Kartra Lifetime Deal

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Kartra is renowned for providing stellar benefits to users. However, there is no option for a lifetime deal to secure permanent access to Kartra business solutions.

Nevertheless, all Kartra pricing plans allow for a generous discount of 25% if you pay for the subscription annually.

As an added option, users can try out all of Kartra’s impressive features by using the 30-day exclusive trial available.   

Kartra Lifetime Deal

How to Get a Kartra Lifetime Deal?

Securing a lifetime deal with Kartra is not on the cards right now. Still, Kartra is currently promoting a 14-day trial which you can purchase for a remarkable $1. Furthermore, Kartra has extended this offer to include 30 days of free access to all business automation features for a defined period as an added concession to its customers. 

But, that is not all. Once browsers commit to purchasing a Kartra product, they stand to benefit from a yearly saving of 25%.

Simply pay fees as an annual subscription to reap these rewards. 

Can I Offer a Lifetime Deal to My Customers on Kartra?

Although Kartra does not grant the opportunity to buy lifetime access to its services, it does not limit account holder activities on this point. 

Web owners utilizing the Kartra platform have complete discretion to offer clients deals as they prefer.

This control includes creating one-time payment plans and special offers for lifetime membership to their featured products and services.

Please note that this arrangement depends on keeping an active Kartra account. You, therefore, cannot hold Kartra responsible for content becoming unavailable to your lifetime customers if your subscriber account lapses or terminates.    

Kartra Lifetime Deal

Kartra Lifetime Deal Alternatives 

The simple fact is that Kartra does not make a lifetime deal available to users wishing to streamline their online enterprises.

However, there are excellent alternatives available to those consumers wanting to try out the merchandise. 

The Kartra 30-day trial is available to users who opt for an initial 14-day trial at $1.

Accessing this fantastic offer is incredibly simple and very worthwhile.

How to Get an Extended 30-Day Trial

  1. Visit this page.
  2. Browse features before deciding what your business needs to automate your workflow.
  3. Select from Starter, Silver, Gold, or Platinum plans.
  4. Click on the ‘Start My Trial’ button below the plan limits and benefits.
  5. You will redirect to a web form.
  6. Close this tab or move your cursor to the tab area.
  7. A Kartra pop-up will appear, offering a ‘Double Your Trial’ option.
  8. Select the ‘YES, Double My Trial’ option.
  9. You can now purchase a 30-day, no-strings-attached trial for just $1.

Annual Discount 

When managing a business, saving money without compromising quality is optimal.

With that in mind, paying an annual premium for your Kartra plan is undoubtedly a winner, with a 25% discount applicable to a one-time yearly payment.

Users subscribing to the Kartra Starter Plan will save $240 annually, while those who opt for Silver can expect a $600 deduction.

Site owners who commit to a Gold or Platinum pricing plan similarly save $840 and $1,440 if they purchase an annual subscription. 

  • Starter –  $948 yearly, or $79 monthly (rather than $99), saving $240.
  • Silver – $1,788 yearly, or $149 monthly (rather than $199), saving $600.
  • Gold –  $2,748 yearly, or $229 monthly (rather than $299), saving $840.
  • Platinum –  $4,548 yearly, or $379 monthly (rather than $499), saving $1,440.


Kartra is a world leader in online business optimization. As such, this 30-day extended free trial is a compelling value.

Check out the advantages and benefits of the service.

Next, consider what your business requires to grow and prosper, whether landing pages, memberships, affiliate marketing, or simple sales funnels. Then decide on a plan to make it happen.

Click on the ‘Start My Trial’ prompt to commence and take advantage of the free trial. 

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