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You can find templates to create websites inside the blog and funnel-building tools. 

While there are plenty of templates available in these areas, the platform does not offer standard website templates, nor does it provide a tool to create them.

Key Takeaways:

Where Can You Find Website Templates?

It’s important to understand that does not have a standalone website-building tool. 

Instead, you must either create a blog or a sales funnel.

You will find eight templates for a blog site when you select Blog from the top menu in your account. 

After doing so, a pop-up will appear with the available templates. To help you decide, you can preview them before selecting one to use. account

Funnel templates work a little differently. Instead of having templates for a complete funnel, you can select them by step or page.

After clicking Funnels from the top menu, you can then create a new funnel. 

Select its purpose (sales, contact building, webinar, etc.), and the editing tool will open with pre-loaded steps specific to the funnel type you have chosen.

On the left-hand side of the page, you will see the available steps plus the ability to create new ones. Clicking on each step or creating a new one will bring up the available templates for that purpose.

For example, adding a “Thank You” page will give you over 40 Thank You template options. Blog Page Template Examples

While the blog site templates are limited, there are still some good options to choose from. 

The advantage here is that the template layout is completely customizable, so you can add or remove pages and change up how each page looks.

Furthermore, to really put your own stamp on the blog, you can add your brand colors palette, switch out the images, and change the fonts. Blog Page Template Example

The first template is centered around a travel theme and is ideal if your blog is strongly image-focused. The layout is clean with a neutral color palette, and blog post titles and descriptions are detailed next to their corresponding image.


The second template is a generic site with a very simple layout. It could be used for any purpose. With the exception of the featured post, each blog heading features the title and description laid over its corresponding image.

The second template

Featuring a dark color theme, this template provides an interesting hero section for your featured blog posts, along with an offset blog post grid below it. This layout is ideal if you’re planning to use the website for more than just blogging.

Featuring a dark

This template is based on the technology industry and has been designed for information-heavy sites. The homepage has space for many blog post headings and has them neatly divided into categories making it easy to find the subject matter.


This layout is good for businesses that wish to showcase their work. The homepage has a large image for its hero section, along with lots of opportunities to add business information and available services.

This layout

Featuring a warm theme, this template has an image carousel for its hero section. The blog posts are laid out in a grid format and feature their corresponding images above. This is a good option for outdoorsy or sports blogs.

Featuring a warm theme

This template is specifically for very information-heavy blogs, such as news sites. The hero section has space for four featured blogs, and further down the page are lots of sections for different categories of content to help the reader find what they want.


The last template is good for individuals selling services such as design or coaching. The layout focuses less on blog titles and more on calls to action. For example, there is a large “Work with Me” button plus a WhatsApp chat button. Funnel Template Examples

Next, let’s look at what kind of templates you can find when building your funnels. There are hundreds available here, so we will showcase a couple from each specific step type.

Squeeze Page Template Example

A squeeze page is designed to capture lead data, and has over 90 different templates to choose from here.

Squeeze Page Template Example

This example is straightforward and simply provides an on-page data capture form. Note that you can add additional data capture fields to the form to obtain more data if you wish.

on-page data capture

This template lets you add more detail to explain your offer. As you scroll down, there is an on-page data capture form that leads can complete.

Inline Form Template Example

Inline forms appear in between lines of text on a funnel page and serve as a tool to get readers to opt-in. There are eight templates on offer here.

Inline Form Template Example

This form is ultra-simple and invites the reader to submit their email address for a newsletter subscription.


This example requests a name and email. Note that each template has the “no-spam” and “unsubscribe anytime” text underneath the confirmation buttons.

Pop-Up Form Template Example

You can set pop-ups to appear over your main funnel page at specific intervals. They serve as reminders or extra incentives to get the reader to take action. has over ten pop-up options available.

Pop-Up Form Template Example

This option invites the reader to submit their email address in exchange for a money-off coupon.

This option invites

This pop-up is for a newsletter subscription and also requests the reader’s name as well as email.

Thank You Page Template Example

Thank You pages are commonly displayed whenever someone submits their information, signs up for something, or makes a purchase. There are over 60 thank-you templates to pick from.

Thank You Page Template Example

This thank you template serves two purposes. First, it confirms whatever action the reader took, and it provides another opt-in where the user can click to join a Facebook group.

Facebook group

This template features an embedded video for people to watch as well as an additional call-to-action button.

Sales Page Template Example

Sales pages are key to sales-based funnels and provide space to showcase the products or services you have on offer. has over 90 sales templates on offer.

Sales Page Template Example

This template lets video do the talking rather than text. It has space to add your video along with a Buy Now button.

Buy Now button

This template focuses on an interesting layout and imagery. You get space to detail what’s on sale, plus it includes a call-to-action button to find out more.

Order Page Template Example

One of the final funnel stages is the order page, and this is where the customer adds and confirms their payment details. Choose from over 95 templates here.

Order Page Template Example

This is a simple order template allowing you to detail what’s being purchased on the left of the page and the payment detail section on the right.

detail section on the right

This is a long-page scrolling order form. Hitting the Buy Now button scrolls to the payment form. However, readers can also view all the product information on the same page without having to leave it.

Upsell Page Template Example

Upsells allow you to promote an additional product or bundle before the customer confirms their initial purchase. You have over 20 upsell templates to pick from.

Upsell Page Template Example

This template is for adding an additional product to the order. It provides space to add the benefits of the upsell along with a corresponding image.

corresponding image

This option is for increasing the number of products bought in order to receive a freebie. Here, you can outline the deal and include the opt-in or opt-out buttons.

Info Page Template Example

All types of sales or information-capture funnels require a policy or terms and conditions page. provides seven different layouts for you to add this information.

Info Page Template Example

This template is for adding terms and conditions and features text divided into sections for easier reading.

This template is for adding terms

This is a template for a privacy policy (how data is kept and handled). Note that while these templates include proper text, it is your duty to check it and adjust it so that it complies with the laws in your country.

Contact Us Template Example

Contact Us pages provide a way for readers or customers to get in touch. There are over 60 templates available in this section.

Contact Us Template Example

Here, we have an email-based contact form. The reader inputs their message and it will get sent to your email inbox.

email-based contact form

This contact form provides space to add a phone number and a physical address along with the usual email contact form.

The great thing about’s funnel templates is that you can mix and match them to create a truly unique funnel. If you’re concerned about the fonts or colors not matching, you can change these in the editing tool so your funnel has a cohesive look throughout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are no website templates in Instead, the platform invites you to create a website using its blog and funnel tools and make use of the templates available there. offers templates for creating a blog site. Additionally, you can create a funnel site, and the platform has multiple templates available for each funnel step.

There are eight blog templates and hundreds of funnel step templates to choose from. Funnel step templates range from less than ten to over 90 for each individual step.


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