Unbounce Integrations

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Unbounce allows lots of flexibility for users to connect integrations and apps.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unbounce offers multiple types of integrations including direct (in-app), Zapier, and other compatible apps.
  • Various utility apps can be integrated such as WordPress, Unsplash, Google Sheets, etc.
  • Unbounce allows you to integrate CRM software such as HubSpot, Keap (Infusionsoft), Microsoft Dynamics and others.
  • You can also integrate communication tools such as LiveChat and Slack.
  • You can also connect social media and email marketing apps such as Facebook, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, GetResponse, Gmail, Mailchimp, and many others.
  • That’s not it. Unbounce has so many integrations that we’ve decided to list them below. It includes marketing automation, customer support, call tracking, education, analytics, webinar, and optimization and testing integrations.
Unbounce Integrations

Almost every app on the market can connect with Unbounce, minimizing repetitive tasks by automating and optimizing the processes, saving users lots of time and effort. 

Our team spent a considerable amount of time reviewing the integrations available.

This article details each integration and the different categories of integrations to give you a better sense of the range and flexibility available through Unbounce.

Integration Types at Unbounce

Unbounce offers three different types of integration with their platform – In-app, Zapier, and compatible apps. And the integrations are available with every Unbounce pricing plan.

In-apps are apps that are already built right into the Unbounce platform and are easily accessible.

Zapier integrations are available with a Zapier account, and it’s effortless to open one. 

Unbounce compatible apps are ones that you need to copy and paste custom scripts to connect. 

In-App Unbounce Integrations

Our team tested out some of the Unbounce in-apps and found it very easy to connect to them.

In-app integrations are the easiest and quickest to set up and connect because they are built straight into the Unbounce system.

WordPress (the website builder), Infusionsoft (the CRM and automation platform), MailChimp (the email and marketing software), and Unsplash (the royalty-free photo gallery app) are just a few of the many in-app integrations on offer. 

Zapier Unbounce Integrations

Zapier is a third-party connecting tool that sends information between web apps. 

It can add new contacts from your Unbounce form submissions to your mailing or event lists. It can connect apps to automate other repetitive tasks, like sending out welcome emails to customer leads. These workflows are called Zaps, and they can be triggered when someone completes a form on your Unbounce landing pages.

Through your Zapier account on Unbounce, you can automatically access 61 apps, including Gmail, Slack, Zoho Creator, Zoho CRM, and Google Sheets. 

If you haven’t already got a Zapier account, you can quickly and easily sign up. Once you have a Zapier account, you can customize it, turn it on, and start zapping!

Unbounce Compatible Apps

Compatible apps are not built fully into Unbounce, but you can still use them within the Unbounce system by simply copying and pasting custom scripts. In configuring these apps, you will not need a developer.

Unbounce compatible apps include Qualaroo (a feedback app), Uberflip (a hosting, managing, and sharing platform), and SimpleFunnel (a checkout app to collect payments on your landing pages). 

You will have to perform actions on the compatible app and Unbounce when you want to connect them. Unbounce guides you through the steps, and it’s all very straightforward.

Utilities Integrations

As well as connecting to WordPress and Unsplash, integrations for utilities help you collect, track, and analyze data from your Unbounce pages. Additional utilities should give you more advanced features to carry out tasks like automating workflows and collecting data smoothly.


Type of Integration: In-app

Users can easily publish their Unbounce landing pages to any WordPress site, and no admin access is necessary. Starting with a template, you can add images and copy or create something entirely new. Unbounce promises that you can publish your WordPress landing page in minutes.


Type of Integration: In-app

Unsplash includes over one million high-resolution photos that you can add directly to your pages on Unbounce. These professional pictures are licensed to be modified and used for commercial purposes, and they’re all royalty- and copyright-free.

Google Sheets

Type of Integration: Zapier

You can automatically connect your landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars to Google Sheets. You can build reports by saving data on your Unbounce pages to a Google spreadsheet. When you choose Integrations from your Unbounce page, you can select Google Sheets. Great for agencies and larger businesses because it lets you easily send leads to different sales teams.

Digest by Zapier

Type of Integration: Zapier 

With Digest by Zapier, users can send summaries from workflows to any app. You can send Gmail emails, too, with an overview of Unbounce form submissions daily, weekly, or monthly to new leads from your landing pages – all automatically.


Type of Integration: Zapier 

MySQL is a database management system that can save users lots of time storing and managing data across their business organization. It automatically adds new contacts from your Unbounce landing pages to a table keeping all your contacts in one place. 


