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Themes and templates are the basis for creating all of a website’s design elements. Put simply, they determine a website’s look and feel.

Kajabi offers a variety of pre-designed themes and templates for you to choose from which can also be personalized. The theme and customizations you use will enhance the look of your website and finding one suitable for a course is essential. The right template will also help ensure that it is easy to navigate. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi has pre-built, easy-to-use, and customizable templates
  • Customized themes improve customer experience and can improve conversion rates

This article will look at what we consider to be some of the best product themes and templates on Kajabi.


Best for: Membership websites

Customizable Momentum features include:

  • Navigation title
  • Navigation menu
  • Welcome screen
  • Tabs text
  • Dashboard body
  • Dashboard sidebar

With a heavy focus on content, Momentum is an excellent choice for membership websites. The theme is clean and simple, reducing distraction and enhancing user experience.

Kajabi makes customizing templates easy. The click-to-edit features mean you don’t need to know how to code. You just use the sidebar to find the sections that need editing, then click and type to update. 

The configured page settings on your Momentum theme show on every page of your product to create a site with a consistent look. This will update the general settings, including favicon, typography, and color scheme on the following pages:

  • Main Product
  • Announcements
  • Categories
  • Category
  • Post
  • Comment
  • Search


Best For: Online courses

Customizable Premier features include:

  • Header
  • Search bar 
  • Hero
  • Welcome body
  • Product modules or lessons
  • Sidebar
  • Footer

Premier is more customizable than Momentum. Using Premier you can create a unique website to entice customers to engage with your content and products.

The focus of Premier is to put your course outline front and center. 

There are many additional user experience features, including preview course progress, cross-sell, instructor visibility, and clear module and lesson layout.

With Premier, you can edit sections and content blocks on your product pages.

Your configured page settings on your theme show on every page of your product to create a streamlined site. This will update the general settings, including favicon, typography, and color scheme on the following pages:

  • Main Product
  • Announcements
  • Modules
  • Lesson
  • Comment
  • Search


Kajabi’s Creative template offers a bold design for a creative brand. It is a simple layout with reduced focus on content and more on the visual element. 

It’s attention-grabbing, with contrasting colors, angled dividers, and large fonts. Creative keeps users scrolling and creates drama and excitement. 

Creative is ideal if your audience is on an alternative social media platform and you need a way to sell your digital products.


Prosper has a clean-cut, minimal design which is great for sellers with articles or a blog.

It was designed to make content-focused sites uncomplicated. Prosper is easy to read and digest with its simple layout elements, light borders, and white spaces.

You can easily guide customers toward your digital products to maximize sales.

1: How to Install New Kajabi Product Themes/Templates

  1. Click on Products from the Dashboard
  2. Click on the Product you want to install the theme on
  3. Press Customize and then Install Template
  4. Select the template you want to use
  5. Click Install Template

2: How to Customize Kajabi Product Themes/Templates

  1. Hover over the installed theme you want to edit, and Customize should appear
  2. Click on Customize
  3. Find the area you wish to edit from the dropdown menu at the top
  4. Use the click-to-edit features to customize your design and layout

3: How to Activate Kajabi Product Themes/Templates

Once you’re happy with edits to the template, you can activate it and make it live on your site for your customers to see.

  1. Locate the updated installed template
  2. Click the … menu icon and press Activate

Updating Kajabi Product Themes/Templates

Occasionally, Kajabi will need to make updates to themes and templates to activate new features and fix any bugs. It’s easy to update your theme and revert it if you are unhappy with the updated version. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Product you want to update
  2. Press Customize
  3. Find the theme which needs updating and click the … button
  4. Press Update
  5. Click Preview Update to see the changes made
  6. Acknowledge the disclaimer and press Update

To Revert:

  1. Press the … button again
  2. Select Update Theme and then Revert

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Kajabi Product Theme?

A Kajabi theme or template determines the look of your website without the need for coding or website creation knowledge. Each Kajabi theme is customizable, and you can use it to alter the layout and design to suit your clients.

How Can I Make a Kajabi Product Theme?

Kajabi allows you to edit the in-built themes to make them your own. You can also purchase or create templates outside of Kajabi and upload them through its Upload Theme area.

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