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Dive into our comprehensive article comparing GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive.

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GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform for selling products and services by allowing users to capture leads, manage contacts, and build sales pipelines.

The platform’s features include landing pages, websites, a CRM, sub-accounts, bookings, calendars, blogs, and custom domains.

If a business is looking for a more straightforward platform that only provides a CRM and email marketing solution, then Pipedrive is an alternative they should consider.

Key Takeaways:

  • GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform for lead generation, sales pipelines, CRM, marketing, and selling
  • Pipedrive is chiefly a CRM, sales pipeline, and email marketing solution best suited for businesses with an existing online presence

Main Differences Between GoHighLevel and Pipedrive

There are many differences between GoHighLevel and Pipeline:

  • Platform Type – Pipedrive is a standalone CRM and email marketing solution; therefore businesses will likely have a website and lead generation funnel hosted on a third-party platform, whereas GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform.
  • Pricing – GoHighLevel’s entry-level plan, the Starter plan, costs $97 per month, whereas Pipedrive’s Essential Plan costs $21.90 per month.
  • Annual Discount – Pipedrive offers subscribers a 32% discount when subscribing to an annual plan; in contrast, GoHighLevel offers a larger discount of up to $3,564 per year.
  • Sub-Accounts – GoHighLevel has a sub-account feature that allows agencies to manage client accounts and resell the software; in contrast, Pipedrive only allows businesses to share permissions with other users and not resell software.
  • Web Presence – GoHighLevel has a native website and landing page builder; on the other hand, Pipedrive does not have any online presence builders.
  • Digital Products – Pipedrive does not have any digital product features, whereas GoHighLevel has course and membership site creation, hosting, and delivery tools.
Starting Price$97 per month$21.90 per month
DiscountsUp to $3,564 per yearUp to 32% annual discount
Transaction Fees0%0%
Type of PlatformAll-in-oneMarketing platform
Native BuildersLanding pages, funnels, websitesLanding pages, email marketing
Native Email Marketing
Native Digital Products SupportedCourses, membership sites
Native Automation
Integrations and API Access

What Are GoHighLevel and Pipedrive?

GoHighLevel has an all-in-one platform for generating leads, building sales pipelines, and making sales.

Moreover, the platform has an agency feature, enabling agencies to generate leads and sell the software to other companies.

The tools and features that GoHighLevel has include:

  • CRM
  • Sales pipeline
  • Social calendar
  • Booking forms
  • Website builder
  • Blog
  • Course
  • Membership sites
  • Integrations
  • Sub-accounts
  • App

Pipedrive is a CRM that enables businesses to create a sales pipeline, track their leads through the stages, and automate the complete marketing process.

The platform has these features and tools:

  • Sales pipeline
  • Pipeline customizations
  • Team collaboration
  • Activity reminders
  • Segment leads
  • Contact history
  • Web forms
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Revenue forecasting
Revenue forecasting

Pros and Cons of GoHighLevel


  • All-in-One – GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform, which means customers can collect leads, create sales pipelines, and process payments all in one place.
  • Integrations – The platform has many direct integrations that can add call and SMS capabilities.
  • Sub-accounts – GoHighLevel lets users create sub-accounts, which means they can manage client accounts and white-label the subscriptions.


  • Learning – New GoHighLevel users will find that they have to spend some time getting set up and learning how to use the platform.

Pros and Cons of Pipedrive


  • Affordability – Pipedrive has five subscription plans starting at $21.90, making it accessible to all businesses. 
  • Integrations – The platform has over 400 direct integrations, making connecting to almost all popular platforms easy.
  • Add-ons – To enhance the subscription, companies can purchase powerful add-on plans to give them additional functionality.


  • Limited Tools – Pipedrive has a very narrow focus, which is on its CRM and email tools, meaning that companies require additional third-party platform subscriptions to run their business.
Limited Tools

Use Experience: GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive

GoHighLevel and Pipedrive both have good user experiences.

It should be noted that GoHighLevel can take a little time to get familiar with, primarily due to its comprehensive CRM solution.

To help new customers learn the tools, they provide a wide range of tutorials, prompts, and great live chat support.

We found that the platform’s live chat support team was responsive, and when we were stuck, they provided a video tutorial walking us through the solution.

Pipedrive has a visual sales pipeline that enables businesses to clearly see what stage of the sales cycle a customer is in.

In addition, Pipedrive makes it easy to integrate and connect multiple third-party platforms.

If a user gets stuck when using Pipedrive, they have these support tools:

  • Blog
  • Courses
  • Academy
  • Tutorials
  • Help Center
  • Developer documents

The platform also has an active community that crowdsources answers and receives fast responses.

Developer documents

After testing both platforms, we believe GoHighLevel had the better user experience because of its easy layout, prompts, and fantastic live chat support.

CRM: GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive

GoHighLevel and Pipedrive’s chief focus is on its CRM and sales pipeline tools, providing many features.

To summarize our experience using them, we’d say that GoHighLevel overall has the slightly better CRM and sales pipeline solution.

