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Membership sites are essential for your online business, and there are numerous advantages and disadvantages for each of Kajabi Community and a Facebook Group.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi Community compared to a Facebook Group is a better choice because it is less distracting for members;
  • Kajabi Community is easier to maintain and manage;
  • Members that cancel will automatically be removed from a Kajabi Community, with Facebook Groups you would have to manually go to Facebook and remove their account;
  • There are better monetization options with a Kajabi Community.

However, the better choice is Kajabi.

This is because most members will already have their course material on Kajabi and be running their business there.

On the other hand, Facebook is free and easy to access, but not everyone uses it actively, and it is full of distractions.

Key Differences Between Kajabi Community and a Facebook Group

  • Using Facebook to host the community aspect of your site may make it more challenging to keep your users engaged because of the high level of distraction there.
  • If someone cancels their membership, you will also have to manually go to Facebook and remove their account from the group.
  • If they are on Kajabi and cancel, they will only lose access to Kajabi. This process can be frustrating and time-consuming if you have several hundred members or significant turnover.
kajabi community
Kajabi Community Admin Dashboard

Kajabi Community Pros & Cons

Kajabi is the best place to host your community group because the course material is available on the same platform.

This centralization means you won’t need to switch between the two, which can create a negative user experience and a logistical headache for you.

The added friction may cause users to stop interacting altogether.

The main disadvantage is that members need to set up their profiles from scratch.

Kajabi Community Pros

Kajabi Community Cons

Facebook Groups Pros & Cons

When using Facebook as a platform for your community, members will already have a Facebook profile.

Most people already have a Facebook account, although research shows that the younger generation doesn’t want to use Facebook.

You can also use Facebook groups as a lead-generating tool.

To achieve this, aim to entice people to talk about your business, look into your e-mail funnel, and make their way to your site.

Facebook Group Pros

Facebook Group Cons

Which is Better for My Business: Kajabi Community or a Facebook Group?

Kajabi is better because it’s less distracting for members, and you can host everything on the same site.

In business, time is money, so manually removing members from the group if they cancel their membership can be time-consuming.

If you’re marketing to the older generation, you might use Facebook successfully as they are more likely to be active Facebook users. 

The best option to keep everything running smoothly in most cases is to host your community on Kajabi.

On Kajabi, you can create groups with specific topics and include learners enrolled within that particular course.

You could offer the community aspect as a separate product and charge members to join the community. 

kajabi community feed
Kajabi Community: User View

Bottom Line

Either platform will serve the same purpose, and you can use either one without any issues. However, Kajabi is generally better for most users for its automation and joined-up user experience.

In addition, Kajabi has a feature that allows you to create groups on specific topics. Therefore, Kajabi will enable learners to have relevant interactions with each other and the course creator. 

The main disadvantage of using Facebook is that you will manually need to maintain the user access list, such as removing members that cancel their memberships.

Once you have a few hundred members, this will become tricky and time-consuming. Kajabi will be less time-consuming and more convenient to create and look after communities.

This ease of use offers a better user experience and frees you to make more content and grow your business. 

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