Kajabi vs Mighty Networks

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Kajabi is a well-rounded content creation and marketing platform, while Mighty Networks is all about community building. 

Here’s how the two stack up against each other.

Mighty Networks

Key Takeaways:

  • Kajabi is our top pick for course creation and marketing platforms
  • Mighty Networks is worth it if you want to solely build communities

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks at a Glance

FeatureKajabiMighty Networks
Current promotion30-day free trial14-day free trial
Website and Blog Builder
Email Campaigns
Course Creation
Community Newsfeed
Community Spaces
Private Events
Live Video Streaming
Live Chat
Group Messaging
Mobile App

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Pros and Cons

Kajabi ProsKajabi ConsMighty Networks ProsMighty Networks Cons
Fully flexible content creation featuresPricing is inaccessible for manyExcellent community building featuresFeatures limited to communities only
Complete suite of marketing toolsCustomer service response times are hit and missAffordable and accessible pricingLack of marketing tools
Many processes can be automatedPlatform has a great user experienceLack of direct integration options
High-quality and fresh-looking templatesPlenty of ways to monetize your community
Faultless help articles and guides

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Affordability

Both Kajabi and Mighty Networks offer three plans to choose from with a discount if you pay for a years’ subscription upfront:

PlatformLow-Tier PlanMid-Tier PlanTop-Tier PlanDiscount for Paying Annually
Mighty Networks$39/month$119/monthBespoke pricing16.6%

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It’s worth noting that in addition to a 30-day free trial, Kajabi provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide it’s not for you, whereas Mighty Networks doesn’t provide a refund.

Winner Is Mighty Networks (Just)

It’s no secret that Kajabi is highly priced. Therefore, it’s typically the higher-priced platform out of most that we compare. In this case, Mighty Networks is a lot more affordable for the low and mid-tier options.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Community Features

Kajabi Community Features

Kajabi Community Features

Since Kajabi acquired Vibely in 2022, the platform has turbo-charged its community offering and now provides a great selection of features for you to create a vibrant community.

Kajabi Communities gives you a dedicated space where you can perform the following:

  • Create separate spaces called “Circles” within the community that can be used for chatting about specific subjects.
  • Post videos, images, and text to the community newsfeed.
  • Direct message community members.
  • Hold live video calls and events.
  • Run challenges.
  • Track progress and accountability for your members.

With each community, you also get a member directory and can assign ambassadors and admins to help manage the membership base.

Additionally, you can tie your community in with your other Kajabi offers. 

For example, if you have a course centered around sales, you can create a community for it so that your students can engage with each other.

Mighty Networks Community Features

Mighty Networks Community Features

Mighty Networks does not have a community feature; it is a community. 

This is important to understand because you cannot access or use any of Mighty Networks’ features without first establishing your community space.

Once you have done this, everything takes place within the community itself. 

For example, you can create a course that is accessible via your community, but you cannot create a standalone course.

Mighty Networks does not have a community feature

There are a comprehensive number of features that you get with your community:

  • The ability to create “Spaces.” These can be private or public, paid or free, and you can use them for a multitude of purposes, such as live events,  chat feeds, courses, coaching, and more. Each Space is fully customizable.
  • You can jump onto a live video feed any time you want.
  • You get a community newsfeed where you and members can post videos, files, and images. 
  • Live chat with or DM members and groups of members.
  • Host live events.
  • Create lesson-only or cohort-based courses.

Each of your members can create their own member profile, while you can assign moderators and admins to take care of the day-to-day management of the community. 

Payment options for your community are flexible. 

You can charge to access the community itself, and to increase your revenue further, you can create paid spaces, events, courses, and more within the community.

Winner Is Mighty Networks

Even though Kajabi does offer excellent community features, it’s hard to beat a platform solely dedicated to the purpose. 

Since the entirety of Mighty Networks is a community, you will get the most features, control, customization, and monetization options here.

If your chief aim is to establish a thriving community and you only want features for this purpose, Mighty Networks is the obvious choice.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Course-Building Features

Kajabi Course-Building Features

Kajabi Course-Building Features

One of Kajabi’s key features is its course builder, and it certainly delivers in this department.

First of all, you get to choose from a decent selection of course templates. 

Whether you’re creating a full course filled with lessons and modules, a straightforward mini-course, or something in-between, you can use a template to quickly get started.

The course builder is a pleasure to use, and if you’re new to the platform, you’ll get helpful prompts to guide you.

To bring your courses to life, you can add the following elements:

  • Videos
  • Downloads (PDFs, documents, etc.)
  • Audio files
  • Text boxes
  • Assessments

Furthermore, to free yourself of tedious admin, you are able to add automation elements such as subscribing to an email sequence, granting offers, event registration, and more.

