Thinkific Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

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Thinkific offers four differently priced plans. Ranging from Free to Premier (from $399 per month), there’s a plan for you.

Whether you just want to try out Thinkific for the first time or you’re already running a full-scale online education business. 

The most popular plan, Pro, will only set you back $99 per month and lets you access all Thinkific’s tools and options.

Thinkific Pricing Plans

Thinkific Pricing Overview

Thinkific offers four main pricing tiers, namely:

  •       Thinkific Free (which features zero transaction costs, like all Thinkific plans);
  •       Thinkific Basic is $49 per month ($39 when paid annually);
  •       Thinkific Pro is $99 per month ($79 when paid annually); and
  •       Thinkific Premier is $499 per month ($399 when paid annually).

The Growth add-on can combine with the Pro plan. This add-on gives the course creator advanced features billed according to the number of students subscribed to the site.

Thinkific Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Thinkific Pricing Plans: In-Depth

Free Plan (Thinkific Core Features)

The Thinkific Free plan introduces the beginner user to the following basic features:

Course Builder

The drag and drop course builder allows you to include multiple content types such as video, PowerPoint, images, and PDFs (with an included voice-over tool.) Students can interact with their peers and instructors with interactive in-course discussions. Incorporate quizzes and student surveys and allow students to review your courses.

 The free plan allows you to add up to 3 courses to your site.

Website Builder

The Free plan allows you to custom brand your site and course catalog. You can also create additional pages. Thinkific is also compatible with other popular website building applications such as WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix. The website builder includes a basic search engine optimization (SEO) tool.

Sales and Marketing

The fact that there are zero transaction fees in the Free plan allows you to offer free trials of your courses. Track orders and sales conversation rates through the analytical tools included. The core features also include a Shopify App four your online school.


The Thinkific Free plan has the following exciting administrative features:

  • Create multiple instructor profiles;
  • Enroll an unlimited number of students;
  • Site monitoring dashboard;
  • Create automated student welcoming and completion emails; 
  • Supports Paypal and Stripe payments.

Multiple Device Support

Students can view the courses on any device. They can pause, switch, and resume content between any of their connected devices. 


You can contact Thinkific via three different channels:

  • Email;
  • Creating a support ticket; and
  • Phoning them between Monday – Friday between 9 – 5 PST. 
Thinkific Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Basic Plan

The Basic plan includes all the features of the Free plan, together with the following:


Create and host an unlimited number of courses. Schedule the publishing times and dates for each course, either based on a student’s original sign-up or using a fixed date. This program will allow you to create a constant drip-feed of content. The Basic plan also gives you the ability to schedule live classes.


Increase your sales by designing and using coupons. The discounts can be % or $ based and allow you to set quantities, expiry dates, and decide on which products the discount will apply.

Expand the reach of your online school by offering affiliate reward programs. The Thinkific Basic plan allows you to set up affiliate links and track owed commission.


The standard included URL in the Free plan is The Basic plan enables you to generate a custom domain ( and create a branded experience.

Thinkific Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Pro Plan

The Thinkific Pro plan includes all the features found in the Basic plan. In addition to this, it also includes:


The Pro plan truly allows the creator/school to step up their course quality, especially when testing knowledge.

Build and include assignments, prerequisite lessons, and generate randomized questions or quizzes from a question bank. You can then reward your students with custom-designed certificates after the completion.

You can also host private and hidden courses that only allows entry to certain students. 


Set your school’s site apart by making use of custom themes. Add CSS code to further enhance the individuality of your site.

Marketing & Payment

The Pro plan gives you more options for creating exceptional courses and enables you to customize and offer different pricing and membership options. This price customization will enable you to upsell course content and generate a stable, predictable passive income.


Distribute the administrative load for your online course platform. The Thinkific Pro plan supports up to five course administrators and includes two admin accounts. Share the revenue of your school with partners directly from the site. 

Thinkific Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Growth Package

The Growth Package is an add-on for the Pro plan. It provides the advanced course creator with additional tools to expand and grow their business. The cost varies depending on the number of students enrolled. Some of the features included with the Growth package are:


Build customized exams that include time limits and caps on the number of attempts


Send Thinkific course data to multiple tools using webhooks.  Acquire the assistance of a developer to manage your Thinkific school website by making use of public API.