Type of Integration: Zapier 

This project management software app helps designers, developers, and project managers keep track of their projects. You can create internal and client-based projects, plan milestones, create and manage to-do lists within a team, and track time and billings.


Type of Integration: Zapier 

With the Picatic app, users can promote, manage, and sell tickets online. You can create Picatic participants from new leads on your Unbounce pages. This handy app makes it easy to create event pages and manage registrations.

And with this integration, you can offer promotional codes and special offers to segmented lists to increase your event numbers.


Type of Integration: Zapier 

Podio helps you to streamline and sync your teams and projects. When there’s a new submission on your Unbounce page, you can add new tasks with this app. You can organize and connect everything, so it keeps you and your teams up-to-date on progress.


Type of Integration: Compatible 

This widget allows you to ask your visitors survey questions while they’re on your Unbounce page. Collecting instant customer feedback is crucial for optimizing your pages for high conversion rates. Faster than email surveys, you can determine why your visitors aren’t converting and fix your pages. You can select from pre-designed questions and templates, or you can create your own. And you can customize the widget with your distinctive branding style. 


Type of Integration: Compatible 

With this app, you can sell your product via email, add a checkout pop-up, and collect payments on your Unbounce landing page. This fully customizable app connects with your Stripe account, so there’s no need to obtain credit card details. It sends a ‘Successful Payment’ email straight after the customer completes the funnel. Users can add steps and customize which fields they want the visitor to fill in.


Type of Integration: Zapier 

Create and automatically send authentic handwritten cards using triggers, based on information taken from your Unbounce pages. Great if your business would benefit from personal thank-you notes.


Type of Integration: Compatible 

Uberflip helps marketers to create, manage, and optimize content. Suitable for larger businesses, it’s a way of bringing all content from everywhere to one place without a web team. Embed a mini flipbook, animated grid, or a stream of content on your Unbounce page to get new contacts to your Uberflip hub.

Webhooks by Zapier

Type of Integration: Zapier 

Webhooks hook up apps so they can send data to each other by way of a custom script. Webhooks usually feed leads into your CRM, and they can post data to a specific URL automatically and accept data to start a workflow. You can arrange for the creation of webhook posts when new leads arrive from your Unbounce landing pages. 

Zoho Creator

Type of Integration: Zapier 

With this app, you can establish custom applications collecting data, defining workflows, and constructing business rules.

You can apply reminders to be sent to your teams to follow up on leads via forms submitted to your Unbounce pages.

Your sales team can reach out to new leads via phone, live chat, email, and social media, and your marketing team can send follow-up emails to them. 


Type of Integration: Zapier app

The Microsoft Excel program is available, in part, through Unbounce. This app supports files on OneDrive for Business. Your spreadsheets can automatically receive data from your Unbounce landing pages. And you can build reports from the saved information keeping your sales and marketing teams up-to-date on progress.

Unbounce Integrations

CRM Integrations

Customer Relationship Management software helps businesses manage customer support and all customer data.

With CRM integrations, businesses can now connect their sales and marketing teams, so everyone is on the same page, all using the same data.

These integrations help businesses learn more about their target audiences and optimize the scope of their marketing campaigns.

Agile CRM

Type of Integration: Zapier 

Through the forms on your Unbounce pages, sales and marketing teams can reach out to new contacts. They can schedule appointments and build campaigns. As well as the usual features in a customer relationship management system, Agile offers gamification in workflow management to motivate and reward employees.

With its contact management feature, you can use information about contacts and personalize them, improving your customer relationships.


Type of Integration: Compatible

Leads from the Unbounce landing pages are transferred automatically to the amoCRM.

You connect your form to the CRM, and you will receive new contacts and leads when the customers fill in these forms. You can map form fields with lead card fields.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Automational is a fully integrated CRM with email marketing and marketing automation. With this integration, you can create new contacts from Automational when visitors submit information to your landing pages on Unbounce.


Type of Integration: Zapier

With this app, you can create leads from customers completing your Unbounce forms. Base automatically sorts these leads. 

This app can help you get sales and customer data any time you need to, from any device you’re using. You can make updates from the Base CRM iPhone or Android app and see them on the web.


Type of Integration: Compatible

With the Bizible app, users can track marketing sources from the first touch interaction on their pages. This app can optimize paid search keywords based on return on investment (ROI). Marketing teams can analyze multi-touch revenue attribution data to answer all their marketing questions. With the cross-channel CMO dashboard, users can see how channels and campaigns will increase their leads with the data collected. 

With this integration, Unbounce customers can also connect all their marketing efforts with the Salesforce CRM.