Finally, Kajabi gives you everything you need to promote your course via its extensive marketing features.

Mighty Networks Course-Building Features

Mighty Networks Course-Building Features

Unfortunately, you cannot create standalone courses in Mighty Networks. 

As we’ve previously mentioned, they have to be created within your community. 

However, you can charge for your courses if you wish.

Course building is flexible as you can have a content-only course or choose something a little more interactive, such as a cohort course. 

Or, if you want to run a live course, you can do this also.

Course building

Like Kajabi, you can add lessons and modules along with videos, images, documents, and text. 

One key difference is that you can mix community features such as a newsfeed, chat feed, member lists, and events into your course, allowing for a high level of customization.

Winner Is Kajabi

Having the ability to separate courses from communities gives you greater options for monetization. 

Since Mighty Networks communities tend to be based on a particular topic or niche, this limits the types of courses you can offer. 

For example, it would be strange to offer a course on baking within a carpentry community!

With Kajabi, you have the freedom to create courses in whatever subject you choose. Plus, you can bundle them and sell groups of courses if you wish. 

Furthermore, Kajabi’s course-building tool is superior to Mighty Networks and has better and more advanced features.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Coaching Features

Kajabi Coaching Features

Kajabi Coaching Features

Kajabi has a full coaching feature, allowing you to create and run single sessions or packages, which can include a series of sessions plus supporting information and documents. 

If you’re unsure how to structure your coaching offer, you can make use of Kajabi’s comprehensive template library.

Kajabi supports native live streaming so that you can run live sessions easily, or if you prefer, you can integrate with Zoom.

To support your students, you can send out automated email sequences and even provide courses as part of the package.

You don’t need to worry about scheduling or integrating a calendar app. 

Kajabi boasts an excellent scheduling tool that allows you to set your available session times and students can then book themselves in.

Mighty Networks Coaching Features

Mighty Networks Coaching Features

Again, it’s impossible to run coaching sessions on Mighty Networks without it taking place inside your community.

The platform does have a handy “go live” feature which lets you start a live session whenever you want. 

To run private coaching, you will need to create either a Space or an event for this purpose. 

Spaces are more suitable for one-to-one sessions, whereas events are better for group sessions.

One area where Mighty Networks lacks is booking and scheduling. 

Aside from having the ability to RSVP to events, there isn’t a feature where people can choose and book sessions, nor is there a calendar management tool.

Winner Is Kajabi

Handling a lot of clients gets tricky without a decent scheduling app, and Kajabi has made this very straightforward thanks to its in-house software. 

Plus, its coaching feature allows full flexibility and provides you with the ability to create unique and highly valuable coaching offers.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Sales and Marketing Features

Kajabi Sales and Marketing Features

Kajabi Sales and Marketing Features

There’s no doubt about it: Kajabi excels where marketing tools are concerned. 

The platform has beautiful templates and a seamless page builder, meaning you can effortlessly create sales funnels, websites, landing pages, and blogs.

Send out unlimited emails using its email campaign creator, and use the workflow tool to build multi-channel campaigns and automate much of the process.

We’re big fans of Kajabi’s marketing tools because they allow you to actually promote the products you create without having to subscribe to another software app to do so.

Kajabi’s marketing tools

Monetization options are endless, too. 

You can create offers for one-time payments, a series of payments, or on a subscription basis. 

You also get a full range of sales aids such as order bumps, upsells, and more.

It’s comprehensive, and it’s easy to master.

Mighty Networks Sales and Marketing Features

Mighty Networks Sales and Marketing Features

This will be short and sweet. 

Mighty Networks does not include any marketing tools within its platform. 

The reason for this? 

The idea is for you to do all your marketing and promoting from within the community itself.

For example, like Kajabi you can create subscriptions, content bundles, and create coupons, and other promotions.

However, the problem here is that you are severely limited in what you can use to promote outside of the community. 

If you don’t yet have an established audience, this poses an issue.

Winner Is Kajabi

There’s no competition here. Kajabi wins hands down for sales and marketing tools. They’re nothing short of impressive.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Integrations

Kajabi Integrations

Kajabi Integrations

Kajabi supports a number of direct integrations. For payments, you can connect PayPal and Stripe. 

Other apps you can connect with include MailChimp, Drip, ActiveCampaign, Google, Facebook Pixel, and more. For everything else, you can use Zapier.

Mighty Networks Integrations

Mighty Networks Integrations

Mighty Networks doesn’t offer many integrations beyond Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Zoom.

One advantage is that Mighty Networks has its own payment gateway, so you don’t need to use a third-party provider for this. 

