What Is LearnWorlds?

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LearnWorlds is a platform for course creators and organizations that need a lightweight learning management system.

Key Takeaways:

  • LearnWorlds features comprehensive course, website, and mobile app-building tools
  • The platform is SCORM-compliant and compatible with other LMS systems
  • It lacks proper marketing features such as emailing and workflow automation

What Is LearnWorlds Used for?

LearnWorlds is a platform that can be used by anyone who wants to monetize their skills or knowledge. It provides comprehensive course-building features as well as tools to help you sell them.

What sets LearnWorlds apart from similar platforms is that it is also considered a lightweight learning management system (LMS) because it is SCORM-compliant to meet organizations’ training and development needs. 

This allows your LearnWorlds content to integrate with other SCORM-compliant tools and for you to import and use SCORM packages on LearnWorlds. 

LearnWorlds is available on a subscription basis which can be paid on a monthly or annual basis. Plans cost between $29/month – $299/month with bespoke pricing available for high volume or corporate requirements.

Who Is LearnWorlds for?

Who Is LearnWorlds for?

LearnWorlds is suitable for anyone interested in building and selling courses. The platform is user-friendly and easy to grasp making it a good choice for beginners who have never built a course before.

Whether you’re a teacher, an industry expert, a seasoned professional, or simply someone who knows a lot about a particular subject, you can use LearnWorlds to make money off of your knowledge.

LearnWorlds is suitable for anyone interested

Organizations may also want to use LearnWorlds as their LMS platform. 

The platform does have features to support LMS requirements such as SCORM and in-depth reporting and tracking tools. However, it is a lightweight version of an LMS and lacks specific features for onboarding, compliance, talent development pathways, and appraisals.

Therefore, we say it’s great as a tool for employee training courses, but larger organizations that require an all-in-one learning and development solution will find it limited.

What Can You Do with LearnWorlds?

Create Courses

Create Courses

If you’re here to build courses, you’ll be pleased to hear that LearnWorlds does this beautifully. 

The course-building feature is a pleasure to use, and LearnWorlds has recently introduced an AI-powered course generator which makes the creation of your masterpiece even easier.

The course-building feature

There are lots of options for making your course engaging, from adding video and audio files to creating exams, assessments, and quizzes. Additionally, all the results from your student’s activity can be viewed and tracked over in the reporting center.

There are no native live streaming or scheduling features, but the platform does integrate with popular apps like Calendly and Zoom if you need this functionality.

Calendly and Zoom if you need this functionality

Create a Mobile App

Create a Mobile App

Most course-building platforms have apps, but you can rarely customize and brand them to suit your business.

LearnWorlds is an exception, and it allows you to create an app that is fully branded and modified to your school’s requirements. The building interface utilizes drag and drop, so you can choose which elements to include in your app.

You can then further customize them by picking images, fonts, and colors in line with your business.

further customize

Users will be able to access your school and all your courses via the app, and you can view the in-app stats to see how your students are engaging in the content.

We love this feature as we feel it really enhances the student experience and keeps it true to your brand image. Moreover, it allows users to access your content at any place and at any time (course material can be used offline too) providing flexible learning opportunities.

Build Websites

Build Websites

While LearnWorlds has a website builder, it’s important to note that it can only be used to create a site upon which to host your learning content. You can’t use it to create websites for other purposes. For example, you can’t use LearnWorlds to make business websites or e-commerce platforms.

The building tool features plenty of modern and professional-looking themes to pick from, and you can fully customize and edit the content to suit your needs. It allows you to add engagement-building elements like pop-ups, blogs, and funnels.

Ultimately, you get everything you need to produce a visually stunning site to showcase your courses and create compelling pages to sell them.

Market and Sell Your Products

Market and Sell Your Products

LearnWorlds isn’t a marketing platform, and you will be disappointed if you want to use it to develop and deploy full marketing campaigns.

For example, while you can email students, no email feature allows you to create email broadcasts or campaigns. To do this, it’s necessary to integrate LearnWorlds with a third-party emailing app like MailChimp.

LearnWorlds isn’t a marketing platform

There is a funnel-building feature, but it is attached to the website builder and is quite limited compared with a dedicated tool. For example, it’s not possible to add automation or incorporate emails into LearnWorlds’ funnels.

Most of LearnWorlds’ other marketing features are centered around sales, such as creating discount coupons, offering product bundles, and collecting leads by creating a form and adding it to a web page.

Beginner users will likely find the marketing tools adequate, but advanced users are going to find them lacking unless they integrate and use relevant third-party marketing apps.

Is LearnWorlds Worth Using?

Is LearnWorlds Worth Using?

LearnWorlds is a respected platform that functions well and has a great user experience. We feel it’s worth using – if you can afford it.

Unfortunately, to gain use of all the platform’s features, you have to subscribe to its higher-tier plans. For example, interactive video is only available on the $299/month Learning Center plan. This may make it prohibitive for beginners or those who have yet to build their business.

You could get the same functionality on a lower-tier plan if you’re willing to integrate LearnWorlds with several third-party apps, but this can quickly get complicated and expensive. 

For those with deeper pockets or organizations looking for a lightweight LMS solution, LearnWorlds is a great option as long as you’re okay with the limited marketing features.

What Does LearnWorlds Replace?

What Does LearnWorlds Replace?

Since LearnWorlds provides several different features and tools on a single platform, it replaces the requirement to purchase these separately and integrate them.

For example, LearnWorlds is a builder for:

  • Courses
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Funnels
  • Landing pages
  • Mobile apps

Plus it has features for:

  • Student reporting and tracking
  • Taking and processing payments 
  • Running promotions
  • And more

Imagine how expensive it would be to purchase all of these features as separate apps and how complicated it would become to connect them all together. LearnWorlds is a convenient solution that provides everything you need in one place and for a single price.

Frequently Asked Questions

LearnWorlds is a course-building platform that allows you to monetize your knowledge. It has features to build diverse learning products and tools to help you sell them effectively. It is also SCORM-compliant and can be used with LMS platforms.

You should use LearnWorlds if you are looking for a way to make money from your skills or knowledge. The platform provides everything you need to build and sell courses and learning products.

LearnWorlds is beginner-friendly. The platform is modern with user-friendly tools, making it easy to use. Beginners can also take advantage of the comprehensive setup wizards and guides which take you through the platform’s features step-by-step.

LearnWorlds boasts an impressive array of tools to create diverse courses that will satisfy advanced or seasoned course creators. However, those looking for an all-in-one platform that includes comprehensive sales and marketing features will find LearnWorlds too limited in this area.

Learnworlds is considered a learning management system (LMS) and has the advanced student reporting and tracking features required by organizations. The platform is also SCORM compliant, which is essential for compatibility across other LMS platforms.

Yes, you have to pay to use LearnWorlds. A 30-day free trial is available, but once this expires, you must subscribe to a paid plan to continue using it. Plans cost from $29/month – $299/month.


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