Capsule CRM

Type of Integration: Zapier 

Zapier lets you automatically send information between Unbounce and Capsule CRM. Users can set the triggers off with the resulting actions they’d like and then select what information they want to send from one app to the other. Users can also add tasks and track communication logs.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Users can create leads from new Unbounce form submissions using triggers, actions, and conditions. Close.io merges your different channels – calls, SMS, and videos, so you can assign tasks requiring email or phone follow up to your team. 

Follow Up Boss

Type of Integration: Zapier

Particularly for real estate agents and brokers, this CRM can manage leads from Unbounce. This integration automatically sorts new customer details into your Follow Up Boss database. You can also call, text, or email contacts directly.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Track your contacts and all new leads, and automatically activate email alerts at the right time. You can also build your email lists automatically as you collect prospective customer details from your Unbounce pages.


Type of Integration: In-app

This app is HubSpot’s Growth Stack – a set of tools, including marketing, sales, and CRM software that all work together. Lead information, including email addresses, is collected from forms on your Unbounce pages. All data then transfers to your HubSpot database. You can trigger personalized emails to new visitors who convert on your pages sending only relevant information from your HubSpot.

HubSpot CRM

Type of Integration: Zapier

With the HubSpot CRM integration, you can track and reach out to new leads who submit information on your Unbounce landing pages. And you can send follow-up or welcome emails to them.


Type of Integration: In-app

With this app, you can send leads from Unbounce to your automated marketing campaigns in Infusionsoft. Tags will trigger all campaign actions in sequences. You can send custom data from Unbounce to Infusionsoft via field mapping.


Type of Integration: Zapier

This app will best suit small to medium-sized businesses. It automatically creates leads when visitors fill in the Unbounce form, and it sorts your leads based on the information they give. Track every lead, set up email campaigns, and get detailed conversion analytics.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Type of Integration: Zapier

Developed by Microsoft, Dynamics CRM is a leading CRM and enterprise resource planning platform. With this integration, you can follow up on new leads coming from your Unbounce pages. The integration will automatically send your customer leads to the Dynamics CRM, which keeps all data centralized and organized.

Mirabel’s Marketing Manager

Type of Integration: Compatible

Each time Unbounce captures a lead, this integration automatically transfers it to Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, a lead identification and marketing automation CRM platform. 

Mirabel’s Marketing Manager uses its database with millions of businesses and email addresses to automatically attach additional data to your new Unbounce leads. This data includes job titles and phone numbers, helping your sales team save time researching.


Type of Integration: Compatible

Nutshell captures all the details from your Unbounce forms and creates leads. 

Besides, the Nutshell reporting tool will show you a list of your Unbounce pages with Nutshell and will automatically attach the right sources to your leads so you can see which work well. 


Type of Integration: Compatible

With this integration, all data from your Unbounce landing page form will go to your OnePageCRM along with a Next Action note to a selected person on your team. You can define a lead source and apply it to your contact. Then you can track your conversion rate and discover the most efficient communication channel. 


Type of Integration: Compatible

With this app integration, you can analyze telephone calls. Outleads’ call tracking technology gathers detailed data from every phone call you receive. Incoming calls from your Unbounce landing pages will show up as conversions in your Unbounce account.


Type of Integration: Zapier

With Unbounce and Pipedrive, you can follow up and schedule meetings with new leads. You can add new activities to assist with follow up tasks. With Pipedrive, you can organize all activities leading to a sale, and the Pipedrive team will remind you of the next action you need to take. It’s also accessible on iOS and Android devices.


Type of Integration: Zapier

This cloud-based and user-friendly app allows you to have all your deals in a single customizable list view and manage contacts and leads quickly. It automatically passes data from your Unbounce pages to PipeLineDeals.


Type of Integration: Compatible

POWR, a form builder app, enables you to add forms to your Unbounce site pages that are mobile responsive and customizable. POWR has over 60 apps, and you’ll have instant access to them for your Unbounce pages.


Type of Integration: In-app

With this connection, you can email or call leads instantly. The integration then stores these leads in both Unbounce and Salesforce. You can manage all areas of your marketing campaigns and get detailed analytics.

Solve CRM

Type of Integration: Zapier

Automatically sends leads with customized profiles from your Unbounce form submissions to Solve CRM. Solve CRM automatically sends necessary actions to your team and has integrated features for managing client projects.


