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Both GoHighLevel and Systeme.io claim to be “all-in-one” sales and marketing platforms, but is this really the case?

Let’s compare the two and find out.

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Key Takeaways:

GoHighLevel vs Systeme.io at a Glance

Current Promotion30-day free trialFree plan available
Landing Pages and Websites
Email Campaigns
Split A/B Testing
Live Video Streaming
Native Checkout

What Is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one marketing and sales platform aimed specifically toward marketing professionals and agencies. 

It has an incredible amount of features that remove the requirement to use other third-party platforms.

GoHighLevel’s features are also (mostly) unlimited, and you can also sell the platform itself as SaaS, which provides an additional income stream for marketers.

What Is Systeme.io?

Systeme.io is a marketing platform with extremely affordable pricing and a generous free plan. 

It has features for funnels, email, and web page marketing, as well as the ability to create courses and communities.

Originally designed for the French market, Systeme.io is now fully available and operational in the English language.

GoHighLevel vs Systeme.io: Key Differences

Both platforms claim to be “all-in-one.” 

However, Systeme.io is a lot more basic than GoHighLevel and has far fewer and less advanced features.

We would say that GoHighLevel is a true “all-in-one” platform since it has all the features necessary to create sophisticated marketing campaigns. 

Additionally, the GoHighLevel creators are constantly upgrading the platform and releasing new features.

Because Systeme.io is less advanced, it has more limitations than GoHighLevel, but this is also reflected in the price you pay to use the platform

Systeme.io is a lot more affordable and has a free plan, thus making it a suitable option for beginners.

GoHighLevel vs Systeme.io: Pros and Cons

GoHighLevel Pros

  • A true all-in-one platform
  • A huge number of features and tools for the price you pay
  • Highly sophisticated automation
  • Most features are unlimited
  • Can sell the platform as SaaS

GoHighLevel Cons

  • Outdated and inadequate training articles
  • Requires a big learning curve
  • Support response times are inconsistent

Systeme.io Pros

  • Free plan available
  • Affordable paid plans
  • Good basic option for beginners
  • Up-to-date knowledge base
  • Decent response times from support staff

Systeme.io Cons

  • No standalone web page or landing page builder
  • Tools are too basic for advanced users
  • Platform is easily outgrown 
  • Not a true all-in-one platform

GoHighLevel vs Systeme.io: Affordability

MonthlyFrom $97/monthFrom $27/month
AnnuallyFrom $80.83/month ($970 total)From $19/month ($228 total)
Discount for Paying Annually18%30%
Standard Free Trial14 daysFree plan available
Money-Back Guarantee30 days30 days

Winner Is Systeme.io

A free plan is a great way for beginners and newcomers to dip their toes into the water, and Systeme.io’s free plan is pretty generous. 

Additionally, plans only cost from $27/month, making it one of the cheapest platforms within the sales and marketing niche.

GoHighLevel vs Systeme.io: Funnel and Page Builders

GoHighLevel: Funnel and Page Builder

GoHighLevel has numerous templates for fully-built funnels, along with individual page templates

While the platform has updated the builder in recent times, the templates still remain lackluster and not as modern or fresh as other platforms’ templates.

Inside the editing screen, you have the drag-and-drop tool to move elements and blocks onto the page, including interactive elements such as videos and buttons. 

This is quite easy to operate, but there are a lot of configuration options that perhaps make it more detailed than it needs to be.

Automation can be added to funnels, but this is done over in the workflows section.

GoHighLevel has numerous templates

The platform also has separate tools for creating blogs and websites. 

There are loads of templates available for each – including standalone landing pages – and all are edited using the same drag-and-drop function as the funnel builder.

Systeme.io: Funnel and Page Builders

Systeme.io has basic templates for sales, webinars, and audience-building funnels. Then, it has a range of page templates for each type of funnel page. 

Building funnels is pretty easy, and the page editor uses drag-and-drop, so you can easily get them looking on-brand.

You can add audio and video files to your funnel pages as well as pop-ups to remind viewers to take action.

Funnels can be automated, and the platform also supports split A/B testing, so you can try out new strategies and see how effective they are.

Building funnels

The weird thing about Systeme.io, though, is that you only have the option to create funnels or blogs. 

The platform states that if you want to build a website, you have to use either of these tools to do so. There’s no standalone website or landing page-building feature.

The blog builder works in much the same way as the funnel builder, except that you create blog posts and web pages instead of funnel steps. 

While this is easy to use, we’re still baffled as to why the platform doesn’t let you create standalone web pages.

Winner Is GoHighLevel

If we look at just the funnel builder and don’t take automation into account, then the two platform’s tools are pretty much on par with each other. 

