12 Best SamCart Examples

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

SamCart is an easy to use, flexible platform for anyone looking to sell online – from virtual courses to physical products and services. 

SamCart specializes in checkout pages, an important step that doesn’t always get the attention it needs when buying online and increasing revenue through upselling.

Selling online is now more relevant than ever, so no matter what niche you may find yourself in, SamCart’s features can work for you. Have a look at some of these SamCart success stories. 

SamCart Examples

Best SamCart Website Examples

These businesses have made impressively high revenue earnings using SamCart. Education and course-based products have had huge success in e-commerce recently.

All of the websites exemplified offer a simple concept – online videos (live and pre-recorded) and lessons. The customer can pay for these courses upfront or over a time, which the customer can access as and when it suits them.

These kinds of products also lend themselves well to upsells. Research shows that relevant upsell offers at checkout can significantly increase the value of a single order.

As an avid online shopper, a clean, simple, and safe checkout experience keeps me coming back, and you can easily achieve this with SamCart.

1. PrepExpert

  • Estimated Revenue: $216K
  • Niche: Education/E-Learning/Online Test Preparation 
  • SamCart Product: SAT Courses, ACT Courses, K-12 Tutoring, “Masterclass” packages ranging from elementary school level to college graduate level

PrepExpert offers online SAT, ACT, and GMAT preparation courses through live video streaming, pre-recorded video lessons, and one-on-one private tutoring. PrepExpert’s instructors are in the top 1% in their fields. 

PrepExpert uses SamCart’s checkout pages to enable them to sell a variety of online education products. SamCart enables PrepExpert to offer a free 30-day trial subscription, followed by monthly billing after that. SamCart offers couponing capabilities, and PrepExpert makes these easy to redeem on checkout. Upselling and order bumps are key selling-points of the SamCart product. PrepExpert employs this feature on their checkout pages well. Upsells, order bumps, and easy to use checkout interfaces all contribute to their impressive revenue figures. 

As a customer who purchases online courses and other subscription-based products, a simple payment interface with valuable product add-on suggestions goes a long way to converting me to a returning customer. 

2. Frasser’s GAMSAT

  • Estimated Revenue: $175K
  • Niche: Medical School Entrance Exam Preparation
  • SamCart Product: GAMSAT Exam preparation courses, Digital Mock Exams with Reporting x4, Digital Mock Exam with Reporting, and a Blueprint Basic Course for comprehensive exam preparation 

Fraser’s GAMSAT offers e-learning exam preparation packages for the GAMSAT test for medical school applicants in Australia. They offer three packages, and the checkout page is simple for all of them.  

You can choose to pay once-off or to pay weekly. SamCart enables this flexible payment functionality, contributing to the revenue stream by opening customers’ way to pay affordably. Customers are thus not put off purchasing the product because of a seemingly “expensive” once-off payment.     

Fraser’s GAMSAT checkout pages feature very easy to use coupon redemption, which SamCart also enables. SamCart leverages the power of upsells at checkout, so it surprised us to see that Fraser’s GAMSAT didn’t employ this feature as well. On the other hand, the “Pay weekly” payment option impressed us since it improves the customer’s view of product affordability.

3. Golf State Of Mind 

  • Estimated Revenue: $155K
  • Niche: Golf (Sports Coaching)
  • SamCart Product: Online psychological coaching courses to improve golf performance.
12 Best SamCart Examples

Golf State of Mind offers a golf coaching program through online audio modules, assessments, and scorecards.

They have designed their product page and checkout page in one, so once you’ve read through and learned about the product, there is no need to navigate to another page to complete payment.

You can choose between credit card or PayPal payment options. The company also offers appealing one-click upsells on all checkout interfaces, increasing possible revenue streams. 

SamCart Examples in Sports & Wellness

Sports and wellness have always been a huge market, which has not changed under “the new normal.” People are more interested than ever in living a better life holistically. While traditional fitness classes and meetups are less popular now, people have been turning to online platforms instead.

Selling wellness products online is now par-for-the-course, and if you are in this sector, looking into robust selling tools like SamCart is a must. Consider the following businesses. 

Yoga With Adriene

  • Niche: Wellness and Yoga 
  • SamCart Product: Video format online yoga-related courses

Yoga With Adriene sells online yoga and wellness classes in the form of videos that you can download and follow along at your leisure. 

We found it interesting that the seller used SamCart to enable a “Pay What You Want” option for many of the courses, which allows the customer to do just that. For products with a fixed price, the checkout page is straightforward and easy to use – there are only three fields to fill in! 

Yoga with Adriene also uses SamCart to enable a try-before-you-buy 7-day trial on fixed price products. 

This seller shows how flexible and simple checkout pages can be using the SamCart platform for selling online. If you want to cultivate an interest in your products and help customers see the value you offer, the Pay-What-You-Want and free trials are a great way to do this, and it’s made simple with SamCart. 


  • Niche: Diet and Wellness e-learning  
  • SamCart Product: Online fitness and health-related courses with certifications

FlexDiet is a seller of online courses for health and fitness enthusiasts to certify themselves in the field of metabolic flexibility.   They offer products that range from online-only training to a blend of online and in-person. The courses include physical and virtual certification.  

FlexDiet uses SamCart’s intuitive checkout pages to accommodate online-only and blended products, so there is an easy to use billing and shipping address section on checkout.    

FlexDiet doesn’t seem to offer upsells, which would have been a nice inclusion to increase revenue in this niche.

