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Kajabi experts and consultants can be a useful part of running your online course business and can greatly assist when you lack expertise in some specific area.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi experts and consultants can be useful for all kinds of things from marketing, copywriting, consulting, setting up automations, and more;
  • You will need to make sure that hiring a Kajabi expert or a consultant is cost-effective and sustainable for your business;
  • Kajabi experts and consultants can charge high rates that might be too high for a smaller business to handle.
Kajabi Experts & Consultants

Honesty and transparency are our core values, so we’re not going to sell you services you don’t need. That’s why you need to consider if you really need a Kajabi expert.

Compared to some other course platforms, Kajabi is relatively easy to use, and they also provide a great deal of free training.

So, if you are diligent enough, you can manage the entire platform on your own without having to hire any expert help.

However, there are some key circumstances in which you could benefit from some outside expertise: 

  • You need help with a specific one-time project (i.e., a voice actor for a video)
  • Your business has grown, and you need some extra help
  • You are looking to scale your business to the next level, but you don’t know where to start
  •  You need someone with a specialized skill set (e.g. video production)

Kajabi experts are basically like employees, and hiring them raises the same questions as hiring employees. Do you have enough revenue to cover the expenses? How long do you need them?

Kajabi Experts & Consultants

The Difference Between Kajabi Experts & Consultants

Kajabi experts and consultants are not the same thing, though there is often a bunch of overlap.

A consultant is a general term for anyone who gives some specific kind of advice for running a business. Consultants may or may not actually handle specific operations in businesses or might be around in a more advisory capacity. 

Kajabi experts, in contrast, specialize in helping operations on Kajabi.

Kajabi experts can occupy a more conceptual advisory role, but they also include people who can build, maintain, and help structure your site. 

You can think of Kajabi experts as a subspecies of consultants/experts that are trained at working with and using Kajabi. 

Kajabi Experts & Consultants

Where to Find Kajabi Experts & Consultants?

Unlike normal employees where you can just post a job opening on a website, Kajabi experts are a bit more focused. There are specific online groups you can visit to find Kajabi experts:

  • The official Kajabi user group has a unit called “Paid and Free Offers.” From here, you can access all official Kajabi Business Offers in the User Group.
    You can search for any service that would be useful to your business like a copy, social media marketing, and more. You can also advertise your services in the comments.
  • Upwork is a freelancer marketplace where people go to buy freelancer services.
    Upwork has a special board for Kajabi experts, where you can directly hire them for a contract using the Upwork platform.
    Freelancers are available for part-time and full-time work. When you hire through Upwork, the platform takes care of the payment process and contact with the freelancer.
  • Fiverr is another freelancer marketplace similar to Upwork, where people post offers for one-time gigs and recurring jobs.
    Fiverr has experts from a wide range of industries and an entire section for Kajabi experts. So if you need an expert for relatively cheap, Fiverr can be a great place to look.
    Fiverr experts exist for all kinds of Kajabi functions like developing courses, websites, and course marketing strategies, often for very cheap.

How Much Do Kajabi Experts and Consultants Charge?

Rates for Kajabi experts can vary greatly depending on the level of skill and particular niche.

An in-demand expert might charge a premium for their services, while others might be comparatively cheap. Different marketplaces have a different average rate as well. 

For example, over on Upwork, the average rate per hour is around $50-$65/hour.

Rates can vary from $35 to even $500 per hour, all depending on field of expertise and your demands

There are some freelancers that charge up to $500/hour, though these are few and far between. Based on our research, it seems that marketing strategists and web developers have the highest average rates at around $65-$75 per hour.

In contrast, copywriters and editors charge a lower rate in general, between $35-$55/hour. There is a significant variance on specific rates. 

Kajabi Experts & Consultants

Here are some general figures on rates for specific kinds of work:

  • Kajabi Virtual Assistants: Kajabi virtual assistants assist in the operation of day-to-day projects. They are like office assistants in an office. Virtual assistants charge anywhere between $20-$35/hour.
  • Kajabi Website Designers: Designers usually charge a bit more because of their specialized skill set. Kajabi website designers normally charge around $65-$80/hr.
  • Marketing Automation Experts: Marketing automation experts are skilled in creating effective sequences for campaigns. The average range for an automation expert is about $55-$70/hour.
  • Project Managers: General project managers handle the administration of particular tasks. These kinds of experts are useful if you are scaling your business and need more administrative support. They charge between $40-$60/hour.
  • General Kajabi Consultant & Experts: General Kajabi consultants can help give you business plan direction or can be used to troubleshoot specific technical issues with the platform. Consultant fees can vary widely depending on the exact subject. A general consultant can cost anywhere between $40-$80/hour.
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