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We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Kajabi allows you to send automatic email receipts whenever a customer successfully purchases one of your offers.

However, the platform does not have a native invoicing feature. Therefore, to send invoices, you must use Zapier to connect to a third-party invoicing app.

Key Takeaways:

  • Set up automated receipt sending for customers
  • Send receipts via Stripe and Paypal
  • Use Zapier to connect with third-party apps for advanced invoicing

Can You Use Automatic Invoices or Receipts in Kajabi?

Kajabi has a feature that allows you to set up automatic email receipts that are sent to your customers after they purchase one of your offers. This is a quick set up, and the receipts can be personalized with your branding.

On the other hand, Kajabi does not support invoicing, so you will need to use Zapier with a third-party app to set up automatic invoicing.

How to Send Purchase Receipts to Customers

Setting up automatic purchase receipts is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

Send Purchase Receipts to Customers

Step 1: Log into your Kajabi account and click on Settings and then Member Payments.

Member Payments

Step 2: On the following screen, you now have all the configuration options for sending purchase receipts. 

You can choose one of the following:

  • Send a receipt for all successful transactions.
  • Send only for the initial purchase for recurring transactions (this is for any subscription-based payments).
  • Never send receipts.

After selecting which type of receipt you’d like sent, you then add your business address and any relevant additional information.

After you’re done, check the preview to see if everything looks good, and then hit Save. From now on, your customers will receive a receipt whenever they purchase an offer from you.

Sending Receipts to Customers in Stripe

If you prefer, you can choose to send out receipts via your chosen payment processor rather than Kajabi. If you use Stripe, here’s how to do it.

Sending Receipts to Customers in Stripe

To manually send a receipt after a purchase has been completed, head to your Stripe dashboard and select the Customers tab. Find the customer and click on the relevant purchase. 

Next, click on Send Receipt. Finally, double-check the email address before confirming the send.

Send Receipt

If you prefer to automate transaction receipts in Stripe, head to the settings tab from your Stripe dashboard and select Email Settings. Then, toggle the Successful Payments switch to the on position. Click Save, and you’re done.

Now, every time a purchase is made, Stripe will automatically send out the receipt on your behalf.

Sending Receipts to Customers via PayPal

Sending Receipts to Customers via PayPal

For users of Paypal, there is less work for you to do since the platform sends automatic payment confirmations by default, and there is no way to disable this feature.

Use Zapier and Third-Party Apps for Invoicing

Use Zapier and Third-Party Apps for Invoicing

Kajabi does not support native invoicing. Instead, you must use third-party software and connect it to Kajabi through Zapier. Quaderno, for example, will allow you to send automatic invoices.

Why would you need an invoicing service? Well, there are three key reasons:

  • You need to bill a customer manually.
  • You struggle to determine the sales tax or VAT rates for the customer’s location. 
  • You require the breakdown of sales tax or VAT to be added to the invoice.

Other third-party invoicing apps to consider besides Quaderno are:

  • Zoho
  • Invoice Ninja
  • Invoiced
  • GetMyInvoices

Frequently Asked Questions

Kajabi does not support invoicing. To send an invoice, you must use Zapier to connect Kajabi to a third-party invoicing app.

You can set up and send automatic receipts in Kajabi. You can choose to either send a receipt for each transaction or send a receipt for the first transaction of recurring payments.

The invoices for your Kajabi subscription can be found in your Account Settings. Select Billing and click on Subscription. Next, select Past Invoices, and you will see a list of invoices that you can view.

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