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Instead of offering bonuses with its subscriptions, the GoHighLevel team runs regular live training webinars, courses, and events you can sign up for and participate in for free.

If you don’t catch an event’s live broadcast, you can watch the replay on the GoHighLevel YouTube channel.

Key Takeaways:

  • A free Lead-Gen Playbook Bundle and the Road to 100 SaaS Clients Workshop are both available to view
  • Sign up to free weekly educational webinars, Q&A sessions, and more

Is There a GoHighLevel Bonus?

GoHighLevel Bonus

GoHighLevel is an “all-in-one” marketing platform that provides all the tools and features you need to build, run, and nurture marketing campaigns. Therefore, unlike similar software providers, GoHighLevel offers all you need without additional bonuses.

What GoHighLevel likes to do is run numerous free webinars and training sessions. You can sign up for these and join them when they’re broadcasting live, or you can catch the recording on the GoHighLevel YouTube channel.

Free Lead Gen Playbook Bundle

GoHighLevel Bonus

In early 2022, GoHighLevel released a series of nine webinars called “The HighLevel Lead-Gen Playbook.” Each webinar contained a masterclass on using various GoHighLevel features to capture, nurture, and convert leads into customers.

The nine webinars were as follows:

  1. Immediate, Automated Wins For Any Client: How to leverage and automate GoHighLevel chat and conversation options
  2. Calendars – Scheduled Success: Why online scheduling is so important and how to use GoHighLevel calendars
  3. Pipelines – Visualize The Funnel: How to create pipelines and structure funnels
  4. Reactivation Campaigns – Leads With Zero Ad Spend: What are reactivation campaigns and how to use them
  5. The Fast Five: The importance of closing a lead within five minutes
  6. The Ultimate Appointment Automation: How to automate bookings and appointments
  7. Reporting – Crystal Clear ROI: How to use GoHighLevel reporting features and calculate ROI
  8. Snapshots – Scaling At Lightspeed: Learn how to onboard clients in minutes
  9. Activating SaaS Mode: How to provide GoHighLevel SaaS to clients

How to Get the Free Lead Gen Playbook Bundle

The Lead Gen Playbook was originally a series of live training sessions; however, you can view replays of all nine webinars via the GoHighLevel YouTube channel.

GoHighLevel Road to 100 SaaS Clients with Dar Holdsworth

GoHighLevel Bonus

In November 2022, GoHighLevel released a four-day workshop to teach agencies how to gain and retain their first 100 SaaS clients. The sessions were run by Dar Holdsworth, the co-founder and CEO of Chiro Dominance, a SaaS company serving chiropractic offices nationwide.

Here’s a rundown of what the workshop included:

  • Day 1: How to create focus with your niche and offer to gain clarity and traction
  • Day 2: How to attract and acquire new customers on autopilot
  • Day 3: Create fantastic onboarding experiences and early adoption of GoHighLevel 
  • Day 4: A showcase of evergreen customer experiences

How to Get the Road to 100 SaaS Clients Workshop

The Road to 100 SaaS clients workshop was a series of live events. However, like the Lead Gen Playbook, the replays are available to view on the GoHighLevel YouTube channel.

Free GoHighLevel Fueled Marketing Education

GoHighLevel Bonus

GoHighLevel regularly runs live learning events that are free to participate in. The events are centered around three principles that enable agencies to scale and grow:

  • People: GoHighLevel believes people have more respect for education if it comes from the truth of business-building rather than being a load of unnecessary fluff
  • Process: GoHighLevel states that businesses require the right processes to be agile enough to create best-in-market products
  • Profitability: GoHighLevel believes that businesses need proper KPIs to drive suitable profitability and reduce churn

To give you a small taste of the types of webinars that GoHighLevel runs, here are some previous and recurring event titles:

  • Affiliate Strategy Session 
  • GoHighLevel Q&A
  • GoHighLevel Daily Group Demo Call
  • GoHighLevel Monthly Town Hall Hangout

How to Sign Up for the Free GoHighLevel Webinars and Workshops

GoHighLevel Bonus

To sign up for free weekly webinars, head to gohighlevel.com/events and click to sign up. You must input your name, email address, and phone number to register.

After signing up, you will receive regular invite links via email, which you can click to attend. 

GoHighLevel Bonus

At the top of the screen, you can click to view the events calendar. This is useful because, in addition to seeing the schedule of weekly webinars, it shows you what other types of events, such as live virtual workshops, are coming up. Also, if you don’t want to receive loads of emails and event invites, you can register for a single event via the calendar.

If you regularly check the calendar, you will always know what’s in the pipeline, and you can sign up for anything that catches your eye.

It’s worth noting that all previous webinars, training workshops, and other events are available to view on the GoHighLevel YouTube channel. This is especially handy for people who are in a time zone that is different from the live session.

Frequently Added Questions

GoHighLevel is a comprehensive all-in-one platform available for a single monthly price. It gives you all the tools required to run and nurture successful marketing campaigns. Therefore, GoHighLevel doesn’t need to offer bonuses to entice people to sign up.

Instead, GoHighLevel regularly runs a generous amount of free training webinars and events that anyone can participate in.

You do not need a GoHighLevel subscription to sign up and participate in any of its free webinars and events. Nor do you require a subscription to view any of the content on the GoHighLevel YouTube channel.

If a GoHighLevel bonus becomes available, we will update this article. Therefore, if you bookmark this page, you will be aware of the new information.


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