Kajabi Gamification: The Ultimate Guide

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Kajabi’s gamification elements can keep students engaged and incentivize further learning.

Things like setting milestones, rewards programs, and granting points for completed lessons are all gamification elements that keep students engaged.

All of these provide an incentive to continue learning.

Kajabi Gamification: 4 Things You Need to Know

What Is Gamification?

Low retention rates are a big problem for the online course industry. It is a positive thing that online courses are so much more convenient than traditional in-person courses.

Unfortunately, this means that people can get off track and not stick with the program. 

That is why gamification exists; to incentivize customers to return and continue learning.

Video games are addictive for an excellent reason. Games are addictive because they stimulate the reward center in our brains whenever we accomplish some task. People keep coming back to classic titles like Super Mario Bros because you get points and unlock more levels for every obstacle you cross. 

The point of gamification is to include reward elements, like those found in games, to incentivize users to keep learning. 

Rewards programs, like those at restaurants and other shops, are a form of gamification as they trigger that reward center in people’s brains and keep them coming back for more. 

Kajabi Gamification: The Ultimate Guide

How Gamification Works in Kajabi

Kajabi Gamification: The Ultimate Guide

Kajabi is a powerful platform with several ways to incorporate gamification elements into your lesson and business structure. 

Kajabi can be used to set up automated email sequences to remind people about their milestones, or you can arrange pipelines to funnel people into rewards programs.

The only real limit is your creativity in using the platform. 

Here are a few examples of gamification elements you can add to your Kajabi page. 


Milestones are set to give students a goal and to let them see just how far they have come.

You can configure automated email responses to send out whenever someone reaches a certain milestone.

It is important to keep your students updated on their progress and make them understand how far along the path they are. 

Let us say student X takes ten (10) courses and receives an automated milestone email with a promo code.

They might then complete a total of fifty (50) courses and get another milestone response.

You might also choose to orient milestones around assessment scores.

The basic purpose is to give students a goal and push them toward it. 

Rewards & Prizes

Everybody loves free stuff, so freebies are a great incentive for buying your courses.

Rewards programs, for example, give students periodic prizes for engaging with certain content or reaching certain milestones. 

The specifics are up to you, but you can incentivize learners by offering bonus content. Keeping some content locked away for invested learners is a good way to capture their attention. 

You could also offer extra training or special 1-on-1 instruction as part of a rewards program.

Sometimes the best reward for learning is more learning.

Keeping special content or materials behind a rewards program is the extra cherry on the top of the learning sundae. 

You could even have a full-blown gift program where you ship presents and gifts to students.

You could make hats, t-shirts, pins, blankets, and whatever you want to offer.


Setting prerequisites on courses is a gamification move as it incentivizes users to build up their “stats” before they tackle the challenge.

You could force students to go through prerequisites one at a time, or you could take a more open-ended approach and allow multiple prerequisite combinations for courses. 

One idea is to offer “points” for completing lessons that students can then use to unlock further lessons and content.

Game-based assignments that focus on unlocking more material are a further solid gamification design-choice.

Second Chances

Most games give you at least a few extra lives so you can retry if you fail.

You can incorporate second chances in quizzes and assessments to provide the same kind of “saving grace” to let students protect their stats after a mistake or absence.

Offering second chances on either questions or entire assignments allows students to learn from their mistakes and complete the assignment properly.

Another way to incorporate second chances into your courses is by letting students view course presentations more than once.

Kajabi Gamification: The Ultimate Guide


Games are addictive by nature, and incorporating aspects of game design into your courses is a perfect way to capture student attention and increase engagement.

Some of these options offer direct benefits to student learning as well as enhanced engagement in a commercial sense.

While the rest do not harm the learning experience, they may be driven primarily by marketing objectives.

The options for enhanced engagement through gamification with Kajabi are basically endless and limited only by your creativity.

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