Kartra Academy: All You Need To Know

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Kartra Academy was the first Kartra portal for training purposes. Within it, users could find in-depth tutorials on how to use Kartra for marketing purposes. 

However, at Kartra, things are always progressing, and Kartra Academy is no longer active. The Kartranaut program has now subsumed it to provide all of the training materials users need in one place.

The Kartranaut program is where you now can learn how to implement marketing campaigns, funnels, and everything else in Kartra.

Kartra Academy Consolidation 

For the sake of convenience, Kartra has consolidated Kartra Academy with the Kartranaut Training program to provide an updated intensive training course for those who want to learn how to use Kartra. 

Replacing Kartra Academy with Kartranaut means that Kartra Academy no longer exists. You will find all the content you need on Kartranaut, making things much more convenient for users. This consolidation also offers some further benefits.

Consolidation Benefits:

  • No passwords are needed. All you have to do is enter your name and email to access Kartranaut training.
  • One central place to learn and get all your resources.
  • New and updated content.
  • You only need one membership to access all the tutorials.

What to Do If You Can’t Log Into Kartra Academy

It is not possible to log into Kartra Academy. Since the consolidation of Kartra Academy, users can only sign in to the Kartranaut training program. To do that, you need your Kartra account.

If you want to sign into the Kartranaut training program, all you have to do is visit this page. The link will take you straight to the Kartranaut page. You will see several choices at the top of the page. Click ’’Index’’ to begin. You’ll see a list of links to relevant tutorials for each of Kartra’s functions. Make your choice and start learning.

What Can I Learn in Kartranaut? A Review of Kartra Academy’s Successor

What can you learn in Kartranaut, you ask? Everything. Really. Everything you need to know to benefit from this platform for sales, marketing, and automation

From creating Lead Generator Lists to working with the Membership Builder, Kartranaut covers everything you need in minute detail. Each topic starts with a video, then follows up with explanatory steps illustrated with screenshots. 

Then, once you have gone through everything and still have questions, you can consult the Q&A section. I had quite a few questions about billing, all of which had comprehensive answers available.

Working your way through the index page is one way to learn about Kartra. The other way is to do the tutorials one-by-one. By doing this, you will learn everything you need to know step by step as each lesson builds on the previous one. If you choose to do it this way, click here, and you will start to learn about lists. You simply click ”next post” to continue to the next lesson.

I find the Kartranaut training very comprehensive. If you plan to go through everything, it will take you quite a while. Be sure to read our Kartra Training article as well.


Originally, users signed into the Kartra Academy to do their training, but that has stopped now. The new ’’campus’’ for everything Kartra is Kartranaut. There you can learn all you need to know about this amazing platform that does your marketing campaigns for you.

Anyone can get a feel for working with Kartra by simply going to the Kartranaut page and choosing a topic that they want to learn about. The Kartra staff have created a fantastic product with tons of great features, and they back up this product with a training program to help Kartra users succeed.

The bottom line? A great product combined with great training ensures success for every Kartra user.

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