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A Kajabi lead magnet is an offer provided in exchange for information. 

For example, a customer gives you their email address in exchange for access to a training video.

You can add your lead magnet to a Kajabi landing page.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a lead magnet and offer it to visitors in exchange for their email address
  • Use Kajabi to distribute your lead magnet on a custom landing page or email
  • A lead magnet should provide valuable content and be relevant to your Kajabi offering

What Is a Kajabi Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is an offer presented to a visitor in exchange for information.

Lead magnets help to build up your email list.

On Kajabi, you can create a custom form to gather more leads and create a custom Thank You page with offers and products suitable for your customers. 

Kajabi also has an Automations feature that allows you to add tags, deliver the lead magnet offer, as well as perform other actions.

How to Optimize Sales Using a Lead Magnet on Kajabi

Gathering leads from your lead magnet can help generate sales.

To do this, you can optimize your lead magnet in the following ways:

Provide Relevant and Valuable Content – The content you provide in your lead magnet should be valuable. 

You need to find out what the user wants that would make them provide their contact information in exchange for your lead magnet. 

Align with Your Products – Creating a lead magnet aims to attract your dream audience. 

The goal is to turn those who sign up for your lead magnet into paying customers. 

To do this, we recommend offering lead magnets that directly align with your products. 

For example, if you have a course on “How to Write and Structure Your First Book,” you could offer a guide on “How to Write the Perfect Introduction for Beginners” as a lead magnet. 

Creating a less-related lead magnet usually means reduced product sales. For example, using the same lead magnet but selling a “How to Get Your Book Published” course would not be useful. 

Even though it is related, the user probably isn’t thinking about publishing a book they haven’t yet written.

Keep this in mind when creating your lead magnet.

Use Automations to Subscribe to an Email Sequence – Users can subscribe to your email list in exchange for access to your lead magnet on Kajabi. 

You can use your email list to offer your customers your products or services. 

As an all-in-one platform, Kajabi has built-in email marketing software. You can use the features to create converting campaigns.

How Do I Distribute My Lead Magnet on Kajabi?

You can add your lead magnet as a product on Kajabi. 

However, as most lead magnets are downloads, this might be unnecessary.  

Instead, you can provide details on how to access or download it. This will save your product allowance since each plan limits the number of products you can add.

Once you have created your lead magnet, you can distribute it and deliver it to users. To do so, follow these steps.

Create a Landing Page

Create a Landing Page

On Kajabi, you can use one of the opt-in page templates. You can easily customize the page with the easy-to-use page editor. You can also add a custom form for the customer to opt-in.

Customize the Form

Customize the Form

Create a custom form for your lead magnet. On the form, you can edit the following:

Opt-In Settings – There are two options, double and single opt-in. You could use either for your lead magnet. 

Double opt-in is when a contact must go to their email and confirm their opt-in. 

This can improve deliverability and create a curated list of those who are genuinely interested in your products.

However, it is another step that a contact has to take to receive the lead magnet, which can be off-putting and reduce your opt-in rate.

Single opt-in is when customers opt-in as soon as they submit their details. 

Form Fields – This is the information a user must enter to opt-in. You can ask for as much or as little information as you want.

Automations – The opt-in form allows you to add Automations. 

You can use Automations to email those who opt in. In the email, you can provide information about how to retrieve your lead magnet. 

You can also use Automations to tag users and add them to an email sequence. 

After Submission – There are three checkboxes in the right-hand corner of your form.

These are the following:

  • Send a Notification to Your Team
  • Send the Contact to a Third-Party Email Provider
  • Send the Contact to a Custom Thank You Page

We recommend sending all the new contacts to a custom thank you page. 

This is a great opportunity, as the majority of people who sign up for your lead magnet will see this page.

On this page, you can thank your visitor for entering their details while you deliver your lead magnet (however, there are other ways to deliver your lead magnet too). 

You can also do several other things to add value and potentially generate sales. 

