is It Aimed At

Let’s get this straight. The ClickFunnels Certification Program isn’t for most people.

It’s certainly not for new users and beginners of the ClickFunnels platform, and it’s unsuitable for those who don’t intend to place funnel building (for clients) at the core of their business.

One of the biggest barriers to this program is the cost (which I’ll get to in a moment), so it’s also not for those looking to build a business with a small financial outlay.

Russell Brunson

So who is it for, then?

If you love building funnels as much as Russell Brunson does, you’ll probably love this program—especially if you’re a fan of the ClickFunnels culture and hype.

Essentially, if you take funnel building (on the ClickFunnels platform) seriously, want to specialize in this skill, and already have a fair amount of experience, then this program will help you level up. 

How Effective Is the ClickFunnels Certification?

ClickFunnels Certification

This is up for debate.

If you’re targeting clients who know what ClickFunnels is, then being officially certified will no doubt help you stand out.

However, the thing is that a lot of people and businesses have never heard of ClickFunnels, so a certification won’t really mean much to them. In most cases, clients want a high-converting platform, and it doesn’t matter which platform it’s built on.

Instead, I would say that having a top-notch pitch and a solid portfolio of previous and proven work will be far more valuable in getting more clients than a ClickFunnels certification would.

ClickFunnels Certification Program Cost Breakdown

ClickFunnels Certification Program Cost

Like I said, the ClickFunnels Certification Program is expensive

It costs:

  • $9,997 one-off payment, OR
  • 4 payment installments of $2,997

So, if you want to spread the cost a bit by paying in installments, you’ll have to cough up a whopping $1,991 extra for the privilege. 

It’s a bit unfair if you ask me. After all, the aim of getting certified is to make money. If you already have a spare $10k lying around, you’re probably already doing quite well and don’t need the certification!

Certified for 2 years

But that’s not all. Once you have completed the program, you are only certified for two years. After that, you either lose your certification or have to start paying $500/year to keep it.

Admittedly, it does state that you will get continuing education, but it is unclear what and how much of it you get.

Additionally, you will also be required to continue paying for your ClickFunnels Agency Account subscription one year after purchasing the certification program. This costs:

  • $997 for six months
  • $1,997 for 12 months

So, over three years, here’s what you can expect to pay:

1Certification program: $9,997 or 4 x $2,997$9,997 or $11,998
2Agency Account subscription: $1,997 or 2 x $997
$1,997 or $1,994
3*Agency Account subscription: $1,997 or 2 x $997
Certification renewal: $500
$2,497 or $2,494

*Plus every year after

What Do You Get for Your Money?

ClickFunnels Agency Account

The 9,997-dollar question!

You do get a decent amount for your money, though it is up for speculation about how much it is all actually worth. 

Here’s a breakdown of it all:

  • ClickFunnels Agency Account: This ClickFunnels plan is only available to those on the certification program. It gives you unlimited platform features and the ability to create “workspaces” that are separate client accounts
  • 15 Official Funnel Certifications: Individual master certificates are awarded for each funnel type (more on this below)
  • Funnel Builder Secrets: Self-paced video training that gives you the skills to create 12 core funnels, plus add extra value for your clients by learning how to create membership sites and email follow-up funnels
  • Funnel Scripts Agency Account: A plugin that allows you to create detailed client avatars. This information is then pulled and used to automatically generate personalized marketing copy
  • Geru Agency Account: Funnel mapping software that allows you to plan out your funnels and sell the idea to clients before it is created
  • ClickFunnel Marketplace Premium Listing: Get your business profile up on the ClickFunnels Marketplace page
How it works

Regarding the 15 certifications, each one is taught over a week and consists of four separate modules:

  1. First, Russell Brunson shares his strategy on the funnel and what goes into making it successful.
  2. Then, Gregory Dakin will teach you how to use the ClickFunnels platform to build the funnel type in question.
  3. After, Jim Edwards goes through his process of creating and using high-converting copy and content within the funnel.
  4. Finally, you are expected to build a couple of funnels and submit them to the ClickFunnels team for verification. If they are up to standard, you will be awarded the certification.
15 individual funnel certifications

The 15 individual funnel certifications are:

  • Lead “Squeeze” 
  • Survey
  • Summit
  • Free Challenge
  • Book
  • Shopping Cart
  • Paid Challenge
  • VSL (Video Sales Letter)
  • Webinar
  • Product Launch
  • Application
  • Webinar Application
  • Follow Up
  • Funnel Hub
  • Funnel Stacking 

ClickFunnels is also considering adding Copywriting and Conversion funnel certificates to the list but hasn’t done so yet.

do it yourself

You may be wondering what the difference is between the certification and Funnel Builder Secrets programs. 

