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If you’re running a nonprofit business – whether charitable or social enterprise – and looking to move online or improve your digital presence, Kajabi is a great platform.

Kajabi’s fully integrated platform means you have everything in one place, making it easy to showcase your nonprofit online. 

With user-friendly, functional features and tools, you can spend more time where it matters – connecting with your community. 

To inspire you, we’re sharing two examples of nonprofit businesses that use Kajabi effectively. 

Read on if you also want to find out more about Kajabi integration features to help power your nonprofit business.

Kajabi For Non Profits

How Kajabi Can Be Useful For Nonprofits

Going digital can be daunting, which is why we highly recommend Kajabi. 

With its robust and integrative platform, all the tools you need are in one place. You’re not limited by what products and services you can offer your community. 

Kajabi’s website builder helps you create a site for people to support their chosen causes. The platform also lets you build and promote your customizable products, such as online courses and coaching programs. 

Nonprofit business owners will also love how easy it is to build their membership site.

And it’s all done with a few quick clicks. 

Is There A Kajabi Nonprofit Discount?

Kajabi does not offer any specific discounts for nonprofit organizations using their platform. However, with three different pricing plans to pick from, you can select the right plan for your budget.

What’s more, you get a 14-day free trial period which allows you to try out all Kajabi features.

You can select between monthly and annual plans. If you opt for annual billing, you’ll get a 20% discount on whichever plan you pick.

This substantial discount will allow you more affordability while giving you the option of selecting a higher-tier plan with more features.

Try Out Kajabi Now!

Gain Access to all Kajabi features for 14-days free!

Kajabi for Nonprofits Examples

If you still need convincing that Kajabi is the right platform for your nonprofit business, then check out these two examples we’re sharing. Both organizations have moved online and are powered by Kajabi. 

In the examples, we’ve highlighted how each organization has used the various tools and features offered by Kajabi to market and grow their respective businesses. 

Discover how you can use Kajabi to increase your nonprofit’s digital presence. 

1. Peace in Schools – Transformative Mindfulness Education

  • Aim of the organization: To support students (and teachers) with trauma by giving them more resilience through mindfulness.  
  • Product/Service offered with Kajabi: Teen programs (including meetups), adult online courses and events, online videos, book shop, and blog.

This nonprofit organization has taken full advantage of Kajabi’s integrative platform. They’ve designed online community meditation classes and various online training courses for adults and educators with Kajabi’s product generator. 

The website includes a book shop, and payment is made easy with Kajabi’s simple payment gateways, which integrate with Stripe and PayPal. What’s more, videos can be uploaded easily to the website for online viewing. 

A blog page keeps the community up-to-date with the organization’s cause, and a CTA button makes it easy for people to donate to their favorite charity. Kajabi Integrations allow you to create a contact and donation form so your funders can donate with minimal hassle.

Peace in Schools - Transformative Mindfulness Education

2. Learning for Leaders – Developing Nonprofit Leaders

  • Aim of organization: To support other nonprofit organizations build strong leadership teams.
  • Product/Service offered with Kajabi: Free and paid online video training and courses, interactive book shop, and shopping cart 

The founder of Learning for Leaders, Paula Maclean, has been involved in teaching and coaching for many years. Her passion for converting live teaching seminars into online teaching modules was made possible with Kajabi’s powerful platform. 

A major factor for Paula was being able to use a marketing platform that allowed her users to watch any of her 17 online videos simultaneously at any time. 

Kajabi was also her answer to offering a simple, user-friendly interface while getting her products online quickly and efficiently. 

Kajabi’s features allow Paula to:

  • Offer online video courses
  • Sell books with a safe payment facility
  • Reach her customers easily

With the support of Kajabi, Paula has transitioned to an online business painlessly while increasing revenue by 100k!


Kajabi Integrations for Nonprofits

Kajabi’s comprehensive platform allows nonprofits to grow and connect with their community. 

This connection happens through Kajabi’s functional website builder and email platform

Furthermore, Kajabi Integrations make fundraising and receiving donations secure and straightforward.


Revv is an innovative platform designed to help your nonprofit business fundraise and receive donations. This platform makes use of Zapier to send donation data to Kajabi. 

The following triggers are made available to simplify your donation process:

  • Donation Processed Trigger – alerts Kajabi to one-off donations.
  • New Donor Profile Trigger – information is sent to Kajabi when a new donor signs up to your organization or changes their online details.
  • New Subscription Created  Trigger – this informs Kajabi of any new donation.
  • New Lead Created Trigger – Kajabi is informed whenever a person signs a petition.


Kajabi Integration allows you to create and market your nonprofit organization so that you can drive more donations. It also allows you to monitor your nonprofit’s contributions, with tracking through Donately and Zapier.

The Donately feature gives you the following benefits:

  • Easy-to-use fundraising tools
  • An improved online experience for your donors
  • Simplifies the fundraising and donation processes
  • Increases online sales
  • Ability to create form submissions for each new donation 
  • Proper record-keeping of all donations

With all these benefits of Kajabi Integration, you can run your nonprofit professionally, knowing your donations are being captured and appropriately recorded.

Bottom Line

With Kajabi’s all-in-one, fully integrative platform, you’ll be able to create and promote your nonprofit’s digital presence quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, you can expand your community reach while improving your fundraising efforts. And with its discounted annual billing option, you can afford to increase your digital presence. 

Kajabi Integration features make it easy for your donors to contribute to their favorite nonprofit while enjoying their online experience.

What are you waiting for? Transitioning and growing your nonprofit into a fully online business has become a whole lot simpler with Kajabi. 

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