Kajabi Review: Is It Worth It?

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Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform, optimized for creating, marketing, and selling online courses, membership websites, coaching products, and more.


Kajabi Review Overview

Affordability & Pricing

There is no free plan, and rates are higher than some other platforms, but the pricing table scales logically and has a good cost/value ratio.

User Experience & Ease of Use

The platform is super simple to use with its drag-and-drop editor. Onboarding is natural and navigating the tools is as easy as clicking on the dashboard. 

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing are the platform’s bread & butter. The email marketing and pipeline builders, in particular, are amazing for landing pages, email address curating, and selling online courses.

Course Creation & Engagement

Course creation is fast, efficient, and customizable. Kajabi has decent student engagement tools, but they are slightly lacking compared to some other platforms. New community feature is excellent.

Design & Customizability

Each template is highly customizable and the sales/landing page editors give a lot of flexibility. You can also use the code editor with the Pro plan or if you add Kajabi Access to your subscription.

Customer Support & Training

Customer support is knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive. The Kajabi University resource library is also a great free addition for subscribers. Free training is provided through various classes and tutorials.

Kajabi Review

Getting Started With Kajabi

Kajabi normally offers a free 14-day trial, but we have an exclusive offer that extends it to 30-days.


Intuitive Drag-And-Drop Site Editor

Building your website is as simple as pointing and clicking.

New Community Features

Kajabi has acquired Vibely to improve their community features.

Simple Course Creator

Creating products and offers can be done in just a few minutes.

Powerful Suite of Marketing Tools

The platform's email marketing features are some of the best in the business and can create complex automated email marketing sequences and more.

Visual Pipeline and Sales Funnel Editor

The visual layout makes it easy to see how your marketing funnels are set up.

Large Library of Customizable Site Templates

All templates are fully customizable down to individual element placement.

Flexible Affiliate Marketing Options

You can create affiliate links users can share for commission and also become an affiliate for Kajabi and promote the platform.

Built-In Payment Processing

When it comes to payment processing, Kajabi has native Stripe payment processing. You can also accept payments on PayPal. In addition to Stripe and PayPal, Kajabi will soon be launching Kajabi Payments - a feature that allows you to accept payments directly on Kajabi without the need of 3rd party processors.

Membership Site Capabilities

Create a private content area with unique pricing options for members.

Large Catalog of Integrations

Comes with 10 native integrations including Zapier. The Zapier app integration opens up 1000s of potential non-native app integrations.

Hero Rewards Program

The Hero rewards program incentivizes you to sell more. Once you reach certain milestones, Kajabi will reward you with physical prizes.

Catalog of Education Resources

Subscribers get access to a large library of tips and guides through Kajabi University.

Transparent Pricing

Kajabi will not try to upsell you things and the features of each plan are clearly defined. The only exception to this is Kajabi Access.

Webinar and Podcast Features

There are so many possibilities with webinar and podcast features in Kajabi. You can up-sell podcasts, webinars, one on one consultations, etc. to your customers.


Higher Than Average Prices

Prices are higher than competitors due to the large suite of tools. However, Kajabi still provides the best value for money out of all other platforms.

Student Engagement Tools Are Lacking

Notably, the inability to randomize quiz/assessment questions is a weakness.

No Certificates

Kajabi users cannot create custom certificates for students who complete their courses (on the platform).

Limited Built-In Payment Functionality

Kajabi currently has native payment functionality with Stripe.

Kajabi Customer Reviews

This Kajabi review wouldn’t be complete without taking into consideration what others have to say.

The most common review sentiment we saw is that the platform is extremely easy to use and does not require any technical know-how to set up.

Our Kajabi review wouldn’t be complete without taking into consideration what others have to say.

Kajabi, in general, has very high reviews from users. Most people praise how simple the platform is to use and how powerful the course creation and email marketing tools are.

Here is what they are saying about the platform:

  • The powerful integrated platform allows you to run everything from the same place. It is super useful if you need to train admins with one set of tools instead of multiple. 
  • It is much easier to use than WordPress. Getting everything to work properly is so simple and you can make a working site very quickly. 
  • Kajabi is uniquely suited for helping small businesses grow. The plans allow you to scale operations in tandem with business growth so you can get the optimal return out of your investment. 