Marketing and Payment

Remove Thinkific branding on your site and student communications to create a uniform branded user experience.


The Growth plan allows the online school to enroll students in bulk and import students using XLSX and CSV files. You can also send out bulk emails to multiple students.

Thinkific Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Premier Plan

For large online learning platforms, the Premier includes all Thinkific’s available features, including all the advantages of the Growth package.


Include up to fifty course administrators/authors with the ability to expand if needed.


Thinkific will conduct a Launch Preparedness Review of your site, which includes a 30-minute call to ensure all settings and preparations are in place before launching the site. Thinkific will also train administrators if the need arises.

Thinkific Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Which Thinkific Plan is Right For Me?

Below we have a look at which Thinkific plan is suited best to your needs. 

Free Plan

The Free plan aims to offer prospective users access to Thinkific’s core features. It’s also a great platform to use to get acquainted with the online teaching world. As with all other Thinkific plans, the Free plan charges no transaction fees. The only cost to you, as a user, is third party payment platforms such as PayPal. 

 Choose the Free plan if all of the following applies:

  • You are completely new to online learning platforms
  • You plan on having less than three courses
  • You want to test drive Thinkific’s interface

Basic Plan

The Basic plan is Thinkific’s cheapest paid plan. For $49 per month, it offers great value and incredible features. It’s the perfect plan for the single person course creator that doesn’t need complicated examination and marketing tools. 

 Choose the Basic plan if the following applies:

  • You have basic experience with online learning platforms
  • You are a single creator/teacher who intends on creating numerous courses
  • You need the ability to set up a drip schedule to share content
  • You want a custom domain for your website.

Pro Plan

The Thinkific Pro plan has all the features a small to medium online school needs. Its superb examination tools enable you to build custom, randomized tests, and award certificates after completion. You can also offer different payment options, enabling students to subscribe to your school, resulting in a passive income. 

 Choose the Pro plan if:

  • You need advanced examination tools such as a randomized quiz question bank, prerequisite lessons, and assignments
  • You want to offer different payment plans and membership bundles
  • You want to offer customized certificates after completion of prerequisites
  • You want to share the revenue generated through the site with other administrators
  • You plan to create private and hidden courses.

Growth Package

The Growth Package is an add-on to the Pro plan. It’s charged for by the number of students enrolled on your site. This addition is perfect for the medium online school that is selling their courses to organizations. It also allows you to remove any Thinkific branding on your site.

 Include the Growth Package with the Pro plan if:

  • You are selling courses/content to organizations
  • You need to email, enroll, or import students in bulk
  • You want to remove Thinkific branding from your site
  • You have a developer that needs to access and manage your Thinkific website          

Premier Plan

The Premier plan aims at large and advanced users that need to supply access to multiple (up to 50) administrators. It includes all the features offered by Thinkific, including those provided by the Growth Package.

 Choose the Premier plan only if you:

  • Are a large online-based school
  • Need to provide access for up to 50 administrators
  • Want Thinkific to assist with training, preparedness, and onboarding calls before launching your site
Thinkific Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Thinkific Pricing FAQs

Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Thinkific pricing:

How much does Thinkific cost?

Thinkific has four plans, each at a different price point. They include the Free plan with no subscription fee and features zero transaction costs, the Basic plan from $39 per month, the Pro plan from $79 per month, and the Premier plan from $399 per month.

Does Thinkific have a free plan?

Yes, they do. The Free plan also features zero transaction fees. It includes all the Thinkific Core features, and it is accessible for an unlimited time.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

If you start on the Thinkific Free plan, you don’t need a credit card to sign up. You will only need to provide credit card details once you register for a paid plan.

Will I be able to cancel my account?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time from your site dashboard.

Will I be able to upgrade or downgrade my account?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time from your site dashboard.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Thinkific offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Bottom Line

Thinkific certainly is one of the leading online training platforms out there. It covers all the price points well and provides users with varying requirements with all the tools they need to create courses with ease and market their material well.

The ability to switch plans to find the sweet spot between cost and features will help you find the best Thinkific plan suited to your needs.

Once you’ve reached that point, I am sure that Thinkific will allow you to do what you do best – create and share great content.

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