What is LeadPages and What Can I Do With It?

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Leadpages is a comprehensive tool primarily for creating landing pages and collecting new e-mail subscribers or leads. It has a range of other tools and functions, but this is the starting point and core function.

You can also use it to let customers sign up via SMS, and look after a wide section of the marketing funnels for your business.

What is LeadPages and What Can I Do With It?

What Is Leadpages?

Leadpages helps you build and expand your online business via a website, landing page, or SMS campaign. It aims to turn clicks and pageviews into leads and then customers. Leadpages offers a straightforward drag-and-drop page builder that creates attractive websites from customizable templates. Aside from websites, you can also create landing pages with pre-made templates and then add pop-ups and alert bars.

Leadpages also allows for over 90 integrations, simplified analytics, and A/B split testing depending on the pricing tier you choose. 

What is LeadPages and What Can I Do With It?

What’s Included in Leadpages?

Leadpages includes many features to help you optimize your website or landing page into a high-conversion business. Some of the features include:

  • Pre-made templates
  • Alert bars
  • Pop-ups
  • Simple analytics
  • A/B split testing
  • Sales pages
  • Checkout forms
  • SEO optimization
  • Free hosting
  • Automatic SSL encryption
  • GDPR compliance
  • Fast speeds

The pre-made templates are for both landing pages and websites. Once you have chosen your template, you can use the drag-and-drop editor to customize it. After completing your aesthetic styling, add alert bars and pop-ups to get your potential customer’s attention with new information or offers.

The analytics feature will tell you how well your site is doing, while the A/B split testing will allow you to try out different versions before publishing. However, bear in mind that it is only available with the Pro plan.

The sales pages and checkout form make checking out more accessible for your customers. In addition, this feature can accept all major credit cards and even makes returns and refunds simpler.

SEO optimization makes sure all your content is easily searchable. You can customize how the meta description and titles will appear on the search engines. In addition, Leadpages doesn’t charge extra for website hosting. You even get automatic SSL encryption, which makes sure your site is secure

All of your customer’s information collected on your Leadpages site complies with European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). In addition, the pages are device-friendly and load quickly.

What is LeadPages and What Can I Do With It?

What Can You Do with Leadpages?

Let’s take a closer look at what users can do within Leadpages to provide their customers with more value for their money.

1. Build Pages & Websites

One of the core features of Leadpages is to help users build landing pages and websites efficiently and easily with the drag-and-drop builder. There are already pre-made templates ready to go, so the customization part is very straightforward.

Leadpages’ goal is to provide users with high-conversion pages and sites, so each template is already optimized for this purpose. The best part is that you don’t need any coding experience to create a professional-looking page or site. 

LeadPages Website Builder

2. Host Webinars

Leadpages allows you to embed live webinars to your page and use purpose-built templates to promote them.

You can also create live chats to interact with your customers and sales pages for the webinars you post.

From the webinar registration page to the thank you for joining page, Leadpages has templates to accommodate these features.

What is LeadPages and What Can I Do With It?

3. Create Alert Bars

You can add alert bars to all the pages and sites you create with Leadpages. These alerts are mobile-friendly and can capture your customer’s attention without drawing them away from your site. In addition, you can use the alert bars to notify your clients of any changes, upcoming events, or promotions.

The alert bars also have simple analytics so you can track their performance. Just like with the landing page and website, you can customize your alert bar to fit your business aesthetic.

What is LeadPages and What Can I Do With It?

4. Create Opt-Ins

Leadpages also lets you create accessible opt-ins so potential and existing customers can quickly subscribe to your e-mail list or newsletter. You can do this through pop-ups or alert bars. With a few Calls to Action (CTAs) and flashy colors, you can drive more traffic to your site and your products and services.

What is LeadPages and What Can I Do With It?

5. Collect Leads through SMS

With Leaddigits, you can collect leads through SMS or text messages. This method lets you grow your e-mail list faster than before, even if the customer is not at their computer. Leaddigits also allows your customer to interact with audio clips, video embeds, and other materials from their phone. It’s also a way for your leads to subscribe to your list by texting. 

What is LeadPages and What Can I Do With It?

Who Uses Leadpages?

Leadpages presents three pricing tiers, the Standard, the Pro, and a custom option.

The Standard plan caters to beginners, whereas Pro is for professionals and entrepreneurs who need more comprehensive features.

Finally, the customizable Advanced plan is for large businesses that need more than the Pro plan, such as advanced integrations and more accounts.

It doesn’t matter which tier you go for, the interface is highly intuitive, and all the features are straightforward.

This accessibility is why Leadpages is ideal for anyone, from beginners to experts. Leadpages also provides extensive resources and support, such as the knowledge base, demos, and webinars. 

Bottom Line

Leadpages is more than just a website and landing page builder – it’s also a community where experts share their experience to help those just getting started.

The ecosystem of tools includes Leaddigits, Leadlinks, Leadboxes, and a wide variety of third-party integrations.

Leadpages has everything you need to build a compelling, professional website or landing page and manage the entire marketing funnel for your business. It also has the support to help you make optimal use of all of these tools.

If you haven’t made up your mind yet, give the free trial a shot and see how Leadpages can help you grow your business.

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