Thinkific Membership Site Examples

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We’ve curated 31 Thinkific membership site examples which demonstrate the use of courses, communities, monthly subscriptions, and downloads.

Key Takeaways:

  • Thinkific has a wide range of features to create a membership-based site
  • You can include memberships with a course or as a standalone product

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1. Foundation for Economic Education

The Foundation for Economic Education provides courses on basic economics and economic principles like boom and bust cycles, poverty, prosperity, and opportunity.

As a foundation, they provide all 17 courses for free. The content they publish is extremely extensive, with some courses boasting over 70 lessons.

Thinkific sites can be used by individuals, organizations, and foundations. 

To learn more about how to use the platform for your charity, check out the Foundation for Economic Education.

Foundation for Economic Education

2. Freedom Engine Academy

Freedom Engine Academy is an online music mentorship program that connects up-and-coming engineers, performers, and artists with leading industry experts.

To participate in the academy, you must apply online and pay the enrollment fee of $1656.

Successful applicants will complete the course virtually by joining its weekly online class.

Freedom Engine Academy

3. Tara Brach

Tara Brach provides a range of courses to help those suffering emotionally.

She currently has 12 courses, ranging from completely free to $74.99.

One feature she’s enabled is Gifting, which means you can purchase an online course and give it as a present.

In addition, in accordance with her pledge to radical compassion, she donates 10% of course proceeds to nonprofits aligned with her beliefs.

Tara Brach

4. Personal Development School

The Personal Development School advertises an online learning platform designed to provide you with long-lasting changes.

They do this by providing you with various courses, quizzes, and a membership program.

At $67 per month, the monthly membership gives you over 45 courses, workbooks, live chats, live Q & A, webinars, and access to the Member’s lounge.

They also offer lifetime membership access at a cost of $1,799.

Personal Development School

5. STEP Community

The Swallowing Training and Education Portal (STEP) is a training education portal specifically about swallowing and swallowing disorders.

They provide the training through their membership and masterclass program.

The monthly membership tiers start at $15 and go up to $25. Each membership gives you different access to recordings, podcasts, and core learning modules.

If you’re interested in offering different packages to suit individual customers’ needs, then STEP can provide you with some inspiration.

STEP Community

6. Sync Community

Sync Community is a membership site that uses courses and community membership to teach music creators how to license their content to television, film, advertising, and video game companies.

It costs $19.99 per month, or you can sign up for the annual plan at $199.99, which means you get two free months.

Sync Community

7. Svastha

Svastha is an online yoga and therapy program that provides training for students, teachers, and well-being professionals.

The company offers standalone courses costing $60-$150, as well as a monthly membership option for $20.

Yoga is an incredibly popular online membership niche, as you can deliver courses for students to complete in the comfort of their homes.


8. Higher Standards Caregiver Training

Higher Standards Caregiver Training provides courses and educational content to caregivers.

It provides training to both family caregivers and organizations which need to provide instructional training.

Their membership site provides 24/7 instant access to training, a supportive community, as well as live Q&A sessions.

You can opt to purchase individual courses as well as membership packages. 

If you’re interested in selling to both institutions and individuals, you can check out Higher Standards training website.

Higher Standards Caregiver

9. The Upgrade Project

The Upgrade Project is an online English tutor support program that helps students who are using the British curriculum.

The company is run by one teacher who provides one-on-one lessons and mentoring to students, an example of how you can offer coaching memberships using the Thinkific platform.

Upgrade Project

10. Sophie Robinson

Sophie Robinson is a home design specialist who helps course members create their perfect home.

She offers a range of courses covering interior design, color scheming, mood boards, and vision boards.

The price of each course ranges from $54-$417, and there are anywhere between three and 55 lessons in each course.

This is an example of taking a hard-to-scale business such as consulting and making it scalable by using Thinkific.

Sophie Robinson

11. Arabiq

The company Arabiq helps individuals enhance their understanding and knowledge of the Qur’an.

They do this by providing a range of courses that can be completed at the user’s own pace.

They currently offer 12 modules broken into shorter courses called Quests. These are completed sequentially before moving on to the next one.


12. Writing Explained

Writing Explained offers courses for students looking to improve their English skills.

They offer three tiered courses priced $47 to $147.

Each course takes words that may be confusing or tricky and breaks them down using video lectures to help improve communication skills. 

To test a learner’s knowledge, they provide tests and quizzes.

Wish Pond

13. Wish Pond

Wish Pond is an online marketing platform that helps companies grow. 

They also run an online course portal that aims to help business owners improve their online marketing skills and results, enabling businesses to grow.

They offer over 40 courses and webinars which cover all of the platform’s features and marketing lessons, all of which are free to complete.

Writing Explained

14. Fullscript Academy

Fullscript Academy is an online course company assisting medical professionals in integrating and improving their skills.

The company offers over 20 courses about various medical topics. 

Each course offers a certificate upon completion.

In addition to medical topics, they also offer courses like how to achieve five-star reviews, designed to help practitioners grow their practice.

Fullscript Academy

15. Piktochart Academy

Piktochart Academy aims to help you communicate better with visual storytelling by providing a free, 23-lesson course.

The parent company Piktochart runs an online platform that enables users to create infographics, reports, and videos.

Users can improve their skills and create better content by completing the course. 

This is an example of how one company uses Thinkific to educate users on how to maximize its product, a strategy which can improve user retention.

Piktochart Academy

16. Python For Beginners

Python For Beginners provides a 77-lesson course for new programmers looking to use Python.

The online course costs just $9.95 and contains content produced by experts.

Learning a specific skill, such as programming, can be frustrating and time-consuming. 

Therefore, by using Thinkific features like Community, you can provide support and help for students.

