Is Kajabi an LMS?

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Kajabi isn’t a traditional Learning Management System or LMS.

Still, it includes valuable features you might find in an LMS, such as e-mail automations, websites, landing pages, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi lacks LMS features that facilitate active engagement with students
  • Kajabi has several LMS features in addition to marketing and CRM functionality

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Online Learning Platform vs. LMS

What Is an LMS and How Does It Differ from an Online Course Platform? 

An LMS is different from an online course platform because it includes features and tools for creating an all-inclusive educational online experience.

The modules focus on delivering interactive and engaging educational content.

In addition, LMS platforms can host online courses and offer extensive training and development facilities for students. 

You can use LMS tools to set course schedules, perform assessments, and offer user-friendly pages for students to navigate.

The platform also lets you include interactive resources. An LMS is an online course platform, but not all online course platforms are LMS. 

Online course platforms also include features and tools for handling educational materials. These platforms have listings of learning modules, courses, and educational resources.

Online course platforms also host your courses. However, these platforms are not as specialized as a true LMS, which focuses on developing and delivering engaging educational content. 

So, Is Kajabi an LMS?

So, is Kajabi an LMS, or is it an online course platform?

It certainly has several LMS features, such as managing your online students.

In addition, it takes care of the marketing aspects of your online school with features such as Pipelines, e-mail marketing automations, and segmentation of user lists. 

Various payment tools make it easy for your customers to buy your products, and the platform is also notable for its web-building capabilities with drag-and-drop editors.

CRM software and membership management also let you organize and manage your online community.

The platform also offers reporting and analytics, helping you make better business decisions. 

However, Kajabi lacks LMS features such as integrating with other systems that facilitate active engagement with students.

It can’t send information such as training deadlines for learners or completion data for trainers.

Kajabi also doesn’t allow tracking and recording training activities, which are essential for learning and development trainers.

Kajabi LMS Features

Kajabi is an online course platform that includes several LMS features to improve how you create, market, and sell your courses. However, this article will not explore or deeply review all possible features.

Our in-house experts have reviewed functionalities such as categorizing contacts, using assessments to grade your learners, and student management more deeply in other articles.

Categorizing Content

Kajabi Online Course Product Blueprint lets you build world-class online learning experiences by offering more lengthy and immersive course material.

In addition, the blueprint allows you to categorize and manage the content of your course, similar to an LMS platform. 

The Online Course Product Blueprint is more streamlined, letting you create more in-depth content with Kajabi templates.

In addition, it includes settings such as copy and pre-configured delivery settings. You can also customize your online school courses with tools for adding, removing, and changing categories.  

There are five categories in the online course product outline. Each takes two to three product posts.

The online course product outline is flexible because you can add new categories and posts while changing delivery settings to suit your unique product needs.

By building your course content directly onto this blueprint, you’re adding more value to your customer’s online learning experience. 

Assessments & Grading

Kajabi assessments create online course content offering an engaging experience for students. By creating questionnaires, surveys, and standard tests and sharing them with your members, you tap into helpful information.

This data includes how well your learners have understood your content alongside other feedback, such as students’ background and experience. 

Customizable features, which is done by following instructions on your People dashboard, include:

  • Editing details: Change titles, include descriptions, or enable/disable automatic grading of assessments. 
  • Language configuration: Customize text font, size, and add hyperlinks. 
  • Automations: Trigger actions such as granting an offer or registering for an event when learners complete their assessments.
  • After submission notification: Add settings to send completion e-mails to both students and trainers with a link to assessment results. 

Assessments automatically take on the appearance of your product or page theme, creating a consistent look.

Meanwhile, viewing assessment responses for grading is easy. Simply click on View Results under the People dashboard. 

Student Management

You can easily manage and organize your students into categories, similar to LMS platforms.

Kajabi shares valuable information about your learners, allowing you to segment your contacts according to their age, buying habits, lifestyle, interests, and personal needs. 

This feature organizes your lists so you can manage your contacts better.

It also allows you to improve your marketing strategy with valuable insight into your audience.

What’s more, similar to a traditional LMS, you can communicate with your contacts. 

The platform’s contact management system focuses on personalizing marketing campaigns to increase learner engagement.

However, this approach can fail if you want a pure student management approach with more interaction between learners and trainers. 

Activating contact segmentation is quickly done by going to the People dashboard and following prompts.

There are four default segment options you can pick from or opt for custom segments.

kajabi segments


Kajabi’s all-in-one platform is an attractive deal for knowledge business owners who want the software to efficiently create, promote, and sell online courses.

It’s a great online course platform with useful LMS features, making your online school more professional and easier to manage. 

We highly recommend this platform for passionate educators and entrepreneurs who want to share their knowledge while growing their online educational business.

It’s flexible enough to fulfill most of your online educational course needs while monetizing your knowledge simultaneously.  

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