Type of Integration: Compatible

With Speak2Leads, a lead response management platform, users can call a lead within 60 seconds of that person visiting your Unbounce page. Your customers are likely to be impressed with the quick response time. So, as well as increasing your closing probability, your reputation for customer service will get a real boost.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Streak is a CRM and process management system where users can manage everything from within Gmail. Using Streak, you can track leads from new forms from the Unbounce page within your Gmail account.


Type of Integration: Zapier

You can use this integration to populate the SugarCRM database with leads from Unbounce. The integration allows your sales team to see all new leads’ data directly in SugarCRM.


Type of Integration: Compatible

All Unbounce users get a free Zapier account setting up integrations on five landing pages and can zap up to 100 leads a month.

Integrations Powered by Zapier (Zaps) connect all your Unbounce landing pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars to over 60 apps.

Easy to set up, Zaps let you send leads and information from your pages to the apps. There’s no need to write code or leave the Unbounce app.

Customer information can go straight into Google Sheets, and your sales team can receive a Slack message notifying them to contact the lead.

Zoho CRM

Type of Integration: Zapier

This connection automatically sends leads from Unbounce to Zoho CRM. It also stores leads in Unbounce in CSV format and Zoho. You will have access to all Zoho CRM tools.

Unbounce Integrations

Chat Integrations

The Chat integrations are handy for communicating with visitors to your Unbounce landing pages giving instant assistance. They’re also convenient for connecting with your coworkers at any time. These days, chat apps come with a wide array of features, including images and file-sharing.

123 Form Builder

Type of Integration: Compatible

The 123 Form Builder builds forms and surveys for your Unbounce landing pages with ready-to-use templates. This app collects leads and tracks conversions from these forms. You can set conditional logic and conditional branching, changing the question sequence depending on previous answers. Using this app, you can accept payments, allow users to upload files, and use A/B testing elements. 


Type of Integration: Compatible

Adding LiveChat to your Unbounce pages means your site visitors can contact you instantly and effortlessly. You can use the images on the messages that LiveChat provides, or you can design them yourself.

This integration means you can use the LiveChat ticketing system, too, managing and prioritizing your requests.

You can build on your customers’ happiness with this popular, fast, and reliable communication method.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Slack is a popular platform for team communication. With this searchable app, you can share files and send updates to yourself whenever you need to. This integration is especially handy when you get a new subscriber or lead. 

Users can also track customer feedback submitted on the Unbounce form by assembling it into a dedicated Slack channel. 

You can send anyone on your team a Slack alert whenever you get a new lead or whenever you want to message them. 

Unbounce Integrations

Social Integrations

Social apps enable users to share content and photos and engage with customers.

The single social integration offered directly by Unbounce is for Facebook, probably the most widely used networking app. 

Users can display their Unbounce pages on Facebook by creating social media promotions and tabs.


Type of Integration: Compatible

With this app, you showcase your Unbounce landing pages on Facebook by using Facebook tabs, which are customized Facebook pages. Unbounce guides you through the steps to create a Facebook tab on your landing page. These tabs can help you promote sign-ups, offers, etc. These can help you widen your audience and make the best of freshly captured contact details from first-time visitors.

Unbounce Integrations

Email Integrations

Email platforms are useful in helping to promote your product and develop customer and coworker relationships. Email marketing content generates web page visitors, leads, and sign-ups.

You can design or create emails with templates, send and receive them, and build branded email campaigns.


Type of Integration: In-app

This integration automatically forwards leads from Unbounce pages into ActiveCampaign. From here, you can also send a personalized follow-up. 

You can design emails with the ActiveCampaign builder. Create campaigns to send your leads the information you need to send exactly when you need them to receive it, all based on your prospective customers’ data. 

You can divide your leads based on social data and web activity, and you will have access to the built-in CRM.


Type of Integration: In-app

With the AWeber integration, you can collect leads from Unbounce and automatically forward them to your Aweber account. 

In addition to storing leads with AWeber, you can keep them in your Unbounce account in CSV format.

You can create segments within your lists so you can trigger the content needed for the correct groups of people. 


Type of Integration: Compatible

With Benchmark, you can grow your email lists by adding a mailing list sign-up box on your Unbounce landing pages. This integration can add captured leads automatically to a list in your Benchmark account. 


Type of Integration: Zapier

From Betasend, you can trigger autoresponders and send unlimited newsletters as well as emails. With this integration, you can add new leads from Unbounce to your contact lists for follow-up emails and campaigns. 


Type of Integration: Compatible

BriteVerify is an address verification tool. Sending campaigns to invalid email addresses can hurt your business, leading to getting your emails blocked.