SamCart Examples in Business & Education

As with so many niches today, online presence and selling are crucial to success. This connection goes without saying in the business and education sector. People would like to learn and work on their terms and from wherever they want.

Continuing education is non-negotiable to stay relevant. But going back to school is not easy or practical. So, selling business and educational products to these individuals online just makes sense. SamCart makes meeting this need simple for you as a seller. 

FreshSparks Brand Strategy 

  • Niche: Marketing/Brand Strategy
  • SamCart Product: Online brand strategy masterclass
12 Best SamCart Examples

FreshSparks offers an online masterclass for revamping your branding strategy. The masterclass reveals the do’s and don’ts when it comes to branding. 

The checkout pages for the masterclass are refreshingly simple. There are no unnecessary fields to fill in, which we all know can be off-putting when making purchases online. Upsell value-adds are also easy to add to the cart at checkout. Selecting a payment method is easy as well.

12 Best SamCart Examples

Geek in Your Pocket 

  • Niche: WordPress maintenance and support for businesses
  • SamCart Product: WordPress website security, cleanup, site optimization, and maintenance packages. 
12 Best SamCart Examples

Geek In Your Pocket offers WordPress site optimization and support. They have ongoing service plans and once-off service products, and SamCart supports checkout for both of these.  

They mention customized payment plans, but the customer has to contact them personally to set this up. SamCart lets you enable payment plans on checkout, so it would have been good to have that option visible to demonstrate the product’s affordability for all budgets.   

Once again, checkout is straightforward, with just three fields to fill in and no non-essential, “mandatory” fields to slow you down.

12 Best SamCart Examples

Flourish Writers Academy

  • Niche: Online community support for writers 
  • SamCart Product: Membership for an online community support service for writers 
12 Best SamCart Examples

The Flourish Writers offer a community support type service for writers to make the most of their skills.

It operates like a subscription-based product, so the customer receives daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly content to help them in their writing careers.

They used SamCart to enable once-off payment for registration and a monthly payment plan as well. Both plans lock in the customer for the full 12 months. 

Fluent With Friends

  • Niche: Online language education 
  • SamCart Product: Three English fluency courses based on the popular culture American TV Series, “Friends.”
12 Best SamCart Examples

Fluent With Friends offers three English fluency courses based on the popular American TV series “Friends.” 

The company uses SamCart checkout pages with once-off payment or payment plans and simple coupon redemption. SamCart enables payment flexibility for Basic, Standard, and Complete packages either once upfront or spread over ten months. 

SamCart has a feature to enable free trials for this kind of product. We feel that the company could attract more interest by offering a trial. 

12 Best SamCart Examples

Get Simply Online

  • Niche: Social Media Content Creation and Strategy 
  • SamCart Product: Content and social media support services for businesses to optimize online engagement.
12 Best SamCart Examples

Get Simply Online offers clients access to support for their businesses’ social media side through regular content delivery and live meetup sessions.     

The company uses SamCart to enable monthly payment or annual payment for the services. The checkout page is simple and clear, and it follows on from an in-depth discussion of the product itself, so you know what you are signing up for at checkout.    

The company could probably have used SamCart’s features to add bonus content to orders through upsells, free trials of certain services, or downloadable freebies to engage with leads.

12 Best SamCart Examples

SamCart Examples in Lifestyle & Hobbies

The lifestyle and hobbies niche is growing, and it seems like anyone can sell anything. In a complex world full of information and misinformation, it can be worthwhile to enlist an expert to help with lifestyle management and hobbies. SamCart helps these businesses sell their physical and virtual products engagingly and attractively. SamCart’s checkout pages have a very professional aesthetic, and this engages customers and creates a sense of trust. You can see this in the following examples. 

Frugal Chic Life

  • Niche: DIY financial management resources and coaching
  • SamCart Product: Learning resources for personal financial planning and budgeting resources, consultations, and physical products that support personal finance and budgeting.
12 Best SamCart Examples

Frugal Chic Life offers financial advice consultations and budget management lifestyle products like planners, expense trackers, and other personal financial management tools. They sell both physical products and consultation services. 

SamCart enables selling these products and services using intuitive but eye-catching checkout pages, including fields for product customization options like color. Checkout pages also feature attractive upsells – it’s not simply text, but cute images of the upsell products with an enticingly simple add-to-cart button. A customer can also easily apply coupons at checkout.

12 Best SamCart Examples

Fabulous Alyce

  • Niche: Dating Coach
  • SamCart Product: Dating coaching and support services, dating support workbook, online consultation services
12 Best SamCart Examples

Fabulous Alyce offers dating coaching services to women who are getting back into the dating game after divorce. They sell a coaching workbook and a package that includes both the workbook and a 90-minute coaching consultation service. 

SamCart enables the purchase of either product on one simple, attractive checkout page and simple application of coupons if applicable.

12 Best SamCart Examples

Bottom Line

SamCart is an online sales support platform focusing on the checkout experience. It is highly versatile and suited to multiple niches. SamCart can comfortably accommodate educational and remote e-learning products and services across all areas, from college-level exam prep to lifestyle coaching. You can use SamCart to sell virtually any product or service, no matter what kind of payment plan you want to offer. SamCart’s checkout templates are very simple, aesthetically pleasing, and professional, reassuring customers. Checkout page templates are eye-catching and fully customizable to suit your brand’s look and feel.

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