GoHighLevel Cold Email Outreach Guide

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You can use GoHighLevel for cold email outreach and the platform boasts some impressive features such as customizable templates, batch scheduling, split A/B testing, and more to get the best out of your campaigns. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Create engaging cold emails and batch-send them to selected lists of contacts
  • Create unlimited email campaigns; GoHighLevel charges $0.675 per 1000 emails sent
  • Use data analytics and split A/B testing to optimize your cold outreach campaigns

Is GoHighLevel Cold Email Outreach Worth It?

Yes! GoHighLevel has a great number of versatile tools that enable you to build and continuously improve your cold outreach campaigns. 

In fact, we can’t think of anything that’s missing from their email features – it’s all there!

Furthermore, you can use the platform to create unlimited campaigns, giving you the opportunity to try out new ideas and methods without paying more for your subscription.

GoHighLevel Features for Cold Email Outreach

GoHighLevel has a comprehensive feature set for building cold outreach campaigns. 

What’s important to know is that while the platform lets you create an unlimited number of email campaigns for any purpose, you do get charged for sending the emails themselves.

If you use GoHighLevel’s inbuilt email provider – LC – Email – you will find that emails cost $0.675 per 1000 sent

You can use a third-party email provider, but this may come at an increased cost.

Contact/Audience Segmentation

Contact/Audience Segmentation

Sending out emails in bulk can be a bad idea since it’s more likely to get your account flagged as spam by other email accounts. 

A much better idea is to segment your contact list and send out cold emails in smaller batches. 

You do this by assigning tags to each contact. 

Tags can be as simple as “List 1,” “List 2,” and so on, or you can create tags for specific cold email campaigns.

When you create your email campaign, you simply assign one of your tags to the send list and it will only send out emails to the contacts that have that tag assigned to them.

Additionally, if you have large numbers of contacts, it helps greatly to segment them by demographics, interests, and other identifiers. 

Then, when you create cold reach campaigns for a specific audience, it will be easy to find the right contacts as you will already have grouped them together.

Email Campaign Builder

Email Campaign Builder

GoHighLevel has greatly improved its email campaign building tool, and you can now quickly and easily create eye-catching emails to use for your cold outreach campaign.

Using the drag-and-drop function, choose the elements you want to add to your email and edit accordingly. 

Upload elements like video, images, and buttons to bring life to the page.

GoHighLevel has greatly improved

When your email is ready, you have a number of sending options. 

For cold outreach, you’re going to want to choose the “Batch Schedule” option, as this sends out the email to a large number of contacts all at once.

You can choose when the email gets sent out, and you have the option to assign a tag so that it only sends the email to a specific group of contacts at a time.

Email Templates

Email Templates

If you’re pushed for time or don’t want to design your own email, you can use one of GoHighLevel’s prebuilt templates. 

There are hundreds of templates for 15 different business niches such as health and wellness, insurance, hospitality, and more.

Templates are fully editable, so you can customize them for your own needs.



Automation is a big part of GoHighLevel and thanks to its sophistication, all steps of your cold outreach campaign can be automated.

For example, your email could include a contact form that a recipient can complete and submit. 

You can then automate what happens once the form has been submitted, such as automatically adding them to your contact list, a marketing campaign, or triggering a series of additional emails.

Campaign Analytics

Campaign Analytics

Within the “Workflows” tab, you are able to view the analytics for each of your cold outreach email campaigns and understand their performance.

To find the data, go into the relevant workflow, select the email, and click to view the statistics. 

The data you are shown includes:

  • Number of emails delivered
  • Number of emails opened
  • Number of recipients that clicked on an email link
  • Number of recipients that replied 
  • Number of emails that bounced
  • Number of recipients that unsubscribed

Looking at this data will help you identify what’s working and what isn’t and allow you to tweak your campaigns to be more effective.

How to Set Up a Cold Email Outreach Campaign in GoHighLevel (Step by Step)

Before you get started, choose whether or not you want to use a GoHighLevel email template

If you do, you must select which template you want and add it to your template list.

If you want to use a template, here’s what you do:

How to Set Up a Cold Email Outreach Campaign in GoHighLevel

Step 1: Head to “Marketing” and select “Emails.”

From the dropdown that appears, choose “Templates.”

Click on the green “New” button and select “Email Marketing Templates.”

Head to “Marketing

Step 2: Hover over the desired template and click to select it.

A pop-up will appear; click on “Continue.”

The template will now be added to your template library and can be selected when creating a campaign.


Step 3: In the relevant sub-account, click on “Marketing,” then “Emails.” Select “Campaigns” from the dropdown that appears and then click on the green “Create Campaign” button in the top right corner.

Marketing,” then “Emails

Step 4: Give your campaign a name and then choose which template you’d like to use.

You have the choice of: 

  • Starting with a blank page.
  • Using one of your previously designed emails.
  • Using any GoHighLevel templates that you have added to your library.
Starting with a blank page

Step 5: Now it’s time to edit and customize your email. Drag and drop the desired elements onto the page and edit them directly on the page itself.