The templates are okay – but not great, and each uses the same drag-and-drop feature to organize funnel pages.

However, Systeme.io’s page-building tool doesn’t make sense and is highly confusing when you just want to create a simple website. 

GoHighLevel, on the other hand, has individual tools for each type of web page, making it much easier and better to use.

GoHighLevel vs Systeme.io: Email Marketing 

GoHighLevel: Email Marketing

GoHighLevel’s email builder features a good range of templates to allow you to get started. 

While the designs won’t set your world on fire, they do provide a foundation from which to create your email. 

You can also add elements such as a shopping cart, video, buttons, and more which gives you a large range of versatility.

Emails can be scheduled, sent in batches, or in sequence; it’s up to you. 

Plus, they can be automated and incorporated into multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Systeme.io: Email Marketing

Systeme.io has a basic email campaign builder, so don’t expect to be able to do anything too complex here. 

Aside from adding text, images, and buttons, that’s your lot. There are only two templates to pick from, too.

You can create one-time newsletters or build a campaign consisting of a series of emails. 

Each email can have personalization tags added (name, address, city, etc.), and you can upload attachment files if you want.

Emails can be scheduled for sending, or you can add them to the workflows area and incorporate them into your marketing campaigns.

Winner Is GoHighLevel

You can just do more with the GoHighLevel email builder

You get a large range of templates and plenty of elements that you can add to make your emails more functional and useful.

Systeme.io is adequate but too simplistic, and we feel that users will grow out of it quickly. We wish the platform had more templates and elements to bring emails to life.

GoHighLevel vs Systeme.io: Course and Community Builder

GoHighLevel: Course and Community Builder

GoHighLevel is working hard to enhance its course and community builders. Now you can produce interesting and engaging courses by adding lessons, modules, videos, audio files, quizzes, assessments, and more.

Courses can be offered for free, a one-time fee, or on a subscription basis, and you can bundle courses together to provide more value to customers.

GoHighLevel also has a full community feature in the works which will allow you to develop social media-style community spaces and chat threads. 

It was announced in February 2023, but we’re still awaiting the news of its release.

Systeme.io: Course and Community Builder

Systeme.io’s course builder has all the basic elements required to create learning products. You can add lessons, modules, videos, audio files, documents, images, and more. 

However, at this stage, the tool lacks the ability to create quizzes and assessments.

The platform also has a community feature, but it is incredibly basic. 

Beyond posting and commenting, there’s not much else you can do there although it can act as a handy add-on to one of your courses.

Courses and communities can be bundled and sold together, and you are able to charge a one-time amount or a subscription fee for any of your learning products.

Winner Is GoHighLevel

Although there isn’t yet a community feature on GoHighLevel, there will be soon, and it looks extremely promising. 

Additionally, we love the tools and features provided for course building. They are better and more diverse than what Systeme.io has to offer.

GoHighLevel vs Systeme.io: Automation

GoHighLevel: Automation

GoHighLevel: Automation

It’s probably easier to explain what you can’t automate in GoHighLevel. 

This platform has one of the most sophisticated workflow features we’ve ever seen, and you can automate pretty much everything on the platform.

With such functionality comes a sharp learning curve. 

It takes some time and dedication to learn this feature, but it’ll definitely pay off once you do.

When you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be able to:

  • Create fully automated multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Automate sales funnels.
  • Automate email, SMS, and social media messaging. 
  • Build an automated booking bot that uses AI to determine what it needs to say.
  • Automate all admin tasks such as calendar bookings, pipeline management, course enrollment, and much more.

Systeme.io: Automation

Systeme.io: Automation

Systeme.io’s automation is largely limited to adding tags to contacts and emailing. You can create automated workflows, but in comparison to GoHighLevel, there’s a lot less that you can do with them.

Thanks to its simplicity, the automation feature is easy to learn, and you can have your automation rules set up within a matter of hours. 

We feel that this makes it a good option for the less technically inclined individuals that might find a platform like GoHighLevel too daunting.

Winner Is GoHighLevel

There’s absolutely no competition here. GoHighLevel’s automation capabilities are incredibly advanced and sophisticated. 

If you want something with all the bells and whistles, GoHighLevel is the obvious choice.

GoHighLevel vs Systeme.io: CRM Tools

GoHighLevel: CRM Tools

GoHighLevel: CRM Tools

Once again, CRM is an area where GoHighLevel shines. 

This platform has taken CRM to the next level and provides all the features and more to enable fast, efficient, and comprehensive customer relationship management.

