LearnWorlds Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

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LearnWorlds pricing starts at $29 per month ($24/month if you pay annually).

Learnworlds Pricing

LearnWorlds offers a range of competitively-priced plans. Having used LearnWorlds extensively, this article gives an overview of the pricing, differences, and our favorite features of their three most popular plans.

We also answer some frequently asked questions and give our recommendations on who should choose what plan.

LearnWorlds Pricing Overview

LearnWorlds offers four plans at different price points. Each plan aims at a different type of user, and so the features and price vary considerably. LearnWorlds offers a 20% discount on all their plans when paid annually. 

 The plans they offer are:

  • Starter costs $29 per month ($24 per month with annual billing);
  • Pro Trainer costs $99 per month ($79 per month with annual billing);
  • Learning Center costs $299 per month ($249 per month with annual billing); and
  • High Volume & Corporate, the cost of which varies depending on the organization’s needs. We will leave this plan out for the sake of this article.

LearnWorlds offers a 30-day free trial for each plan if you’re unsure which plan will work for you. You can experience each plan’s full functionality during this no-obligation free trial without entering any credit card details.

All plans, except the Starter, charge no transaction fees. A $5 fee will accrue for every course sale on the Starter plan. Keep this in mind when looking at the Starter. The transaction fee, combined with feature limitations, might make the Pro Trainer a better choice for all but absolute beginners.

30-Day Free Trial

Regardless of whether you’re a novice or an experienced user, I recommend that you take advantage of the no-obligation 30-day free trial. It will give you access to all LearnWorlds’ features while getting to grips with their user interface.

During this time, you will get an idea of the features you’re using and which ones you aren’t. This knowledge will assist you in choosing the correct plan suited to you after the 30-day free trial.

Basic Features Included in Each Plan

Some of our favorite basic features available on all LearnWorlds plans include:

Unlimited Courses

There is no limit to the number of courses, and content, that you can add to your site.

Online Store

The site’s branding, look and feel, and layout can be customized to suit your brand. You can make use of your custom domain or subdomain. LearnWorlds offers more than 400 templates to get you started. They are fully customizable with their online page builder or by incorporating custom CSS.

The language of your school can be English, Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, or Dutch.

Create and Bundle Material

Upload and create material such as videos (in a video library), quizzes, assignments, and exams. All plans offer the ability to bundle and sell content. You can also generate coupons to offer discounts to prospective clients.


Students can access the learning material from mobile devices. This mobile accessibility, together with your site’s built-in social-networking ability, will ensure that your students can interact with material anywhere and anytime.

Learner Information

Learner profiles display their activities and course achievements. You can also access learner analytics, which records learner behavior and course progress.

Ad Campaign Tracking

Track and analyze the success of Facebook and AdWords (also known as Google Ads) ad campaigns to increase your sales base.

LearnWorlds Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Starter Plan

The Starter plan offers the novice content creator a platform to explore the LearnWorlds platform. Being the least expensive of LearnWorlds’ plans, it will cost you $29 per month. As with all their plans, you can save 20% (or $60 in this case) when paid annually.

The key features of the Starter plan are:

Transaction Fees

One of the most significant drawbacks of the Starter plan is the applicable transaction fee. LearnWorlds charge a fee of $5 for every course you sell. This transaction fee means that you probably wouldn’t want to sell a course for less than $5. The Starter plan also prevents you from offering free courses.


The Starter plan provides access to one administrator. Therefore, if you are a team of content or course creators, you will have to look at one of the other plans.

Online Store

Your online school is limited to three pages. These will include a home page, course catalog, and a login page for students. 


LearnWorlds offer 24/5 email support to Starter plan clients. They do not offer any telephone support.

LearnWorlds Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Pro Trainer

The Pro Trainer plan gives you the creative movement to expand your online site and grow your client base. It offers great value for money at a subscription fee of $99 per month (or $79 per month when paid annually).

The features we like most about the Pro Trainer plan are:

No Transaction Fees

There are no transaction fees for any course or content sales. This makes it possible to offer free subscriptions as part of an advertising campaign. The only fees applicable are those from third-party payment channels such as PayPal and Stripe.

Fully Customizable Website

On the Pro Trainer, you have the ability to create as many landing pages for your online store as you want. We enjoyed having more than 400 web page templates to choose from. You can also add a blog section to your site, posting regular news and updates.

Private Courses

Create and host private courses for selected or invited members. 

Question Bank

Create a question database that can be used to generate randomized tests and quizzes for online exams.  

