How to Create a Snapshot in GoHighLevel (and Make Money from It)

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Creating a snapshot in GoHighLevel takes just a few minutes, but the impact can be huge

If you want a faster way to scale your business, snapshots could be the solution. Using them allows you to serve your clients more effectively and opens up a new opportunity for extra side income. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Create snapshots of sub-accounts and use them with new ones
  • Sell your snapshots elsewhere online
  • Bundle a snapshot with a GoHighLevel SaaS product

How GoHighLevel Snapshots Can Help Your Business

If you’re not using snapshots with your GoHighLevel sub-accounts, you’re missing out!

This versatile little tool can have a massive impact on the running and revenue of your business.

GoHighLevel Snapshots Can Help Your Business

But what are snapshots, exactly?

Snapshots are prebuilt GoHighLevel sub-accounts that come loaded with various ready-to-use assets. 

For example, a snapshot might include marketing campaigns, funnels, a website, and page templates that are all set up for immediate use.

GoHighLevel sub-accounts

Rather than building a sub-account from scratch, you can simply load up a snapshot and you’re ready to rock!

GoHighLevel provides several snapshots for specific business niches, or you can create your own or purchase them from third-party creators.

You’re probably already getting an idea of how snapshots can be beneficial, but here’s a rundown of why they are so useful:

  • Using a snapshot saves considerable time and effort when creating new sub-accounts.
  • They are an essential tool if you serve a particular business niche, as they contain assets geared toward serving that niche effectively.
  • Replicate success! When you find something that works well, create a snapshot and use it over and over with your clients.
  • Create consistency throughout your work. Using snapshots helps strengthen and elevate your brand identity with minimal effort.
  • Unlimited revenue potential! Master the art of creating high-converting snapshots and sell them to eager customers.

Level up Your GoHighLevel SaaS Product

Level up Your GoHighLevel SaaS Product

If you’re going to sell GoHighLevel as SaaS, you can up your game by including a snapshot with the product.

Your customers are looking for easy solutions, and snapshots provide a way for you to supply an “out-of-the-box” product with which they can hit the ground running.

While it’s one thing to sell GoHighLevel as is, you can seriously increase the product’s value by loading it up with prebuilt marketing campaigns, web pages, and so on. Of course, you can charge more for the privilege!

Doing this will set your SaaS product apart from the competition, particularly if you focus on a specific business niche or industry.

Earn Money by Creating GoHighLevel Snapshots

Earn Money by Creating GoHighLevel Snapshots

Selling GoHighLevel snapshots can make for a lucrative side hustle—especially if you become known for providing high-quality ones or creating snapshots for a specific business niche.

Where you sell them is up to you. You can do it via freelancing sites like Fiverr or Upwork, and there’s even a Facebook group dedicated solely to buying and selling snapshots.

If you google “Sell GoHighLevel snapshots,” you will also see many websites providing the service, so there’s clearly a demand for it.

Sell GoHighLevel snapshots

A word of warning, though. Selling and creating snapshots takes a lot of groundwork. You must do plenty of research within your niche to understand what your potential customers want. Then, you need to create the assets to align with those needs. 

Whether they’re funnels, email sequences, booking calendars, or something else, you must ensure they are high-quality and, most importantly, work properly. Therefore, be sure to test out everything before you put it up for sale.

However, the good news is that once you have created your snapshot, you can sell it an unlimited number of times, making it a semi-passive income stream. So, it’s worth the effort!

To give you some insight into what you could earn, consider that snapshot prices range anywhere from $25 for a basic one and up to several hundred dollars for something more comprehensive.

How I Create Snapshots in GoHighLevel (Step by Step)

Creating a snapshot is super straightforward and only takes a few moments.

How I Create Snapshots in GoHighLevel

Step 1: Log into your account’s Agency View and click “Account Snapshots.” Then, select “Create New Snapshot.”

Account Snapshots

Step 2: Give your new snapshot a name and then select which sub-account you want to use for it. When done, hit “Save.”

Create New Snapshot

Step 3: The system will take a few moments to generate the snapshot—you may have to refresh the page to see it listed.

When it appears, it’s ready to use. Click the three dots to the right of it to edit, copy, share, or delete it.

What Can You Copy into a GoHighLevel Snapshot?

What Can You Copy into a GoHighLevel Snapshot

Most assets you create within a sub-account can be copied over to a snapshot, including:

Membership sites and courses

However, it’s crucial to understand that certain things cannot be copied over. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that most of these exclusions revolve around client data.

Here’s what you can’t copy:

  • Contact data and users, including tasks and manual actions 
  • Conversations (regardless of communication channel)
  • Custom value data
  • Reporting and reputation data
  • Web page tracking code
  • Third-party integrations and integrated domains
  • Chat widget customization
  • Company settings data

However, you wouldn’t want to copy most of this anyway. Doing so would be a serious breach of privacy laws and could land you in hot water.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create an unlimited number of snapshots inside your GoHighLevel account.

You can find prebuilt GoHighLevel snapshots in your account’s Agency View. Click on the “Account Snapshots” tab to view them. Additionally, you can purchase snapshots from third-party websites like Fiverr.

Yes! You can edit your GoHighLevel snapshots. When you have made changes to the sub-account, head to the “Account Snapshots” tab and click the refresh button next to where the snapshot is listed.


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