It’s a very easy and intuitive process and won’t take you long to master.

Once your email looks good, make sure you hit the save button in the top-right corner.

This will allow you to go back in and edit it if needed, plus you will be able to use your design as a template for another campaign.

When ready, click on “Send or Schedule.”

Send or Schedule

Step 6: In the scheduling tool, you have a number of options. You can choose to send the email right away or schedule it to be sent at a certain time. 

However, since we’re doing cold outreach, the safest method is to batch schedule.

“Batch Schedule” gives you the ability to send out large quantities of emails over a period of time. This further reduces the chances of your email getting flagged as spam and going into people’s junk folders.

All you do is set the sending parameters, and the system will send out the email according to your chosen settings. 

Here are your options:

  • Start On: Choose the start date for when emails will be sent.
  • Select Batch Quantity: This is how many emails will be sent out per batch.
  • Repeat After: Once the first batch is sent, this is the period of time the system will wait before sending out a subsequent batch.
  • Send On: Choose specific days of the week for when your emails will be sent.
  • Specify Start and End Time: Choose the time period for when emails will be sent in a day.
Specify Start and End Time

Step 7: Finally, you must decide the sender options. First pick which email address your email will be sent from (this is the address the recipient will see). If relevant, you can add the sender’s name, too.

Next, choose the recipients. You can add these in manually, pick from your smart lists, or add by tags.

Remember we talked earlier about segmenting your contacts into smaller numbers? Use the tags function to select your segmented lists as this will again help prevent your email from getting flagged as spam.

When you’ve added your recipients, hit “Save” and then “Schedule.” 

Your cold outreach email is now ready to send!

How to Optimize Your GoHighLevel Cold Email Outreach Campaign

Personalize the Emails

Personalize the Emails

Personalizing emails so they are specifically directed at each recipient increases email open rates and shows you have a message or information that will address their needs.

Plus, it’s much nicer for a recipient to receive an email that addresses them personally rather than containing a generic message.

To add personalization to your emails, click into any text field and then click on the “Custom Values” icon at the top of the screen. A list of custom value options will appear, such as full name, email address, and so on. 

Pick the relevant custom value and it will be inserted into the text.

Test Each Campaign

Test Each Campaign

Before sending your email out into the wider world, it’s crucial that you test it out first. 

Doing this allows you to ensure that everything looks as it should and that any embedded forms, links, and media work correctly.

Using the “Send Now” option in the email scheduling tool, send the email to yourself and a small number of other individuals (such as your teammates) as a test. 

If any errors are spotted, make the necessary adjustments and then test once again before sending it to your cold outreach list.

Test Different Strategies (Split A/B Testing)

Test Different Strategies (Split A/B Testing)

Split A/B testing is a simple but effective way to optimize your campaigns and find out what resonates most with your audience. 

It works by sending out different versions of the same campaign so you can analyze the results and find what works best. 

GoHighLevel lets you send out up to six different versions of an email campaign in a single test, and you can either adjust the email subject heading or the email content itself.

To find split A/B testing, click on the icon to the right of the paint roller icon located in the top-left of the email editing screen. Then toggle the switch to enable split A/B testing and add in the details as necessary.

Monitor Performance and Adjust Accordingly

Monitor Performance and Adjust Accordingly

Cold outreach emails are not a “set-and-forget” kind of deal. If you want them to be effective, you have to be prepared to keep a close eye on their performance and adjust them when needed.

Regularly view the analytical data of your campaigns. This is what’s going to reveal your campaign’s effectiveness and also the weak spots.

By continuously improving, you will also be able to apply your findings to other campaigns and ultimately provide a better service to your clients.

Add Additional Communication Channels (SMS, WhatsApp, etc.)

Add Additional Communication Channels (SMS, WhatsApp, etc.)

The beauty of the GoHighLevel workflow feature is its ability to incorporate multiple communication channels. 

For example, once the initial cold reach email has been sent, you can move the conversation onto WhatsApp or SMS

This can be achieved by including a contact form within the email that automatically sends an SMS to the number provided.

People are less likely to ignore other direct methods of communication so using them in your workflow will help drive engagement and turn cold leads into warm ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use GoHighLevel for cold email outreach. The platform provides all the necessary features for cold outreach campaigns, including templates, an email editing tool, a scheduling tool, automation, split A/B testing, and analytics.

GoHighLevel is great for cold email outreach. The platform’s email features are extensive, allowing you to create an unlimited number of campaigns, test out new ideas, and customize your emails and sending options to have the maximum effect.

GoHighLevel has a limit in place for the number of emails you can send per day. The limit is 15,000 for sending from a shared domain and 150,000 for sending from a dedicated domain.

Sending emails from GoHighLevel costs extra. The platform charges $0.675 per 1000 emails. However, this is typically cheaper than using a third-party email service such as MailGun which currently charges \$0.80 per 1,000 emails.


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