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We all want our brand and website to stand out from the crowd. Now, more than ever, high quality and responsive websites are needed for a high conversion rate. Kajabi offers its users a multitude of free, easy to use site themes. These themes can be customized to your site’s needs.

This article answers the question of what exactly you can customize on the standard Kajabi themes. Also, we look at our favorite platforms where you can find the perfect developer to customize your Kajabi theme.

Kajabi Custom Themes

Do You Really Need a Custom Theme?

Kajabi gives you the power and flexibility to easily design custom web pages within their standard themes. Because it is so easy to customize the existing Kajabi themes, for most users there is no need to go through the expense and difficulty of developing or buying an entirely custom theme. For most use cases, you can adapt the standard Kajabi themes to suit your taste and brand guidelines.

Kajabi offers six layout presets for the standard theme. Each preset provides a different look and feel for your site. The theme can be customized to your liking after you have selected your preferred layout.

Each page on your Kajabi site can be customized individually. This customization allows you to add, edit, and rearrange page sections on that specific page. Tailor each page to complement the content and showcase featured products.

Although Kajabi themes are already very easy to customize, you may want to have a custom theme made in very specific circumstances, like if you are migrating from a different platform and your existing business has extremely strict aesthetic guidelines – due to a well-established brand, for example.

Where to Find a Custom Kajabi Theme?

If you decide to opt for a custom Kajabi theme, you may need to find a theme developer to design one according to your needs. Unless you are a developer yourself, you will need to find  an experienced developer familiar with Kajabi. Below are some examples of good places to find developers.

Kajabi Facebook Group

The Kajabi Facebook group is a great forum to find up to date information about Kajabi. You can ask any Kajabi related questions. This platform makes it possible to find the correct theme developer suited to your page’s needs.


Upwork is a platform that connects freelance developers to clients. Create a job posting with detailed information about the requirements for your site. Freelancers submit proposals, and you can interview chosen individuals. Upwork provides a safe work environment for the freelancer and client, where funds are only released after work is completed. 


An alternative to Upwork is Fiverr. Fiverr specializes in small, quick turnaround projects. Look for a freelancer on Fiverr that can customize themes for smaller sites and at a low cost.

Bottom Line

For most of us, the free Kajabi themes offer more flexibility than you’ll ever need. Within these frameworks, you can customize the existing themes to your heart’s content. However, if your site has very strict brand guidelines it might be necessary to acquire the services of a skilled theme developer.

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