Importing Leads🏆🏆
Sales Pipeline Builder🏆🏆
Automation🏆2nd place
SMS and Phone Integration🏆🏆
Mobile App🏆🏆

Importing Leads

Both platforms enable users to import leads, add them manually, and integrate form submissions to automate the process.

After the leads have been populated, all the customers’ data will be in their profiles for sales reps to view.

We’d say that GoHighLevel and Pipedrive are tied for tools to import leads.

Importing Leads

Sales Pipeline Builder

Pipedrive’s sales pipeline tool lets customers build out a pipeline and then have their leads populate each step and move between them.

When a customer creates a sales pipeline, they list all of the stages within their sales cycle, starting with the lead being imported into the system and ending once the purchase has been made.

GoHighLevel’s sales pipeline builder works similarly and provides an easy-to-use editor to create them.

Overall, we’d say that the platforms’ sales pipeline builders are equal, and there isn’t a clear winner.

Sales Pipeline Builder


On both Pipedrvie and GoHighLevel, many tasks within a sales pipeline can be automated, which include:

  • Lead population
  • Lead qualification
  • Communication
    • Email marketing
    • SMS
    • Phone
  • Booking and scheduling appointments
  • Notifications
  • Invoices
  • Tags

The platforms’ automation tools also enable the automatic moving of leads through a sales pipeline and complete marketing campaigns.


Because GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform, automating all aspects of the sales process is easier as fewer third-party platforms have to be connected.

SMS and Phone Integration

GoHighLevel and Pipedrive have direct integrations with Twilio, which enables SMS and call functionality within the platform.

Moreover, the Twilio integration enables the two-way sending of SMS messages, which can be incorporated into automated marketing flows.

SMS and Phone Integration

As GoHighLevel and Pipedrive both have direct Twilio integrations, the primary provider of these services, we ranked them as even for this feature.

Mobile App

Another powerful feature that GoHighLevel has is its mobile app, which can be used to review a sales pipeline and communicate with leads.

A business owner or sales rep must no longer be on a desktop to run their business.

GoHighLevel enables businesses to white-label its app, which lets them brand and resell app access to their clients.

Mobile App

In addition to all of the features mentioned in the GoHighLevel app section, Pipedrive also has several unique tools, such as:

  • Voice-to-text messaging
  • Mobile app integrations
  • Daily organizer notifications
Daily organizer notifications

We ranked their apps as tied due to the overlapping features and functionality.

Websites and Landing Pages: GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive

To capture new leads, GoHighLevel provides customers with the ability to create websites, landing pages, and funnels.

These can include:

  • Forms and surveys
  • Appointment booking
  • Blog
Websites and Landing Pages: GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive

Pipedrive does not have a website builder; the platform only has web forms, which allow users to embed them on their own hosted site.

have a website builder;

As it has far more tools to create an online web presence, we believe GoHighLevel offers a superior website and landing page solution.

Reporting and Analytics: GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive

GoHighLevel has analytics and reporting capabilities for all of the assets that can be created on the following:

  • Attribution
  • Conversion
  • Source
  • Call 
  • Appointment

The platform also has a direct integration with Google Analytics that populates the dashboard with all the Google Ads data.

The range of analytics that Pipedrive provides:

  • Sales dashboard
    • Number of new deals
    • Value of new deals
    • Activities completed
    • Top sales performers
  • Sales reporting
    • Pipeline metrics
  • Teams
    • Tracking team performance
  • Recurring revenue
    • Tracking revenue
    • Forecast revenue
  • Sales forecasting
    • Prediction statistics
Prediction statistics

After testing both GoHighLevel and Pipedrive’s analytics tools, we thought GoHighLevel offers better reporting tools.

Email Marketing and Automation: GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive

Email Marketing

GoHighLevel doesn’t have an email marketing solution; instead, it provides direct integrations with third-party platforms, such as MailGun and LC-Email.

LC-Email is the recommended GoHighLevel solution, as the platform owns the software.

Email Marketing

In contrast, Pipedrive enables third-party email integration and provides a range of email features and tools:

  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Templates
  • Segmentation
  • Automation
  • Analytics

We’d say that the email marketing solutions are tied because both platforms require third-party integrations, but they do enable users to design, create campaigns, and send campaigns from within the platforms.


GoHighLevel has an automation tool called Workflows Builder, which uses advanced logic to map out and link a user’s journey.

The Workflows Builder has these tools:

Within this feature, users will be able to connect all of the platform’s assets, including sales pipeline, CRM, forms, and marketing.

Third-party integrations

Pipedrive also has a comprehensive set of automation features and tools.

A business can decide to use a pre-made template or design its automation form from scratch.

pre-made template

When creating a Workflow, companies can use these tools:

  • Conditional logic
  • Triggers
  • Actions
  • Time delays

One bonus feature the platform provides is its Transfer Ownership tool that lets users move an existing automation flow to another person’s account.

Time delays

After testing both GoHighLevel and Pipedrive’s automation tools, we found no clear winner, so we called it a tie.