BriteVerify quickly cleans and verifies email addresses received on your Unbounce landing page forms, protecting your email reputation and customer experience.

Campaign Monitor

Type of Integration: In-app

This integration automatically sends leads from Unbounce to Campaign Monitor and also stores these prospects in your Unbounce account as well as Campaign Monitor.

You can create mobile-responsive personalized emails and customize email automation flows. And you can optimize conversions on both desktop and mobile.

Constant Contact

Type of Integration: In-app

You can build emails using templates, market events, send coupons, process registrations, and accept payments with this integration. You can store leads in your Unbounce account and your customer lists at Constant Contact. You can follow up these prospects with surveys or polls, and nurture your leads with autoresponders.


Type of Integration: Compatible

Program automatic emails to send when you want, i.e., when a visitor completes a form on your Unbounce landing page. With customizable email templates, Doppler also offers mobile-responsive web forms. And you can get reports on the landing page behavior of your visitors with the Doppler analytics tool.

Email by Zapier

Type of Integration: Zapier

Integrating with Email by Zapier means you can send and receive emails with a custom address at zapiermail.com. You can trigger emails to send to new leads from your Unbounce landing pages.


Type of Integration: Zapier

You can create contacts from Emma subscribers on your Unbounce pages. And you can send welcome or follow up emails when you get a new contact submission.


Type of Integration: Zapier

With this integration, you can import leads to FreshMail and send follow-up and welcome emails to your customers. You can also create, transfer, or track email campaigns and get detailed reports in real-time.


Type of Integration: Zapier

With this integration, there’s automatic segmentation of leads into lists after they visit your Unbounce pages.

After that, GetResponse allows you to send email newsletters, campaigns, online surveys, and follow-up autoresponders. 


Type of Integration: Zapier

Automatically send emails to your sales and marketing teams through Gmail when new leads come from your Unbounce pages. You can send a welcome email to your new contacts and yourself with your to-do lists.

Gmail is a popular platform that allows users to customize their emails with fonts, colors, emoticons, and more.


Type of Integration: In-app

You can store your lleads in Unbounce and any list or segment of Mailchimp. You get email alerts when Unbounce captures new customer information. You can also set up automatic Mailchimp campaigns.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Integrating Unbounce with MailerLite sends new subscribers and leads to your MailerLite account. The integration also enables sending automatic emails out to your new leads after they’ve landed on your Unbounce pages. 


Type of Integration: Zapier

Send emails when new leads appear from your Unbounce landing pages. You can receive, track, and store them with this Mailgun app.


Type of Integration: Zapier

From the same people who created Mailchimp, you can send personalized follow-up and welcome emails to reach out to customers from your Unbounce pages.


Type of Integration: Zapier

MarketVolt’s email software allows you to create, send, and track emails. The integration will automatically put leads from Unbounce into segmented email recipient lists.


Type of Integration: Compatible

NeverBounce is an email verification and cleaning tool. It helps to ensure all your emails are received.

This integration verifies all the email fields on your Unbounce landing pages using the Javascript widget. The widget can also protect your account from unauthorized use.


Type of Integration: Zapier

For small and large businesses, Pepipost is a cloud-based system that can deliver billions of emails every hour. You can reply to new contacts when they have submitted information on your Unbounce platform.


Type of Integration: In-app

You can sync your Unbounce contacts to other apps using the PieSync tool. For example, when phone numbers are added or updated, they can be synced with SharpSpring. Real estate agents can merge contacts from specific locations with the BoomTown app and synchronize new contacts with HubSpot’s social data.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Automatically subscribe leads from Unbounce to custom lists using Rare.io. Then you can trigger emails to those customers.


Type of Integration: Zapier

With this integration, you can add new leads from Unbounce to subscribers lists in ReachMail. ReachMail allows you to send one-off emails or transactional emails, and you can create specific email campaigns for each subscriber list.


Type of Integration: Zapier

The cloud-based SendGrid sends confirmation emails automatically to new leads taken from your Unbounce landing pages.


Type of Integration: Zapier

For marketing agencies and small and medium-sized businesses, this system has email automation, lead capture, and a built-in CRM system. SharpSprig provides a streamlined platform for data management and analysis.


Type of Integration: Compatible

Vero captures email addresses and the actions of leads when they sign up on your Unbounce pages. Then you can email personal messages based on your customers’ activities with this Vero integration.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Helps business-to-business companies to contact prospects from Unbounce with automated and personalized emails. Woodpecker.co also makes it easy for your team to trigger emails to the right segments.