Digital Certificates

Design and present digital certificates to learners once they have completed a set-out course. The digital certificates can be custom designed to include the course name, date, CPE (continuous professional education) credits, learner name, etc. Automatically award certificates after completion of an online exam.

Payment Plans

Set up subscription payment plans for courses. Terms you can choose from include daily, weekly, monthly, etc. This will increase your passive income, especially when your site is generously populated with quality content.

Number of contributors

Add up to 5 administrators or lecturers.


LearnWorlds offers a slight upgrade on the support they offer for the Pro Trainer when compared to the cheaper Starter plan. They offer 24/7 email support.

LearnWorlds Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Learning Center

The Learning Center is the most expensive LearnWorlds plan that we’ll be examining. Priced at $299 per month, or $249 per month if paid annually, it offers all LearnWorlds features and is dedicated to larger online schools of up to 20 instructors. 

The features you gain with the Learning Center are:

Premium Templates

The Learning Center plan comes with additional customizable premium website templates. These are in addition to the more than 400 templates you’ll find in the cheaper plans.  

Copyright Protection

One of the most important, and often hardest, issues to deal with as a content creator is copyright protection. The Learning Center plan assists by adding watermarks to videos and PDF documents, discouraging file copying, and sharing. 

Create Interactive Videos

Create interactive videos for learners. These can include adding titles, pointers, images, quizzes, links, and examples. Add accents to videos emphasizing keywords by adding customizable popup text frames.

Bulk Student Uploads

Being designed for large online schools, the Learning Center plan enables you to create and upload multiple student profiles. You can also send bulk invitations to potential clients.

Number of contributors

Add up to 20 contributors to your school. Each contributor can be awarded an administrator or instructor profile. This will determine if they can only upload and edit content or manage settings and have access to the site’s analytics. 

Mobile App

LearnWorlds can develop and provide your school’s own official mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. This will add to your brand’s credibility and make it possible to reach learners wherever they are. 


LearnWorlds offer 24/7 email support with the Learner Center plan.

LearnWorlds Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Which LearnWorlds Plan is Right For Me?

Below we’ll have a look at what user each plan is suited for. This will assist you when choosing an initial LearnWorlds plan. Note that LearnWorlds make it possible to switch between plans if you feel like doing so.

Starter Plan

This plan is ideally suited to the online course novice. The Starter plan will provide the user with a good platform to learn how to build and promote online courses. I would recommend upgrading from the Starter plan once the course sales ramp up. The $5 transaction fee reduces the viability of the Starter plan. 

Pro Trainer Plan

The Pro Trainer is our favorite plan. From users with a couple month’s experience to creators offering a professional learning service. The Pro Trainer comes with a range of tools for creating websites and content. You have the ability to co-create with other users as you can add up to 5 admins/instructors. 

The Pro Trainer gives you the ability to offer different payment plans for courses. You can also offer courses for free, making it possible to offer a free subscription as part of a marketing campaign.

Award certificates of completion when learners meet specified outcomes adding to the professionalism of your online school. There are no transaction fees, making it a viable option to really grow your audience. 

Learning Center Plan

The Learning Center plan is aimed at a large online school or institution. The creators will most probably already have a substantial content library, or at least have one in the very near future. 

The plan can accommodate up to 20 administrators or instructors. You can send out bulk invitations to potential learners and support bulk submissions for new students. 

One of my favorite features on the Learning Center plan is that LearnWorlds can assist you in setting up your school’s own mobile app. This is charged for separately, but it does allow you to interact with your learners much easier. 

LearnWorlds Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

LearnWorlds Pricing FAQs

The most common LearnWorlds pricing questions are listed below.

Do LearnWorlds have a free plan?

No, LearnWorlds do not offer a free plan. They do, however, offer a 30-day no-obligation free trial.

Do LearnWorlds offer a free trial?

Yes, LearnWorlds do offer a 30-day no-obligation free trial. When signing up for the free trial, you only have to submit your email address and your school name (for the subdomain). No credit card information is required.

Do you need a credit card to start the free trial?

No, you do not need a credit card to start the free trial. All you need is an email address and a name for your school. 

Does LearnWorlds charge transaction fees?

LearnWorlds charge a $5 fee for every course sale in their Starter (cheapest) plan. On all other plans, they charge no additional transaction fees.

Is VAT included in the price?

All prices quoted by LearnWorlds are VAT exclusive. VAT will be added to your bill if you are an EU customer unless you provide a valid EU VAT number. 

Can I switch plans or cancel at any time?

Yes, you can switch plans or cancel any time. You can do so by canceling your subscription before the renewal of your current subscription. So, if you’re on a month to month contract, cancel or change the plan before the commencement of the next month.

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