You could offer alternative free services and products (e.g., follow you on social media, subscribe to your YouTube channel, invite them to your webinar, etc.) or upsell a low-priced offer. 

You can create and customize this page on Kajabi. Once the page is created, select it using the dropdown menu once the Send the Contact to a Custom Thank You Page box is checked.

Deliver Lead Magnet

Deliver Lead Magnet

There are several ways to deliver the lead magnet to the visitors who have opted-in. These include a thank you page, email, or email with a new landing page link.

Thank You Page – As we just learned, you can add the link or details on how to receive the lead magnet on your Thank You page.

However, a customer could enter fake contact details and still receive your lead magnet.

Email – You can provide the lead magnet through an automated email. This could be an attached file, link to download, log in details, etc.

You can set this up in your Automations on your opt-in form by sending an email to the user.

Your contacts need to check and read the email to receive the lead magnet. This is great training for future email marketing campaigns.

It also means that your contacts have to provide a valid email address to receive the lead magnet.

However, suppose you ever want to update your lead magnet content and allow users to continually access the most up-to-date content. 

In that case, it is impossible to do so with the lead magnet attached to the email. The customer has to opt in again to receive the newest version of your lead magnet.

Landing Page Link via Email – You can create a landing page with all the details on accessing the lead magnet. This is our preferred way to deliver lead magnets.

Add a link to the landing page in the automated email you send customers from the opt-in form.

To receive the link to the landing page, customers need to provide a valid email address.

You could also add a description, directions, and video tutorials to the landing page. This will vary depending on the lead magnet you are offering. 

Using a landing page allows you to change and update your lead magnet. This allows you to keep your lead magnet relevant and valuable. 

It also means your contacts can easily check the landing page for updates. 

Kajabi Lead Magnet Examples and Ideas

As a Kajabi user, there are many lead magnets you could offer.  

The main thing is to offer valuable content. 

You can use sites like Canva to format your lead magnet and add relevant photos to keep your customers interested. 

You can also add statistics, graphs, and tables if you’re offering data-based reports. 

Your lead magnet could be one of the following:


As the name suggests, this is a checklist that your customer can check off. 

This could be an interactive digital checklist or a printable checklist.

Example: You host a travel podcast on Kajabi. You could offer a downloadable packing list for specific trips. E.g., What to Pack for Skiing, What to Pack for a Sailing Trip, What to Pack When You Go Hiking, etc.

Long-Form Guides

A long-form guide is a guide with everything someone could know about a certain topic. 

Some topics are oversaturated, and producing unique content can be challenging. 

A long-form guide can be valuable for these topics.

You can reference other websites’ articles, research, and statistics and link to their content to create an ultimate guide. 

This should be the most informative guide on the subject. 

You can organize, categorize, and add your own information to each section to make it helpful and easy to read for your audience. 


You can create an e-book and offer it as a lead magnet. 

The content of the e-book should be directly related to any products or services you offer. 

White Paper Report

A white paper report outlines a solution, product, or service. 

As a company, you can write one to compare, as an overview, or as a solution.

Example: If you sell Dropshipping Courses on Kajabi, you could write a paper that compares different e-commerce platforms in-depth as a lead magnet. 


A template is a file a customer can download, personalize, or customize.

Example: If you offer Productivity Coaching on Kajabi, you could use a downloadable weekly planner template as a lead magnet.

Webinar or Video

You can grant users access to a video or webinar as a lead magnet.

Virtual Events

A virtual event is similar to a webinar or video but is hosted live. It gives the users a chance to interact with the host. 

Access to a Private Group or Community

Allow users to join a private group or community with like-minded users. 

This can be invaluable for asking questions and communicating with others interested in the same product, service, or information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can create and distribute your lead magnet using Kajabi.

A lead magnet is an offer given in exchange for contact information.
A landing page is a page on your website. You can add the lead magnet to your landing page.

Yes. Lead magnets are a free offer. A customer needs to provide contact information to receive the offer.


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