And if you do want to use other third-party software, you can use Zapier to connect the platforms together.

Winner Is Kajabi

Although Kajabi is an all-in-one platform, it still gives you a decent number of direct integrations should you prefer to use a different platform for a specific task.

It’s a shame that Mighty Networks lacks tools such as calendar management yet fails to provide the ability to integrate with a third-party app for this purpose.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Customer Service and Support

Kajabi Customer Service and Support

Kajabi Customer Service and Support

Kajabi provides the following support to those subscribed to its cheapest plan:

  • Live chat support during business hours (6 AM – 5 PM, Pacific Time)
  • Email ticketing service

However, if you are a member of its Growth or Pro plans, you get live chat 24/7 rather than being restricted to Kajabi’s business hours.

Email ticketing service

All Kajabi subscribers get a free 30-minute call with a Kajabi onboarding specialist. This aims to help get people started on the platform and provides the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Additionally, Kajabi’s help center is top-notch. Its help articles are up-to-date and detailed with plenty of videos, GIFs, and images to walk you through everything. In our experience, most questions can be resolved by heading to the help center.

Mighty Networks Customer Service and Support

Mighty Networks Customer Service and Support

Mighty Networks also provides live chat, but this is limited to 6 AM to 6 PM, Pacific Time, regardless of your plan.

Subscribers can join the Mighty community for further support. Here is where a lot of Mighty Networks staff can be found along with other users of the platform, so it is a good place to get questions answered quickly.

Mighty also provides a number of free courses to get you started with using the platform, and like Kajabi, its help center is full of great visuals, guides, and walkthroughs that are easy to follow.

Winner Is: It’s a Draw

We’d say that both platforms are on par with the amount and quality of support they provide.

While Kajabi does offer 24/7 live support on its higher-tier plans, Mighty Networks tends to have staff members always available in its community, so no matter which platform you use, there is usually a way to get in touch outside of normal working hours.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: User Experience

Kajabi User Experience

Kajabi User Experience

The Kajabi platform is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. In our experience, everything runs seamlessly, and it is rare to encounter a glitch.

Since it has complex features such as workflows, the platform does require a bit of a learning curve. 

However, with the available help guides and on-screen prompts, it doesn’t take long to get comfortable with using all the tools.

Mighty Networks User Experience

Mighty Networks User Experience

Mighty Networks isn’t as advanced as Kajabi, so it can be perceived as easier to use since it does not require as much of a learning curve. 

That said, users may eventually get frustrated with the lack of tools.

Overall, the platform operates very well, and we didn’t experience any issues when testing it out.

Winner Is Kajabi

Despite the learning curve, we can’t fault the user experience you get with Kajabi. Plus, there are so many features and tools, it’ll be a very long while before you even come close to outgrowing the platform.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Customer Reviews

What Reviews Say About Kajabi

What Reviews Say About Kajabi

On the whole, Kajabi’s reviews are positive, with reviewers raving about the platform’s ease of use, extensive feature range, and onboarding process.

However, there are some complaints about customer service response times being too slow, and people feel that the platform is priced too highly.

What Reviews Say About Mighty Networks

What Reviews Say About Mighty Networks

Customers love the range of features and are impressed that the platform strives to consistently improve by enhancing existing features or adding new ones. 

Overall, they feel it is the best alternative to using Facebook for building an audience.

However, reviewers say that the community layout can be confusing, with people left wondering how to find and access the various community areas.

Kajabi vs Mighty Networks: Final Verdict

Mighty Networks does what it does best: it gives you a versatile space in which to nurture and grow your community.

But as we’ve seen throughout this review, the platform lacks vital tools such as a scheduler and the ability to promote anything. 

Therefore, we feel that Kajabi and its stellar set of features takes the win overall.

In a nutshell:

  • Kajabi is best for those who want a well-rounded platform that allows them to create other digital products besides communities plus provides the tools to market them.
  • Mighty Networks is best for people who want a dedicated community space that they can easily monetize.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mighty Networks is more affordable than Kajabi. Kajabi’s plans start at $149/month while Mighty Networks costs from $39/month.

Mighty Networks is a dedicated platform for building communities. All its features are for growing and nurturing your community, so therefore, it is better than Kajabi in this respect.

Kajabi has a versatile course builder that lets you create courses outside of any community spaces that you have. With Mighty Networks, you are limited to creating courses within your community space. So for this reason, Kajabi is the better option.

Kajabi has a full coaching feature with a sophisticated scheduling tool. This means coaches can run and manage their coaching products on the same platform. Mighty Networks lacks a scheduling tool and, therefore, isn’t as good as Kajabi for coaches.


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