Unbounce Integrations

Marketing Automation Integrations

Businesses of all sizes benefit from marketing automation. Used to handle all marketing tasks, marketing automation tools drive traffic to your pages and transfer your leads to where you want them to go. As well as getting conversions, they automatically segment subscriber lists.

Some of these apps convert visitors into leads even if the forms on your Unbounce pages are incomplete.


Type of Integration: Zapier

This app can capture, convert new leads, and send personalized emails about your product or service.

This integration automatically sends your leads from Unbounce to segmented email lists for marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams. Such segmentation makes it easier for you to trigger emails to the correct customer groups.


Type of Integration: Compatible

AgencyAnalytics is a marketing platform for agencies. It monitors and reports on all your pages covering leads, conversions, and all other statistics with all the information in one place. 

You and your clients can see an overview on one page to add a report section. You can filter by pages if you want to see more detailed information. On these pages, you also get a full list of all leads and add a report section here. And you can add widgets so you can share the data with your team and clients.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Autopilot, a visual marketing software, helps you gather more leads and nurture them through email, the web, SMS, and even direct mail.

With this integration, you can add new prospects from your Unbounce pages to your Autopilot list. After that, you can personalize your customer’s experience by sending targeted emails.


Type of Integration: Compatible

For small to medium-sized businesses, agencies, and all digital marketers. This integration enables you to capture and convert leads from your Unbounce pages, including any abandoned forms. 

CapSumo tracks using the Urchin Tracking Module and ad trackers. CapSumo adds all data received to each of your leads, which can then be downloaded or synced. All of this helps to improve your conversion rates and reduce abandoned forms on your web page.

Comindware Project (Delio)

Type of Integration: Compatible

This integration allows you to give your potential customers instant personalized service, from both the internet and phone leads. It also provides for measuring and reporting results.

A visual workflow illustrates your business pattern. Being able to follow up on a lead as soon as it appears on your page is a great advantage.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Use Drip to automate your marketing and personalize every interaction with your leads, trial users, and customers. This integration will add prospective customers to your list on Drip from your Unbounce landing pages. 

You can update your lists when any new information comes in the forms, and you can send customized emails.


Type of Integration: Zapier

A multi-channel platform that includes email marketing can populate your E-goi subscriber list with leads from Unbounce.

With this integration, you can also send follow up or welcome emails to new contacts.


Type of Integration: Compatible

You can use this integration for automation of your daily tasks by connecting everything. 

It transforms data from Gmail and Google Sheets. With built-in routers, you can create posts on Facebook and upload a file in Dropbox.

Integromat can add rows in Google Sheets based on the information received from Unbounce forms on your landing page. And an email address submitted can be used to search for details of the lead via Clearbit, and a new record will be made in Airtable. 

Integromat also automatically adds new subscribers to Mailchimp.


Type of Integration: Zapier

You can automatically save contacts on Jumplead from your leads on your Unbounce landing pages. Generate leads and nurture them there with email marketing campaigns.


Type of Integration: Zapier

With this email marketing service provider, you can divide your subscriber lists by tagging and sending relevant emails and texts. 

It also shows real-time data analyzing conversions, clicks, and more. Your Unbounce leads can then send to your lists as if by magic. 


Type of Integration: Compatible

LeadsRx tracks the whole customer journey when they fill out your forms on your Unbounce landing pages. This system collects information on clicked ads and visits to your pages.


Type of Integration: In-app

This integration will trigger workflows and smart lists from your Unbounce forms. Smart lists help you find special groups of people using filters to engage well with your customers. 

You can also embed Marketo forms on your landing pages.


Type of Integration: Compatible

Push the leads you’ve collected from your Unbounce landing pages into Outgrow. You can send information about individual leads on the Outgrow calculator, survey, and poll to your Unbounce account.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Zapier helps to add leads data to the Pardot system from your company’s Unbounce pages. Pardot offers powerful marketing automation so you can easily create and manage marketing campaigns and track customer interactions. You can also measure and follow your campaign performance.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Add new leads you can follow up and keep in touch with by sending email campaigns. You can create specific campaigns for each subscriber list from your Unbounce leads captured at your landing pages.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Save leads from customizable forms on your Unbounce site pages to email lists on Vision6 and send follow-up and welcome emails.

Unbounce Integrations

Customer Support Integrations

Customer support should be a vital part of every business, as keeping customers happy is the key to success. 

These days, customers want instant answers to their queries, and chat apps allow you to provide that.

Ticket based apps are catching up by instantly creating tickets when visitors sign up on your Unbounce page forms.