Other Features and Tools: GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive

Courses and Membership Sites

GoHighLevel has a membership site feature, allowing businesses to access specific content.

eLearning providers can use this gated membership site feature to upload their video content to a site and charge for access.

To create membership sites and courses GoHighLevel has these tools:

  • Login area
  • Video hosting
  • Quizzes
Video hosting

Pipedrive does not have a native course or membership site builder, therefore GoHighLevel wins this comparison.

Social Planner

GoHighLevel has a Social Planner tool, which is for businesses to create and schedule social media content.

It can integrate and publish content to:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Groups
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Google My Business
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
Social Planner

Pipedrive does not have this feature, therefore ClickFunnels 2.0 is the winner for scheduled social media content.


GoHighLevel has sub-accounts, which means that agencies can manage client accounts from within their dashboard.

Moreover, agencies can resell the platform’s software for businesses to use the sub-account.


In contrast, Pipedrive’s equivalent feature is slightly different: it lets one user have access to multiple accounts.

But this does not extend to the white-label and rebilling options that GoHighLevel has; therefore, Pipedrive loses this comparison.

Pipedrive’s equivalent

Integrations: GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive

GoHighLevel has many direct integrations, which include:

  • Twilio
  • Zoom
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Quickbooks
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp

The platform’s direct integrations are more focused on providing communication, payment, and social media.

GoHighLevel also has API Access, which enables businesses to integrate into all third-party platforms, including Zapier.

Integrations: GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive

Pipedrive has over 400 direct integrations, such as:

  • Zapier
  • MailChimp
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom Meetings
  • JustCall
  • PandaDoc Proposals & eSignatures
  • DocuSign

Moreover, because Pipedrive has a direct Zapier integration and API access, users can connect to thousands of additional third-party platforms.

PandaDoc Proposals & eSignatures

Pipedrive has more direct integrations; however, as both GoHighLevel and Pipedrive have API access and integrate with Zapier, they can integrate with almost all third-party platforms.

As it has more direct integrations, we thought that Pipedrive has the better integration feature.

Affordability: GoHighLevel vs Pipedrive

GoHighLevel has two subscription plans:

  • The Starter Plan – $97 per month
  • The Unlimited Plan – $297 per month

The platform’s core features include websites, landing pages, sales pipelines, bookings, Social Calendar, and up to three sub-accounts.

By upgrading to the Unlimited plan, customers gain access to the following tools:

  • API Access
  • Unlimited sub-accounts
  • Unlimited contacts and users
  • Branded desktop app
The Essential PlanThe Advanced PlanThe Professional PlanThe Power PlanThe Enterprise Plan
Pricing$21.90 per month$37.90 per month$59 per month$74.90 per month$119 per month
Sales Pipelines
24/7 Support
Email Marketing
Streamlined Lead Routing
Advanced Reporting
Project Monitoring
Phone and CRM Support
Account Permissions
Enhanced Security
Unlimited Reports
Twice the Automation Capacity
Advanced Plan

Pipedrive also has three add-on subscriptions:

  • The LeadBooster – $39 per month
  • The Web Visitors – $49 per month
  • The Campaigns – $16 per month

The add-on subscriptions enable users to access tools such as live chat, advanced attribution, and email templates.

GoHighLevel has a more straightforward pricing structure; however, we like Pipedrive’s subscription options as it allows users to move up and down plans without a large jump.

Pipedrive customers likely need additional subscriptions to third-party platforms since it’s not an all-in-one platform.

These additional costs should be factored into the total price when comparing the cost to GoHighLevel because GoHighLevel is an all-in-one platform.

Therefore, we rate these two platforms as tied for affordability as it is dependent on a business’s specific requirements.

Bottom Line

After testing GoHighLevel and Pipedrive, we believe that GoHighLevel is the better platform.

We crowned it the winner due to its more extensive range of features and tools, reasonable pricing, and fantastic sub-account feature.

Despite this, we still believe that Pipedrive offers businesses with an existing online presence a great CRM, marketing, and sales solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

GoHighLevel and Pipedrive have many overlapping features, such as CRM, email marketing, and automation. GoHighLevel’s additional tools include websites, landing pages, sub-accounts, courses, and blogs.

Yes, we believe that GoHighLevel is better than Pipedrive because it is an all-in-one platform with many additional features and tools.

GoHighLevel’s entry-level plan, the Starter plan, costs $97 per month; in contrast, Pipedrive starts at $23 per month. Prospective customers should know that GoHighLevel users do not need additional subscriptions, unlike Pipedrive customers.

We recommended GoHighLevel, as it is a complete all-in-one solution for capturing leads, marketing, and selling. On the other hand, Pipedrive is more limited to being a CRM, email marketing, and sales solution.

Both GoHighLevel and Pipedrive are easy to use, as they have intuitive to-navigate dashboards, clear descriptions when creating an asset, and fantastic support for when you get stuck.

Yes, GoHighLevel and Pipedrive both have 14-day free trials for prospective customers to test all the platforms’ features and tools; moreover, Pipedrive doesn’t require a user to submit their credit card details.


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