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ClickFunnels is more than just a funnel builder. The site offered an extensive (12-week) training program, “Certified Partners,” in 2016.

Since then, ClickFunnels has evaluated this program and opted for a more cost-effective alternative that it claims is more beneficial to users.

We will explore what the program offers and the cost in this article.

ClickFunnels Certification

What Is the ClickFunnels Certified Partners Program?

ClickFunnels designed the training program for funnel consultants.

The aim was to create a system that helped ClickFunnels users learn how to build sales funnels for clients and provide them with all the tools and features to do it successfully.

At the end of the program, users will officially become a “certified partner,” with their names listed on the partner page for easy access.

The program’s price tag was $10,000, with the following benefits:

  • 12 weeks of Systematic Training and Project Delivery
  • Free access to the Etison Plan (now Platinum Plan) for a year
  • Comprehensive support from staff
  • A Consultant Dashboard
  • Provides users with credibility and easy leads 

ClickFunnels Certification Program Alternative – OFA Platinum

ClickFunnels has improved upon the original Certified Partners Program and now offers users a better deal with the OFA Platinum Challenge. It is much more affordable for starters, at $997.

The training material has been kept up-to-date, with bonuses added along the way. 

The training period has declined from 12 weeks to just 30 days.

The shorter period doesn’t take away from your learning experience as the program is very intensive and requires daily commitment. The package includes the following:

  • A demanding 30-day program
  • Access to the ClickFunnels Platinum Plan for six months
  • An assigned Success Agent
  • “30 Days” e-book
  • The “Secrets” Trilogy Live Masterclasses (Dotcom, Traffic, and Experts Secrets)

This program gets our seal of approval, as it provides excellent training materials. It also saves money when you opt for the Platinum Plan at only $166 per month, down from the regular $297.

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses

ClickFunnels Certification Program and OFA Platinum Program Compared

Although ClickFunnels no longer offers the Certified Partners Program, we feel obliged to give an in-depth comparison to show you what a great deal the OFA Platinum challenge is.

The Certified Partners Program provided value, but the OFA Platinum challenge is both time-saving and cost-saving.

Pricing Comparison

At a glance, the original Certified Partners Program was a huge investment at $10,000 for the course.

We’re glad ClickFunnels decided to revamp its course and offer a much more affordable price point of $997.

When we look at the features included, we also get a clearer picture of why the OFA Platinum Challenge is better.

The Certified Partners Program included:

  • A 12-week program that touched on funnel strategy to affiliate programs and sales copies.
  • You had had free access to the Platinum Plan.
  • Provided access to the platform’s latest innovations
  • A consultant dashboard
  • Credibility and leads

The OFA Platinum Challenge gives access to:

  • An intensive 30-day course
  • Live coaching videos
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group
  • Bonus private training
  • A free e-book
One Funnel Away Challenge

Training Quality Comparison

The old program incorporated extensive modules that spanned the entire period.

These modules started with funnel strategies to get users acquainted with sales funnels and then dive deeper into the six core funnels’ architecture.

There are even modules that go into the design, sales copy, funnel scripts, and optimization.


  • Well-designed curriculum
  • Free Platinum Plan access


  • A longer time and higher prices

The new OFA Platinum Challenge takes a more personal and interactive approach with live coaching videos by Russell Brunson and a lineup of other implementation coaches.

Instead of splitting up the program into various modules, the new program gives access to everything for 30 days, which is much less pressure, in our opinion. 


  • More freedom to complete the program
  • More interactive videos
  • Free e-book
  • Shorter time
  • More affordable

Overall Comparison

While the original ClickFunnels Certification Program provided users with significant value, the OFA Platinum Challenge gives users more flexibility.

Not to mention, the price of the new program is much more affordable, and it takes only a month to complete.

Completing either program gives you more credibility in the field and helps with optimization and lead conversion.

Both programs offer bonus materials, such as the “30 Days” e-book and unlimited access to “30 Day” interviews.

The newer program also offers a comprehensive look at Two Comma Club Funnels.

The old Certification Program still provided users with access to the newest inventions on the platform, exclusive support, and an easy-to-use Consultant Dashboard. 

Bottom Line

ClickFunnels has replaced the ClickFunnels Certified Partners Program with the more efficient and valuable OFA Platinum Challenge.

The OFA Platinum Challenge has condensed the length of the program into a 30-day course for a much more affordable price.

Upon completion, users will instantly enhance their credibility after having access to coaching videos and private training. 

The OFA Platinum Challenge further demonstrates its superiority by offering bonus material such as a free “30 Days” e-book and unlimited access to “30 Day” interviews.

Although the original Certification Program is no longer available, the new option is better no matter how you choose to look at it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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