Type of Integration: Zapier

This web-based help desk support app automatically creates a Zendesk ticket for every form submission from your Unbounce pages.


Type of Integration: Zapier

This simple helpdesk system is suitable for SaaS and eCommerce businesses. It creates new tickets for your support team when visitors trigger the form on your Unbounce pages.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Intercom is a Conversational Relationship Platform. You can convert your visitors with targeted messages, bots, and real-time chat all the time, engaging on a one-to-one basis. Intercom tracks communications using conversations instead of tickets, and it still automates mundane tasks. 

This integration will create profiles of leads in Intercom and segment your leads into lists according to the information they give on the forms.


Type of Integration: Compatible

Directly engage with customers when they visit your Unbounce landing pages with the Olark live chat app. You can see your site traffic live and gather information about your visitors as they browse. Olark says users spend more time at your landing pages when you use the chat.

A hovering tab follows users as they browse pages, eliminating the need to keep going back to a chat window to continue conversations. 

With more instant customer insights, you can create a new page for A/B testing leading to more conversions.

Unbounce Integrations

Call Tracking Integrations

Call tracking software programs can map your customers’ journey on your web pages and connect with them when they complete your form or click on a telephone call to action button. 

Such software can add calls to your leads figures, involving your team from the very beginning. 

Recording calls gives you the chance to listen back so you can improve your strategies, if necessary.


Type of Integration: Zapier

This integration allows you to add contacts from your Unbounce pages to your CallHub phone list. You can also schedule texts to go out to your list and automatically add your agents to your CallHub system.


Type of Integration: Zapier

With this integration, you can set triggers and rules so your team will get a call with each new lead on your Unbounce landing pages. Your agent can then connect directly with your new prospective customer, and Callingly will dial automatically.


Type of Integration: Compatible

The Unbounce CallRail integration tracks both calls and text messages coming in from your Unbounce landing pages. CallRail then sends the phone number conversions to Unbounce so that the total conversion rate can include this data.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Myphoner is a cold-calling software for lead management and lead tracking. It adds new leads from your Unbounce pages to your call queue as they come in from your Unbounce pages to call them quickly. 


Type of Integration: Compatible

Nutshell collects all the information from your Unbounce forms, including the marketing source. Leads are created automatically for your sales team. The Nutshell reporting tool will show you which campaign or channel delivered the most successful sales.


Type of Integration: Compatible

PhoneWagon has integrated its phone tracking software with Unbounce. Leads from the forms and phone calls are all seen as conversions. 

You can see the phone number from which the lead called you. You can track everything, decide which pages are your best, and report your figures.


Type of Integration: Zapier

With SimpleTexting automation, users can add contacts, send a text message, or remove contacts when an Unbounce form is submitted.


Type of Integration: Zapier

Send and receive SMS and calls. With this integration, an SMS is automatically sent to your team when a new lead comes from your Unbounce pages. Your contact will also receive an SMS automatically when they convert on your landing pages.

Unbounce Integrations

Education Integrations

A Learning Management System is software that handles the administration and delivery of educational courses. Some users offer online courses in education. Companies and universities use it for online training of their teams.


Type of Integration: Zapier

eFrontPro is an easy-to-use but powerful learning management and talent development system. It can help train your staff through e-learning courses, classroom lessons, and video conferences. 

eFrontPro reports on all activities, offers gamification, and helps you form communities within your organization. 

When a visitor to your landing pages completes a form, this integration adds them to your eFrontPro list.

Unbounce Integrations

Analytics Integrations

Analytic tools are handy to see the statistics coming in from your Unbounce landing pages. Heat maps, scroll maps and other visual reports enable you to know how a customer responds to your pages.

Crazy Egg

Type of Integration: Compatible

You could track your page scrolling to see how far users go down your page and see from the heat mapping report what data your visitors missed and move any vital content like links up the page if they had better scrolling activity. 

You can also get confetti reports, overlay reports, and list reports based on clicks received. Included in the features is tracking, recording, and managing your visitor sessions’ recordings on specific pages.


Type of Integration: Compatible

Formisimo lets you know how to advance your forms on your Unbounce landing pages, so visitors don’t leave them abandoned. Then you can make changes and increase your conversion rates. You can also set up tracking on the forms.


Type of Integration: Compatible

Capturing clicks, swipes, and scrolls, FullStory creates session replays, click maps, and instant analytics. It helps you better understand your A/B testing results by filtering session replays by variant so you can see why one tops the other.

With Click Maps, you get detailed interaction statistics, and you can also build segmented lists of visitors.