Python For Beginners

17. Family Tree University

Family Tree University provides training programs to educate individuals on how to research their family history and genealogy.

The content you can purchase includes:

  • Research logs
  • Photo editing
  • Census training
  • DNA decoding webinars

Each of the programs is delivered using various formats, which include PDF downloads, videos, checklists, and webinars.

Family Tree

18. Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy started in 2009 to help individuals heal, connect, and grow.

They encourage these processes by providing DIY project lessons, ideas, inspiration, self-paced learning, books, and courses.

All their products aim to provide therapy through gardening and growing.

Their courses begin at just $12, and its most expensive offer, the Botanical Beauty Holiday Gifts course, is priced at $55.

This is an excellent demonstration of how you can offer your digital products as gifts, which can increase your earnings.

Garden Therapy

19. Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell is a salon owner and hairdresser who also provides online courses for salon development.

The topics cover hair techniques, business solutions, and barbering. Course length starts at one lesson and goes up to 14.

Most of the course topics are practical, so they suit themselves to be instructional videos and webinars.

In addition to the eLearning aspect, Paul Mitchell also sells salon products and does events and consultations through this site.

Paul Mitchell

20. Furls FiberArts

Furls FiberArts sells a range of knitting and crochet equipment, including yarn, needles, bowls, hook stands, and jewelry.

They’ve also developed a complimentary business that produces digital education for its customers.

They teach crochet, knitting, and Tunisian stitching using Thinkific. 

In addition, they embedded YouTube videos into their site to make them available for all customers to watch.

Furls FiberArts

21. Get It Write

Get It Write provides online writing training to both individuals and institutions.

The company sells four courses that cover punctuation, logic, clarity, precision, grammar, and pro tips.

The course starts at $197 and offers a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can purchase with confidence.

After you’ve purchased, you’ll also have access to the online Facebook community, where the course instructor will respond to help you.

Get It Write

22. Prep Expert

Prep Expert is a site dedicated to helping students achieve academic success. 

They do this by providing courses on how to improve studying and course-specific content.

The study improvement courses range in price from free to $699, and each course contains over 40 lessons for students to complete.

Course topics include time management, standardized testing, and productivity.

Prep Expert

23. F1 Academy

F1 Academy is run by FellowshipOne, a church management software company. 

This company helps churches with accounting, payroll, donation acceptance, apps, planning, and many other organizational tasks.

To help their FellowshipOne subscribers get set up with the platform and get the most out of the features, they’ve set up the F1 Academy. 

F1 Academy is a completely free training and resource center dedicated to the software.

They’ve divided the courses into certifications and “belts” that allow you to continuously understand and improve your skills. 

They also have courses that cover specific features of the platform if students look to enhance their understanding of that feature.

F1 Academy

24. Go Go Nihon

Go Go Nihon is a Japanese learning website that helps students learn, practice, and assess their skills.

They provide a range of interactive courses aimed at different market segments: offerings such as beginners, business learners, prep courses, and advanced lessons mean there is a wide user base.

They also utilize a testing feature to recommend the right course for your current skill level and language ambitions.

Go Nihon

25. GitKraken

GitKraken is a foundations course for helping programmers learn Git. 

They say that often Git is an expected skill for programmers to learn, however, it’s usually not covered in college courses or job onboarding. 

Therefore, to fill the skill gap, GitKraken created this course.

It’s free to take the 83 lessons to become Git certified with the Foundations of Git course.


26. Wolf Pro

Wolf Pro is a certification course managed by Wolf Home Products. 

The company provides outdoor cladding, cabinetry, decking, railings, and other home-building products and offers the course to their installers.

Its Wolf Pro site hosts the training certification course that installation experts take to make themselves eligible to offer their homeowner client an extended five-year labor warranty.

The course is eight chapters and covers installation, care, maintenance; there is also an overview of the product line.

Wolf Pro

27. Pix4D

Pix4D provides training courses for 3D modeling experts who map and survey areas.

In addition to its online course, they offer personal consultations, workshops, and private workshops.

After deciding on the delivery mode, the user can choose one of three online courses to complete. 

Any of these can be completed at the student’s own pace, even if the user has a busy work schedule. 

They can then complete the quizzes and hands-on exercises to test their knowledge before applying their skill.


28. EQ Academy

This course is developed by SixSeconds, an emotional intelligence training provider for companies and institutions.

One of their products is EQ Academy which is a course that aims in improving students’ emotional intelligence. 

The 19-lesson course for Italian-speaking students to complete at their own pace costs $248.

EQ Academy

29. Freedom of Mind

Freedom of Mind provides physicians, medical and legal professionals, as well as family members and survivors, courses for understanding cults.

They currently offer three courses that provide foundational knowledge with a more in-depth course that gives CE certification to clinicians upon completion.

The courses are priced $99-$525, and the number of lessons in each course is between 12 and 20.

Freedom of Mind

30. Pet Relocation

Pet Relocation provides practical guides to pet owners who are looking to take their animal companions abroad.

Regulations and restrictions are a common headache when traveling when pets. 

To help owners, the company provides courses, PDFs, and checklists to help the process go smoothly.

Pet Relocation also offers users the chance to have experts support you one-on-one through the entire relocation process with a paid service option. 

The prices of the services range from being free for checklist documents to thousands of dollars for completely personalized relocation services.

Pet Relocation

31. PEAK

PEAK, which stands for performance, education, analysis, and knowledge, provides expert coaching to golfers.

They have produced dozens of courses that cover every aspect of the golfing game for learners.

They also provide software tutorials, webinar series, certification, and coaching from pro golfers. 

The courses are free, but if a learner wishes to achieve certification, there are purchase packages available that come with their FSX Pro software in addition to access to all the courses and webinars.


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