Other reviews praise the depth of the marketing tools and pipeline features. In other words, the platform has good word of mouth and a good track record of positive user reviews. 

Affordability & Pricing

Kajabi Fee Review

Let’s start this review with the obvious: cost. Unfortunately, Kajabi is a bit more expensive than other course creation platforms out there.

The Basic plan costs $149 per month and there is no option for a free-tier plan. The most expensive plan is the Pro plan which costs $399 per month

Fortunately, though, even the basic pricing plan has a lot of features to play with. 

Most plans have the same basic suite of functions, but they scale according to the pricing plan. 

For example, the Basic plan only allows for 3 products and 3 pipelines while the Growth plan allows for 15 products and 15 pipelines. 

So when you buy a higher-tier plan, you are not paying for new functions but expanding the ones you already have. 

Kajabi also doesn’t charge a transaction fee for any sales made on the site.

Kajabi offers a 20% discount for those who choose annual billing. Kajabi also regularly runs promotions such as the Black Friday sale.

If you opt for annual billing, then the Basic plan goes from $149/mo to $119/mo.

Kajabi does have a 14-day free trial option and sometimes they run extended free trial promotions, so at the very least they give a good amount of time for prospective subscribers to figure out if the platform is right for them.

User Experience & Ease of Use

Kajabi User Experience

In Kajabi, everything is laid out clearly on the dashboard and you can access the different modules by clicking on the requisite tab. 

The dashboard also has the helpful Kajabi Assistant which helps you navigate features by keyword. Along with intuitive navigation, there are tons of videos aimed at helping beginners get used to the ins and outs of the platform.

Kajabi is easy to use precisely because of its integrated all-in-one design.

Everything can be operated from the same place using the same platform.

You don’t have to spend hours tweaking plugins/extensions to make sure they work together properly like you would for a WordPress-hosted site.

This does mean that the course platform is ultimately less flexible overall than something like a WordPress, but it is so much easier to get everything working together correctly. Kajabi also supports multiple languages.

One criticism we have on this front is that some automation tools are a bit tough to figure out, especially if you haven’t worked with automations before.

Some other online course platforms, such as Kartra, do a better job explaining how to set up automations.

You are not just limited to online courses either. The platform can be used to sell any kind of digital (or physical) product.

Sales & Marketing

Kajabi Marketing Review

The sales & marketing tools are the main draws of the Kajabi platform. Each plan outfits users with an extraordinary set of email marketing tools. 

You can either use the native interface or integrate another mail carrier like MailChimp.

Either way, managing email lists is comprehensive, and there are a lot of cool automations you can run.

The email sequence tool is highly customizable and can create complex chains of commands for automated campaigns.

For instance, you can automate a welcome email whenever someone signs up, or upsell supplemental courses to students doing poorly on some material. The possible automation permutations are essentially limitless. 

The Pipeline builder is another core feature of Kajabi.

The pipeline builder gives a visual representation of your sales funnel so you can make drag-and-drop to make edits. You can add landing pages, email address opt-in forms, video marketing; whatever you want really.

The only criticism we have of sales is the lack of multiple native payment options. Kajabi currently only accepts Stripe as a built-in payment option. 


Another feature relevant to the marketing tools is the integrations.

You can run everything using Kajabi’s built-in tools or you can integrate a separate client for many functions. 

The platform currently has 10 native integrations for third-party apps, including mainstays like MailChimp and Google Analytics. 

The Zapier app integration is particularly useful and lets you write API scripts for apps that do not have native functionality.

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Course Creation & Engagement

Kajabi Course Creation Review

Creating new courses on Kajabi is pretty straightforward. You just go to the product tab and select one of the 3 blueprints or create a custom listing.

Once you name the product, you are taken to a product template where you can upload and edit the specifics of the course.

Kajabi accepts a wide variety of file types including video, audio, pdf, and text documents. Video hosting through Wistia and you can upload as much data as you want.

