Kajabi Calendly Integration Guide

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Kajabi natively integrates with Calendly. 

Calendly can be used to schedule Kajabi coaching sessions, appointments, calls, and much more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Calendly makes it easy for Kajabi coaching users to schedule sessions 
  • Embed a Calendly calendar onto a Kajabi page
  • Kajabi has a built-in scheduler if you’re considering alternatives 

What Is Calendly and How Can I Use It with Kajabi?

What Is Calendly and How Can I Use It with Kajabi?

Calendly is a scheduling tool. It’s super easy to use and allows users to easily schedule sessions or appointments with you. 

Using a scheduling tool means you don’t need to manually book appointments. 

This can save you time and help you avoid making manual errors. 

How Can I Use Calendly with Kajabi?

The most common way to use Calendly with Kajabi is for coaching. 

But you can also embed calendars onto your pages for customers to schedule time with you.

Calendly can be used for any type of scheduling on Kajabi, including coaching sessions, events, calls, video calls, demos, and any other appointments. 

Calendly allows you to set available time blocks, which users can then book into.

What Calendly Plan Do I Need to Use It with Kajabi?

Calendly Plans

To integrate Calendly with Kajabi, you need to use webhooks. 

Webhooks are only available on Standard Calendly plans and above.

A Standard Calendly plan costs $12 per month or $10 per month when paid annually.

How to Connect Calendly with Kajabi Coaching Products

Calendly allows you to effortlessly provide a seamless and professional experience for your coaching clients.

You can use Calendly to manage your scheduled sessions. 

You can pre-set your available times that customers are able to book.

Once a customer purchases your coaching product, they will be able to schedule a session with you through the member dashboard. 

Set Up Calendly Event 

  1. Open your Calendly account.
  2. Select “+ Create.”
  3. Choose “Event Type.”
Choose “Event Type.”
  1. Select “One-on-One” as the event type.
Select “One-on-One” as the event type.
  1. Add an event name.
  2. Choose the event location.
Choose the event location.

Some of the event location options include the following:

    • In-person meeting
    • Phone call
    • Google Meet
    • Zoom
    • Microsoft Teams
  1. Add a description and customize your URL as required.
  2. Choose the event’s color shown on the calendar.
Add a Location Option
  1. Click “Next.”
You can now set the event booking details.
  1. Choose the date range for booking sessions. You can choose how far in advance users can schedule sessions with you, set a range of dates, or allow users to book indefinitely.
  2. Select the duration of the session.
Click Next
  1. Select your availability. You can use an existing Calendly schedule or create your own.
Calendly schedule
  1. Choose whether or not you want any buffer time before or after your event.
  2. Click “Additional Rules for Your Availability.”
Additional Rules for Your Availability
  1. Fill out any of the optional additional sections as required.
  2. Click the checkbox to make the event secret and click “Next.”
event secret
  1. Use the toggle in the top right corner to turn the event on.
Use the toggle

Add the Calendly Event to the Coaching Product

Once you’ve created your calendar, you can attach it to your coaching product:

  1. Click “+ New Product.”
  2. Choose “Coaching.”
  3. Add the details of your coaching program and click “Continue.”
Add the Calendly Event to the Coaching Product
  1. Select “Calendly” as your scheduling preference.
Select “Calendly” as your scheduling preference.
  1. Choose the event you just created as the Calendly event type.
Choose the event

You’ve now created your coaching program and connected your Calendly calendar.

You can edit the details of your coaching product and customize each session by adding an agenda and resources. 

You will also need to add the coaching product to a Kajabi offer to make it available for purchase.

Once your product has been purchased and users have booked appointments, you can click your coaching product and use the dashboard to see your upcoming coaching sessions, past sessions, and clients.

coaching product

By clicking on a session, you will be able to see all of the details of the sessions, notes, agenda, client information, and the meeting place. 

If the meeting place is via Zoom or Google Meet, you will see the link to the session. 

Zoom or Google Meet

How to Schedule Kajabi Coaching Sessions on Behalf of a User with Calendly

It’s easy to book sessions on behalf of your clients on Kajabi with Calendly.

To do so, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the coaching product.
  2. Click on the client and select the session.
  3. Click “Schedule Session.”
Schedule Session
  1. Choose the time and date for the session and click “Confirm.”
  1. Enter any additional details and click “Schedule Event.”
Schedule Event

How to Embed Calendly to a Kajabi Page

If you want customers to be able to schedule time with you through your pages, you can embed a Calendly calendar onto your pages.

Set Up Calendly Event

  1. Open your Calendly account.
  2. Select “+ Create.”
  3. Choose “Event Type.”
Choose “Event Type.”
  1. Select your event type.
  2. Set up and customize your event.
  1. Turn the event on.
Turn the event on.

Copy Calendly Embed Code

  1. Return to the Calendly dashboard and locate your event.
  2. Click “Share.”
  3. Select the “Share to Website” tab.
Copy Calendly Embed Code
  1. Choose how you would like your calendar to appear on your site and click Continue.
click Continue
  1. Press “Copy Code.”
Press “Copy Code.”

Embed the Calendar to the Page

  1. Open the page editor for the page you want to add the calendar to.
  2. Click “Add Section” from the sidebar.
  3. Choose “Custom Code” and click “Add.”
Add Section
  1. Click on the custom code block.
Click on the custom code block.
  1. Paste the copied Calendly embed code.
  2. Click “Save.”
Calendly embed code

Your calendar will now be available to page visitors. They can schedule and book appointments with you through the calendar.

Calendly Alternatives for Kajabi

There are several alternatives to Calendly for scheduling on Kajabi. These include the following:

  • Kajabi Scheduler – Kajabi has a built-in scheduler. You can easily set appointments and availability, and users can book sessions up to two weeks in advance. Kajabi’s built-in scheduler allows you to use the built-in live video option rather than Zoom or Google Meet. 
    Using the built-in scheduler doesn’t require you to subscribe to alternative tools. This can save you time and money as you won’t need any additional subscriptions. 
  • Custom Link – You can use other scheduling software like Acuity, HubSpot, and Google Calendar. To use one of these tools for coaching sessions, you can use a booking link. For your pages, you embed the link in the same way as mentioned above with Calendly.
  • Manual Booking – You can manually manage your appointments.

You can also add calendar tools to Kajabi, including Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Office 365. This will automatically add your sessions to your online calendar. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Calendly works seamlessly with Kajabi for coaching.

You can also use embed links to add Calendly to your Kajabi pages.

Yes, Kajabi has a built-in scheduling tool that’s included with all of Kajabi’s plans.

Bottom Line 

Use Calendly with Kajabi to schedule and book appointments with users.

Calendly works with Kajabi coaching products, making it easy to arrange sessions with clients.

You can also embed Calendly calendars onto your Kajabi pages so users can schedule appointments with you.


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