21 SamCart Examples

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SamCart is a versatile and powerful checkout provider that allows subscribers to build and process payments on its checkout pages.

The platform provides a wide range of templates, the capability to edit each element, and tools to maximize conversion rates and order value.

We’ve curated a list of 21 SamCart examples for you to gain insight into the platform’s capabilities and inspiration for your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • SamCart has many templates
  • The platform supports all product and service types
  • Embed a checkout onto your site or create a checkout landing page

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1. The Golf State of Mind

The Golf State of Mind is an online training course that helps golf players improve their mental game and performance.

Their SamCart checkout page contains their offer, a breakdown of each training module, and checkout.

2. Primal Potential

Primal Potential uses SamCart to sell its 12-week life transformation program.

They opt for a basic two-column checkout page that requires users to enter their contact information, payment information, and enter any coupons.

The simple design is great for businesses that have already advertised their product on another website.

3. Faster Way to Fat Loss

Faster Way to Fat Loss is an online membership site that charges customers monthly for access.

This is a great example of how customers can use the platform to sell subscription products.

4. Phineka Friend

Phineka Friend sells a women’s mentorship program. To purchase the program, customers must first register for the webinar, which costs $99, before paying the remaining balance after the sales video.

SamCart’s pages can be used as registration forms and payment solutions.

5. 66 Day Body

66 Day Body

The 66 Day Body is a workout and nutrition guide for people who want to transform their bodies.

The digital product contains a keynote talk, workout and nutrition plan, and quick start PDF.

The 66 Day Body uses SamCart’s delayed payment option and only charges users after the training program has finished – users get to access all the content for free until it ends.

6. 6 Figure Linkedin Secrets

6 Figure Linkedin Secrets

6 Figure Linkedin Secrets is a training program for acquiring new clients through Linkedin.

The sales page is hosted on WordPress, and users are directed to a SamCart checkout page to purchase.

This example demonstrates how users can connect the two platforms to advertise and sell products.

7. Feldenkrais TMJ

Feldenkrais TMJ

Feldenkrais TMJ has a six session course on relieving jaw pain.

Their SamCart checkout page has been customized to add a product title, description, and image. They also have personalized colors to match their brand.

In addition, SamCart lets users adjust and change each section using its drag-and-drop editor.

8. Fit with Mommy Lu

Fit with Mommy Lu

One of Fit with Mommy Lu’s products is an online workout and dance class that can be streamed to home devices.

Lu sells access to the product on SamCart using a simple checkout page design. It states the time and names of the class and gives the price. 

9. Frasers GAMSAT

Frasers GAMSAT

Frasers GAMSAT is an online course bundle designed to help students perform well in their exams.

Their SamCart checkout page is a two-column design with a video embedded where one of the course instructors tells customers why they should purchase.

SamCart users can enhance their design and improve conversion rates by including media such as videos.

10. Passion 4 Dancing

Passion 4 Dancing

Passion 4 Dancing is an online membership platform with over 500 dancing video tutorials.

The company uses one of SamCart’s payment options to charge users an annual subscription.

11. The Scholarship System

The Scholarship System

The Scholarship System helps prospective students plan their education to reduce university costs.

The company operates a membership platform with courses, training videos, worksheets, templates, and other resources.

They use SamCart to sell a seven-day trial that costs $1. After the trial ends, if the customer decides to stay, they will be auto-billed for the membership.

12. Doctor Steven Park

Doctor Steven Park

Doctor Steven Park is a sleep expert who helps people improve their sleep quality, and one of the products he sells is his sleep coaching program.

He uses a SamCart sales page that goes over the coaching offer, what customers can expect from the program, and previous customer testimonials.

 At the bottom of the sales page is a checkout for customers to purchase the program.

13. Magnetic Memory Method

Magnetic Memory Method

Magnetic Memory Method is an online masterclass that claims to improve students’ memory.

They have a website that advertises the products, and then to make the purchase, they redirect customers to their SamCart checkout page.

14. The Model Health Show

The Model Health Show

The Model Health Show sells a weight loss program called the Fat Loss Code. 

This video training course also provides customers with meal plans, recipes, and access to previous content they produced.

The Fat Loss Code uses a basic SamCart checkout template to sell its product, with the product name and description in the right-hand column.

15. Code with Chris

Code with Chris

Code with Chris is an online membership platform that teaches people how to program.

Customers can purchase access to their training by selecting a monthly or annual subscription plan.

SamCart lets users create multiple subscription payment options for customers to pick when checking out.

16. All Ears English

All Ears English

All Ears English is a language company that teaches students English.

On their SamCart checkout page, they have three payment options for customers depending on their needs.

Moreover, as they’ve used SamCart’s order bump tool, users can select to add private tuition and extra courses to their purchases.

17. Cut the Fat Podcast

Cut the Fat Podcast

One of Cut the Fat Podcast’s primary products is its Five-Day Metabolic Reset.

The company uses a two-column SamCart design and includes a money-back guarantee graphic, which can increase sales by giving customers more confidence when purchasing.

18. The Offbeat Life

The Offbeat Life

The Offbeat Life is a blog dedicated to helping people get jobs online and become location independent.

One of the products the company sells using SamCart is its Printable Blog Content Calendar.

They have customized the checkout page using their brand’s colors and fonts to make it look similar to their website.

19. Run Like Clockwork

Run Like Clockwork

Run Like Clockwork is a consulting company focused on helping business owners automate their processes.

This is a great example of how high-ticket products can also be sold through the platform as their consulting packages start at $5,000 per year.

20. AdSkills


AdSkills is a membership site for online advertisers to improve their skills and results.

Their primary product is a membership that gives users access to its community and training resources. The subscription costs $299 per month and is processed through SamCart.

21. Better Nutrition

Better Nutrition

Better Nutrition is focused on improving people’s nutrition through free information, coaching, and diagnostic testing.

Its SamCart checkout page lists all its products for customers to easily select and purchase them.

Bottom Line

SamCart has a powerful checkout tool that contains dozens of checkout designs and templates for every type of business.

Moreover, they have a range of features, such as order bumps, pricing options, subscriptions, and layouts to maximize the number and value of sales.

Whether your company sells digital products, physical goods, or services, you can use SamCart to create great-looking high-converting checkouts.

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