Type of Integration: Compatible

With Geckoboard, you can filter your data and choose live visualizations with designs optimized for large screens and even televisions.

Google Ads

Type of Integration: Compatible

Google Ads is used by advertisers to bid on keywords, so their ads appear in Google searches.

With the Unbounce integration, Google Ads gives you a conversion script to install on your thank-you pages. When a visitor reaches that page, Google Ads gets a notification of the conversion. With the Unbounce script manager, you can then add the conversion script to all your thank-you pages.

Using Unbounce’s Dynamic Text Replacement tool, you can pass your keywords from Google Ads to your landing page’s content. 

Google Analytics

Type of Integration: Compatible

Google Analytics automatically tracks all your landing pages, including new pages you create, when you add it using the Unbounce Script Manager. It records user interactions on your pages, and you can also use it to track your statistics on your A/B testing pages. All the data is available in one place, making it easy to see it quickly.

Google Tag Manager

Type of Integration: Compatible

With Google Tag Manager, you can adjust tracking and marketing scripts. You can use your form submissions on your Unbounce pages as triggers. You can then use them to trigger conversion scripts that you installed to Google Tag Manager, including Google Ads.


Type of Integration: Compatible

Identify which marketing campaigns are working and which are not with the Kissmetrics tool.

Kissmetrics triggers when a prospect fills in a new form on your Unbounce landing page, pop-up, or sticky bar.


Type of Integration: Compatible

Mouseflow uses heat maps to show you where your visitors click and scroll your Unbounce pages. You can record the activities and use the statistics for tests and experiments on design and content. You can filter the recording and heat map lists and form analytics reports.


Type of Integration: Compatible

Swiftype is a site search platform. With this integration, Swiftype will index your content and create a specific search engine to your Unbounce landing pages. You can customize the results and view analytics on search behavior.

Unbounce Integrations

Webinar Integrations

Webinars give business owners the chance to engage with their customers personally as well as showcasing their brand. 

You can use webinars in generating leads, nurturing leads, promoting events, and customer support. 

Webinars are also useful in training sessions with staff and offer scheduling and registration features.


Type of Integration: Zapier

For businesses of all sizes, GoToWebinar is a platform helping to deliver online video and audio conferences. Using this app and Unbounce, you can conduct webinars with up to 1,000 people – planning, presenting, and following up.

You can trigger reminders via email, Slack, and social media. Options include screen sharing and passing control of the presentation to a co-host. Your guests can interact with live questions, polls, and surveys. 

Unbounce Integrations

Optimization and Testing Integrations

With optimization and testing tools, you can run tests on your landing pages’ content to see what works well with your visitors. Then you can make decisions changing or moving sections to improve your content and thereby the traffic to your site pages.


Type of Integration: Compatible

Hotjar analyzes your traffic data using heat maps, recordings, funnel and form analytics, and visitors’ feedback via incoming messages and polls. Tracking and recording features allow you to analyze your visitors’ behavior at your Unbounce landing pages.

Optimal Workshop

Type of Integration: Compatible

Sorting and collecting data when you need it, the Optimal Workshop tool will draw your attention to your data’s useful insights. All your vital information stays in one place to be analyzed, and those reports can be shared.


Type of Integration: Compatible

Test and optimize messaging and calls to action on your Unbounce landing pages before your pages go live so you can perfect your designs.

To test, just upload an image and choose from a range of tests. Tests include the Five-Second test, where you can ask people what they recall about the picture after seeing it for five seconds, and the Preference test, when you ask users which design they prefer.

User Testing

Type of Integration: Compatible

With this integration, you get a customer service resource. Connect and engage with your customers via self-guided video recordings or live interviews as they browse through your pages. With this tool, you can highlight, clip, and share your company’s information to analyze and improve your Unbounce pages.


Type of Integration: Compatible

With the Visual Website Optimizer and Unbounce together, you can create, publish, and test your landing pages. You can use A/B and multivariate testing on your web pages. It also includes heat maps and clicks maps to show how your users are interacting on your pages.

Unbounce Integrations


Additional tools should boost efficiency and production at your business and add to your customer experience.

Unbounce has an incredible number of integrations – 119 to be precise. Of course, you won’t need them all, but it is nice to have the choice.

You get to choose from a long list of CRMs and email marketing tools to add to your system. And there might be one particular chat or marketing automation tool you know and like, which you can easily add.

You will be able to save money, too, as there’s no need to involve a developer to get these integrations up and running.

The more your business grows, the more tools you will need. At Unbounce, many are already available to you, allowing you to add them easily when you need them.

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