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The platform allows you to create your own email templates or use Kartra’s templates.

Key Takeaways:

  • They have a variety of email templates that you can use
  • You can create your own email templates and save them

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Best 7 Kartra Email Templates

Kartra has a range of email templates for you to pick from when creating broadcasts.

You can use them for all your funnel steps, from general information and newsletters to new product launches, gratitude emails, and welcome messages.

All templates can be found when you create a broadcast and select the Rich HTML button when writing a message.

Here’s a variety of examples:

  1. Basic Text Email with CTA

The first template that Kartra offers is a basic text template that contains one image and a call to action.

This design would be ideal for a newsletter style of email which draws the customer back towards the site or funnel after site abandonment.

  1. Information-Based Email

The second type of email design contains four text sections that can focus on different topics, pieces of news, and information.

This design would be ideal for a monthly email that updates your subscribers with your company’s current events, including any new products you offer or a general awareness campaign.

Information-Based Email
  1. Product Information Email

After the customer has purchased their product, you may need to offer them some advice and instructions on how to get the most out of their purchase.

To effectively do this, you can use the template to highlight the most important customer assist tips.

Product Information Email
  1. Community Advertisement Email

If you’re trying to encourage your leads to join your online group or community, this template can be used.

It gives a clear call to action in two places for new members to join and allows you to add features and benefits they’ll receive after joining.

Community Advertisement Email
  1. Long Form Sales Email

If you’re trying to market a new product to your customers, you can use the platform’s product launch template.

This template lets you display a hero image with bold titles before introducing the product and its features and benefits and before displaying pricing options to customers.

This will be ideal if you’re selling different membership plans or courses.

Long Form Sales Email
  1. Thank You Email

After your customer has checked out, you can automate a thank you email to show your appreciation and include the next steps to get started.

Many Kartra users sell digital products; therefore, one way you can deliver your products is via email.

You can use this template to give the download links of your PDF, worksheet, course, or other digital downloadables.

Thank You Email
  1.  Welcome Email

Once a new member has joined your community, you may want to send them a personalized welcome email.

This template lets you automate an email to thank them for joining, share your story, and give them more information about the community and your company.

Welcome Email

Why Use Kartra Email Templates?

Here are a few reasons to use Kartra’s email templates:

  • Save time – By using email templates, you don’t have to go through each feature and add them one by one to make the perfect email. Instead, you can edit what you already have.
  • Provide inspiration – Sometimes, it can be hard to generate new email ideas. By using templates, you can see other examples and ideas.
  • Improve your offering – When creating a funnel, it can be easy to forget a welcome or thank you email. Add and improve your existing email by checking the examples.

Kartra Email Template Features

Here are the different features and tools Kartra offers you when creating an email:

  • Hero sections – Bold image at the top of the email.
  • Content blocks – Split your text into sections for easy consumption.
  • Countdown times – Provide scarcity warnings to your readers.
  • Testimonials – Include previous customer experiences and feedback.
  • Video thumbnails – Create a captivating image thumbnail to get readers to click and view the video.

How to Create a Kartra Email Template

In addition to the platform’s email templates, you can also create your own templates.

This feature allows you to easily access them in the future when drafting new broadcasts.

Here’s how to create a Kartra email template:

  1. First, you’ll need to create a broadcast from your dashboard by clicking Communications.
  2. Select Send Email.
  3. Fill out the requested information and select your email gateway from the drop-down box.
Kartra Email Template
  1. Once you confirm your Communication Gateway, select Save and Next.
GDPR notice
  1. Go to the drop-down box on the left and select the audience you’d like to receive your email.
  2. If you’d like to include a GDPR notice, check the circle before selecting Save and Next.
Communication Gateway
  1. You’ll now be presented with more drop-down box options. If you’d like to select more than one recipient list, you can add it now.
single email box
  1. You’ll now need to select the message type. To do this, check the single email box.
create a template
  1. To create a template, make sure the Rich HTML toggle is slid to the right.
  2. Now you can begin adding your different email elements from the left-hand side of the screen. To do this, just drag and drop them to the canvas.
  3. Once you’ve finished the email design, it’s time to save it. To do this, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save as Template.
Save as Template
  1. Name your template in the pop-up box, and then select Save.
select Save

Your template is now saved and ready for you to start using.

My Templates section

Frequently Asked Questions

Kartra has a variety of templates, including welcome, thank you, newsletters, product launches, and community. In addition, the platform allows you to also save your own templates so you can use them again without recreating them.

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