Funnel Builder Secrets has been around for a long time (since the original incarnation of the ClickFunnels platform) and is offered as a standalone training program for just under $2,000. However, it doesn’t include any official certifications, and it is unclear whether or not the material has been continuously updated since it is no longer widely promoted by ClickFunnels.

It would appear that it has been thrown into the certification “package” as an added extra, but it has no bearing on the actual certification program.

What Does It Mean to Be a ClickFunnels Certified Partner?

ClickFunnels Certified Partner

Once you have achieved one or more of the ClickFunnels certifications, you are then officially recognized as a ClickFunnels Certified Partner. 

This means you get the shiny digital badges to display online and have earned your place on the “prestigious” ClickFunnels Marketplace.

Find an Expert

The marketplace is publicly available to anyone wanting to find and purchase ClickFunnels expertise. For example, you can buy ready-made funnel templates for different purposes.

Clicking on the “Find an Expert” button brings up the profiles of those who have become certified in ClickFunnels. Users can browse the profiles, select, and hire one that aligns best with their business niche.

Naturally, I went ahead and checked out the traffic stats for this subdomain, and they weren’t all that.

traffic stats

The marketplace gets less than 2k visitors per month, so if people want funnel experts, this isn’t where they are looking.

Can You Really Earn More Money with a ClickFunnels Certification?

Earn More Money

A ClickFunnels certification might make a marginal difference, but you can’t start charging megabucks just because you have it.

The better you are at something, the more money you can command for your services. Gathering additional expertise and skills is one way to achieve a higher income. That’s just common sense.

If you can build funnels and demonstrate that they work, you can charge a fair amount for your skill—whether you’re certified or not.

ClickFunnels Certification Program Alternatives

ClickFunnels is not alone in offering platform-specific certification programs. There are a couple of alternative options to consider.

GoHighLevel Certification

GoHighLevel Certification

Earning the GoHighLevel Certified Admin digital badge shows you have reached a high level of proficiency in using the platform.

GoHighLevel is a sophisticated platform that includes tools for customer relationship management, multi-channel marketing campaigns, membership sites, calendars, and more.

Therefore, if you want a skill set beyond funnel building, this is one to consider. Plus, it’s more affordable:

  • $97/month
  • $970/year

Kajabi Expert Program

Kajabi Expert Program

If you’d rather focus on designing and selling digital learning products, then the Kajabi Expert Program is worth considering.

The platform contains tools for creating courses, coaching products, and membership sites, plus features for building funnels and email marketing campaigns.

Becoming a Kajabi expert is by application only and costs:

  • Approved Kajabi Expert: 10% commission on sales
  • Kajabi Expert+: $99/month

Bottom Line: Is the ClickFunnels Certification Program Worth It?

ClickFunnels Certification Program Worth

I honestly believe that having a ClickFunnels certification won’t make a huge difference to your business and how much you can charge. What will make the difference is your skillset in funnel building and your portfolio.

Now, I do not doubt that the program contains a lot of valuable information and that you will learn a lot from it. After all, Russell Brunson has become incredibly successful, so he’s worth listening to if funnel building is your thing.

However, does it contain any information that can’t be found elsewhere (for free)? Doubtful.

Is it worth almost $10,000? Also doubtful.

One Funnel Away Challenge

One alternative you can consider is the ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge

As one Redditor states above, the cost of the certification program was not worth it for them. Instead, they got a lot more value out of the challenge. 

I recommend trying this out first because it’s free, plus you get a ClickFunnels 30-day free trial. This will allow you to see if you like Russell’s style and approach.

Then, if you want to take things a step further (and have money to burn), you can go for the certification program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can sell ClickFunnels funnels, and you do not have to be certified to do so. However, you must be certified if you want a spot on the ClickFunnels Marketplace.

There is plenty of free ClickFunnels training available. You can look at the ClickFunnels Help Center and YouTube channel for guides and walkthroughs. You can also try the One Funnel Away Challenge and Five Day Lead Challenge for free.


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