You can also organize courses into larger modules which are themselves divided by categories. The tags and category system allows students to search for your listings more efficiently. You can also add quizzes and assessments to each lesson and set it up so students have to pass the quiz first before they can move on to the next module. 

The student engagement tools are pretty decent but not as comprehensive as something like Teachable. One problem we noticed is how there is no option to randomize quiz or assessment questions. Quiz template options are also rather limited and only include multiple-choice or multiple selection-style quizzes.  

Design & Customizability

Kajabi Review

Kajabi has an intuitive course builder and gives users a sizable amount of templates to choose from. Templates are pre-selected sets of elements and layouts that you can then tweak to your heart’s content. Once you pick a template, you can click on individual elements to customize further.

Given what it provides, Kajabi has the potential for unique site designs. Higher plans also get you access to the code editor so you can make fine-tune CSS or HTML edits.

All plans will give you access to a custom domain name, but you have to upgrade your plan to at least the Growth level before you can remove the “Kajabi” brand from your domain URL and site. You can also review your changes before saving and publishing them.

As far as themes go, the developers are now focusing on the Premier Framework, a one-size-fits-all theme that is highly customizable. 

The Premier Framework uses layout presets that you can tweak however you like so it opens up a lot of design options for site themes, checkout pages, sales pages, and product creation.

Customer Support & Training

Kajabi Customer Support Review

Kajabi also has a decent training/onboarding process and good customer service.

The basic plan has customer chat support but only at limited times during the day.

Once you upgrade to the Growth or higher plans, you get 24/7 customer support access including phone and live chat. The customer support team is friendly, knowledgeable, and responds quickly to queries. 

As far as training goes, Kajabi gives users access to a lot of beginner-oriented videos covering the basics of the platform.

There is also “Kajabi University”; an online catalog of resources, educational pieces, and training videos that are geared towards helping you get started and excel using the platform. Simply put, the platform has some of the best training materials we have seen from a course platform. 

There is also the 28-day “Hero Challenge” which is essentially a month-long crash course designed to get your site up and running to making your first sale. The Hero challenge covers all the basics you need to know about using the platform and some more abstract ideas about how to market your products. 

There is also the Help Center, which has self-help articles for the majority of questions users ask. Kajabi also hosts live educational webinars daily M-F at 11 AM and 3 PM EST.

Well Known Kajabi Customers

A lot of well-known people and businesses use Kajabi: Brendon Burchard, Ross Grant, Amy Portefield, Mel Abraham, Jenine Dilts Bayman, just to name a few.

Kajabi Review Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Uses Kajabi?

Everyone can use Kajabi, but the platform is specifically designed for creating, selling, and marketing online courses.

The Kajabi user base is made out of entrepreneurs, educators, musicians, craftsmen, and more. If a person has knowledge to sell, then they can use Kajabi.

Some famous Kajabi uses include fitness expert and best-selling author Chalene Johnson along with musician marketer James Taylor (no, not the singer, the other guy).

What Can Kajabi Do?

Kajabi includes pretty much everything you need to get your online course business up and running and allows for growth and expansion.

Using Kajabi, you can build a website, create course listings/offerings, keep track of student progress, manage subscriptions/payments, run email marketing campaigns, etc. It’s called an “all-in-one” business platform for a reason.

How Does Kajabi Work?

Kajabi uses an integrated platform that contains all the modules you need in one place.

You can access different tools by selecting them from the dashboard. All editors use a simple point-and-click interface.

Is Kajabi Easy to Use?

Yes, Kajabi has a great mixture of ease-of-use and potential complexity.

The basic features are super simple to use and allow for some pretty deep customization options.

Everything is loaded into a single platform so you don’t have to worry about stringing together separate extensions and plugins.

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The bottom line of our Kajabi review is that Kajabi is an extremely competent all-in-one business solution for creating, marketing, and selling online courses.

Kajabi has a simple and intuitive web-builder, a great selection or course listings and offerings, customizable layouts/templates, and more email and sales funnel tools than you know what to do with.

Pricing is a bit higher than some other popular online course platforms out there, but with Kajabi, the extra premium is worth all the great features you get right out of the box. 

So if you are looking for online course platforms to sell digital products, Kajabi is a solid choice.

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