Here’s what you get:

  • Unlimited contact lists with smart organization tools
  • Smart and automated pipelines
  • Unlimited calendars, automatic booking, and detailed calendar management
  • The ability to call, SMS, email, WhatsApp, and social media message direct from GoHighLevel
  • All your customer conversation threads available at any time
  • Automation tools for admin and repetitive tasks

Systeme.io: CRM Tools

Systeme.io: CRM Tools

If you need a good selection of CRM tools, you are going to be highly disappointed with Systeme.io. 

Beyond creating contact lists and adding tags, you can’t do much else apart from viewing your leads and sales on the dashboard.

Winner Is GoHighLevel

No competition here, either. If you’re looking for a CRM system that has it all, you need GoHighLevel. 

Systeme.io needs to up its game in this area if it wants to be a true “all-in-one” platform. 

GoHighLevel vs Systeme.io: User Experience

GoHighLevel: User Experience

GoHighLevel: User Experience

GoHighLevel is a vast platform with what seems like an almost endless supply of features. 

While this is fantastic, it comes with a serious learning curve, making this platform impossible to use right off the bat.

It doesn’t help that GoHighLevel’s learning materials are frequently out of date, so you’re often left floundering when trying to understand how something works.

The effort pays off eventually because when you do become comfortable with GoHighLevel, the usability is like nothing we’ve ever seen.

Systeme.io: User Experience

Systeme.io: User Experience

It’s true that Systeme.io is a lot easier to grasp than GoHighLevel, but there are elements that make it less user-friendly. 

For example, the page-building tool is confusing.

Once you do get the hang of the platform, it operates well and provides a perfectly adequate user experience. 

The fear for us is that users are likely to outgrow a platform like Systeme.io and will eventually need to move on to something more sophisticated like GoHighLevel.

Winner Is GoHighLevel

Give yourself a few weeks to become at ease with GoHighLevel’s features, and you won’t regret it. 

The learning curve is steep and long, but it’s highly worth the effort.

If you are a technophobe and are put off by the sheer quantity of features on GoHighLevel, we say that Systeme.io could be a more suitable option.

GoHighLevel vs Systeme.io: Help and Support

GoHighLevel: Help and Support

GoHighLevel: Help and Support

This is probably the biggest letdown of the GoHighLevel platform. 

Because of the pace at which the platform is updated, changed, or altered, it can’t seem to keep up. 

As such, the training material provided is woefully inadequate, almost always out of date, and badly organized.

This is very frustrating and something GoHighLevel seriously needs to work on.

“Live” help and support are provided via SMS, and this is hit-and-miss. 

Sometimes you’ll get a response the same day, other times you’ll wait several days. 

Although, when the agents do get back to you, they’re often willing to jump on a Zoom call and provide assistance this way.

Systeme.io: Help and Support

Systeme.io: Help and Support

Systeme.io’s knowledge base is comprehensive and has easy-to-follow walkthrough guides. Most of the time, it’s enough to answer your query or solve your issue.

The platform does not offer live help. Instead, it has an email ticketing service, but in our experience it’s efficient and you tend to get a response within a couple of hours.

Winner Is Systeme.io

GoHighLevel’s training material needs a lot of work, and its live support is patchy. Systeme.io has up-to-date training material and its response times are fast and consistent despite not being live.

GoHighLevel vs Systeme.io: Conclusion

Both platforms claim to be “all-in-one,” but there’s only one that can really be considered as such. 

There’s no doubt that you can do an incredible number of tasks with GoHighLevel and thanks to its plentiful features, it is truly considered a platform that has it all.

Systeme.io is not an all-in-one platform, but it is a great budget/beginner option.

  • Choose GoHighLevel if you want a feature-rich platform that has the capability to scale in line with your business growth.
  • Choose Systeme.io if you want a basic and affordable platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Systeme.io is more affordable because it has a free plan and paid plans start from $27/month. However, features are limited. GoHighLevel starts from $97/month and most features are unlimited.

GoHighLevel is much better overall than Systeme.io. It has a massive range of features and tools with sophisticated functionality. In comparison, Systeme.io has limited and basic features which can be quickly outgrown.

GoHighLevel is better than Systeme.io for sales and marketing. While both platforms have funnels and email campaigns, GoHighLevel’s are more advanced plus it has more capability, including SMS and social media campaign creation and highly advanced automation.

GoHighLevel is far better than Systeme.io for CRM. Systeme.io only lets you create contacts lists and add tags while GoHighLevel has multiple CRM features including calendars, automated pipelines, a multi-channel contact system, and much more.

Both GoHighLevel and Systeme.io are quite similar for course building, but GoHighLevel is better. The platform has better templates and versatility allowing you to create more engaging courses.


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